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Here is a fourth-year reader which we think you will find interesting and not too hard. In the readers which you have finished you have learned how to read. Now we are going to give you a storybook. The stories will be easy for you, and we shall help you in several ways.

Before reading a story or poem we shall have a little talk about it. We shall find out who wrote it and learn some of the interesting things about the author. You always like to hear your father tell about what he did when he was a little boy, or your mother tell what happened when she was a little girl. We are going to tell you what some of these famous authors did when they were children about your age. You will be glad to get acquainted with them and will learn to love them. You will no longer think of them simply as names, but as real people who, when they were young, played and romped and studied and enjoyed a holiday just as much as you do. You will come to feel that they are friends who are always ready to tell you a story whenever you open the book.

At the end of each story we have asked you a number of questions about it. These questions will make you

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