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phers, 362. Observations on Calvin, remarks on his opinions,

French biography, 465.
Birds, habits of, poetically deli- Canadians, their character and
neated, 81. See Home.

manners, 245:
Blagden, Sir C., on near-sighted. Canal, of magnificent size, in Scot-
ne83, 77:

land, 136.
Blane, Sir Gilbert, on intermitting Carolina, South, statistical parti.
fevers, 298.

culars relative to, 251.
Bonaparte supposed to be the Cassegrainian telescope, on the

author of the Egyptian expe- light of, 155.
dition, 493.

His instruc- Casowary, observations on the
tions to Kleber on quitting the solvent glands of, 74.
army, 498. His artful letter to Castlereagh, Lord, supposed
'the Grand Vizier, 500. His poetic epistle from, to Lord
assassination of the Duke Liverpool, 429.
d'Enghien, 505. His disas- Catania, account of, 170.
trous campaign of Moscow, Catherine, of Russia, her generous
508. His fatal campaign of conduct to Diderot, 519.
Paris, 5!3:

His character, Catholics, obs. on the character
515. Stipulations for his fa- and conduct of, with reference
mily, 516.

to the question of their eman-
Book-keeping, observations on, 323. cipation, 52—60. Portrait of
Bosc, M., on different species of their religion, 256-268. Re-
the Ash, 535

marks on the emancipation of,
Bostock, Dr.,on Diabetes Insipidus,

300. On the Bark of the Cavendish, the author of the life of
Cocceloba Uvifera, 301.

Wolsey, supposed to be George
Bostoz, in New England, descrip- and not Sir William C., 218.

Caulincourt, M., his attempted jus-
Brande, Mr, on alcohol in fer- tification respecting the murder
mented liquors, 75. On the

of the Duke d'Enghien, 504.
effects of magnesia, 16c. Chaptal, M., on the distillation of
Bree, Dr., on Splenitis, 301. Wines, 534. On colors found
Brewster, Dr., on properties of at Pompeii, 535
light, 76.

Charlemagne, supposed poctic ad-
Brinkley, Dr., on Newton's solu-

dress to, 318.
tion of the problem for finding Charlestown, account of, 249.
the relation between resistance Chevalier, M., on ovarian dropsy,
and gravity, 26. On the pro- 299. On tying discased tonsils,
blem for clearing the moon's ib. On spontaneous extravasa-
apparent distance, 27.

On a calculus,
Burckhardi, M., on a reflecting

sextant, 541.

His formule Child, illegitimate, verses on, by
for planetary perturbations, its mother, 310.
544. On perfecting Lunar. Chinese, amount of their trade
tables, ib.

with Japan, 280.
Bullion, tracts relative to, 171. Church, antient, obs. on the go-
Burke, Mr., on powers, 29.

vernment of, 193.

Clanny, Dr., on lights in coal-

mines, 160.
Calculus, from the groin, case of, Claude, of Turin, obs. relative to,



tion of, 252.

tion, 300.

of, 535

of, 32•

of, 78.

Cleanliness, its supposed effect in Deily, on the character of, 295.

improving the intellect, 404. His glory, hov promoted in
Clergy, of Ireland and Scotland, the lives of his creatures, 297,

See Ireland. See Scotland. Delambre, M., his report on the
Cool-mines, on the lights in, 160. mathematical science?, 539.
Coccoloba Uvifera, on the bark of, 541.

On the life, &c., of

Berthoud, 541.
Cold, on the production of, 162. Deluge, observations on the Mosaic
In Canada, described, 242.

account of, 227.
Colors found at Pompeii, notice Depravity, of human nature, ob-

servations on, 294.
Condamine, M. de la, anecdote Desmarest, M., on a new stock-
of, 518.

ing.frame, 534
Condenser, and air.pump, new con- Detonating Compound, memoir on
struction of, 157:

a new one, 69. 161.
Coray, M., obs. on his history of Dhurna, See Debtors.

