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I ask google why? Why did he (my father) continue to shake his head after the embolism had exploded inside of his heart? Google showed me the book of Job in the bible! How about that? I am a Christian. Was this God's way of speaking to me? I always wondered if my dad was shaking his head to say "no, not now", or if it was because he was dizzy. I was only a child of 11 years old. I believe my dad knew he was dying. He had his 1st heart attack when he was 38 years old. We have blood clots in my family, mom's side and my dad's side. I had a stroke 2 years ago. Anytime I can go. My dad was 45 when he passed away, my mother was 58 or 59, she wasn't sure of her age. Will I make it to my 60th birthday in 2 weeks? I don't know. My mother and father both died a painful death. Blood clots are painful! I pray for mercy and God's grace. 

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