medicine and translation of Diabetes Insipidus, obs. on, 300.
Theophrastus, 453,454. Leta Dick, Sir James, his account of
ter from, to M. Chardon de la the Duke of York's shipwreck,
Rochette, 455

Cork, account of that city, 129. Diderot, M., generously treated
Corn-laws, discussion respecting by the Empress of Russia, 519.
alterations in, 407-415

Differences, on finding the orders
Cotes's theorem, on an application

Divorce, regulations relating toy
Country-Banker obliged to pay his in the Code Napoleon, 66.

notes in cash, if demanded, 172. Drama, of the Germans, observa-
Crickmore, Mr., his improved Cas-

tions on, 269.
segrainian and Gregorian Teles. Duelling, its prevalence in Ame.
copes, 155.

rica, 251.
Crystals, on the elementary par.
ticles of, 72.

Curry, Dr., his case of remitting Earle, Mr., on a diseased testicle,
ophthalmia, 302.

Cuvier, M., his report of dis- Earth, on the magnitude of, &c.,

coveries in natural philosophy, 24. Its distance from the
&c., 532. On a memoir of

Dr. Gall on the brain, 533. Egypt, particulars re-pecting the
Cynanche laryngea, memoir on, finances and government of,


Elephant, &c., remains of, found

near Brentford, 157.
D'Alembert, anecdotes relating Elephantiasis, remarks on, 379.
to, 526.

Elm-tree, on a substance exuding
Davy, Sir H., on a new detonat.

ing compound, 69. 161. On Enghien, Duke d’, particulars re-
Fluor-spar, 163:

specting the murder of, 504–
Debtors, among the Mahrattas, 506.

forced to pay by the mode England, remarks on, by a
called silting dhurna on them, foreigner, 477

Bank of, See Bank.

sun, ib.

from, 73.

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of, 352.

Equations, on finding divisors of, Glands, bronchial, on the colour-

ing matter of, 158.
Exports and imports of England Glory of God, how promoted in
in the years 1805-9. 175.

the lives of his creatures, 297.
Extravasation, spontaneous, on a

Goëthe, obs, on his dramas, 271.
case of, 300.

Compared with Schiller, 272.

Gold-coin, tracts relative to, 171.
Golden age compared

Farewell : verses by Mr. Moore, state of Adam and Eve in Pa.

radise, 226.
Farre, Dr. on cynarche laryngea, Goldoni, the dramatic writer, life

of, 467-4;6.
Fat in the intestines, on the for- Government, free, alone suited to
mation of, 158.

the happiness and improvement
Fevers, intermittent, facts relative of man, 418.
to, 298.

Greeks, modern, character of, 9.
Flowers, poetic enumeration of, Their physicians, 12. Remarks

on their persons and habits,
Fluids, animal, essay on, 301. 349. Ceremony of betrothing
Fluor-spar, on substances pro- among, 351. On the language
duced in

processes on, 163.
Fourcroy, M., on animal mucus, Greenland, account of seamen left

there, 381.
France, obs. on the laws of, and Guyton, M., on Pyrometry, 538.

on the Code Napoleon, 62–68.
Franklin, Dr., anecdote of, 531.

Freezing, at a distance, on a me- Hamilton, Dr., on the earth's mag-

nitude, &c., 24. On the right
Fungus, See Earle, Lawrence, ascension of the moon's cl.

lightened limb, 25.
Furs, on the trade in, by the Harlequin, See Masks.
Canadians, 241.

Heights, See Ramond.

Heliodorus, account of, and of his

Æthiopics, 464. Epigram on
Gall, Dr., report on his memoir an anecdote of, 465.
on the brain, 533.

Herschel, Mr., on an application of
Garrick, David, eulogized by a Cotes's theorem, 78.
foreigner, 520.

Hindoos, remarks on projects for
Gastric glands, on the coagula- converting them to Christian.
ting power of the secretion of,

ity, 3!2. 323. 444. Proof of

their ignorance of astronomy,
Geo raphy, antient, plan for illus.

trating, 19.

Hippopotamus, &c. remains of,
Geology, observations on the im. found near Brentford, 15?.
portance of, 236

Home, Sir Ev. on the glands and
Germany, observations on the liter- gizards of birds, 74, 75. On
ature of, 269–275.

the tusks of the Narwhale, 78.
Glammis, in Forfarshire, account On the forination of fat in the
of that parish, 137.

intestines, 1;8.

Glands and gizzards of carnivo- observations on the Sgualus
rous birds, obs. on. 74, 75. Mlaximus, 160.


I'and J

Homer, conjectural emendation of Laconia, account of, 5.

a passage in the 2 2d Iliad, 143. Lady, verses to, 431.
Horace, criticism on a line of, 455. Lagrange, M., on the variations
Huet, Bishop, his discussion on of the elements of the planets,

Greek Romances praised, 462. 543. On the variation of ar-
Humphreys, Col, on a varicty in hitrary quantities, ib. 544.
the sheep, 75.

Lakes of Italy and Britain com-

pared. 37:

Langstaff, Mr., on Fungus Hæma-
Japan, particulars rel. to, and to

todes, 302.
the Russian embassy thither, Lassus, M., account of, 533.
276—283. Singular state of Last day of the year, verses on, 84.

seclusion of the Japanese, 283. Latium, description of, 20.
Jay, Mre, some account of, 255. Lawrence, Mr, on fungous tu.
Fesso, account ofthenativesof, 284. mours, 299.
Imports, See Exports.

Laws, codes of, obs. on, and on
India, obs. on the plan of sending the Napoleon system of. 61.

missionaries to, 312. 323. 444. Lessing, obs. on his works, 269
Indulgences, the scandalous sale of, Life-preservers, in cases of ship,
in Germany, 265

wreck, various inventions of,
Ioannina, account of that city, 338. 385-388.
Johnson, Dr., obsverations on his Light, on properties of, 76. Poetic
character, 151.

invocation to, 82
Ireland, civil and ecclesiastical Lights, in coal-mines, new plan
divisions of, 127.

Bank of,

for, 160.
See Bank.

Lime-stone, primitive, obs.on,231.
Islands, that word more properly London criticized by a foreigner,
written Ilands, 22.

, in the North Pacific, obs. Longi ude, on determining the dif-
on the supposed existence of, ference of, in two places, 25.

On determining at sea, 27.
Italian, that language recom- Longus, obs, on his romance, 463.
mended for general use instead Lunar tables, on

Lunar tables, on perfecting them,
of French, 41.

Italy, general eulogy on that Luther, obs. on his tenets, 202.

country, 44.
Itch, obs. on, 377.


Madison, Mr., his character, 253.

Magnesia, on the effects ot, 160.
Kamtschatka, particulars rel. to Mabrutta camp, descript. of, 396.

the Russian settlement there, Character of the people, 399.

Mainoles, character of, 6.
Kater, Capt., on theCassegrainian Manby, Capt., his apparatus for
telescope, 155

preserving shipwrecked persons,
Kleber, Gen., his letters from

Egypt to the Directory, 497. Marcet, Dr., on the alcohol of
Kotzebue, character of his dramas,

sulphur, 159.

duction of cold, 162. On

chronic rheumatism. 302. On
La Billardiere, See Billardiere. pitrat of silver, ib,
Labour, premature, on the pro- Marquesas, or Washington islands,
priety of inducing, 300.

account of, 115.


On the pro-

Marriage, laws relating to, in the Newton, See Brinkley.
Code Napoleon, 65.

New York, obs. on, 246. Ils
Martinique, picture of the scenery population, 248.
in, 482.

Nitrat of Silver, as a test of ar-
Masks, four Italian, history of senic, obs. on, 302.

their introduction and meaning, Nctation, in Music, obs. on, gi.

104. 334.
May, that month poetically de. Novatians, crigin of that sect,
picted, 8o.

194 Character of its founder,
Mendoza, Mr., observations on his 195.

method of finding the longi. Nukahiwa, one of the Marquesas
tude at sea, 27.

islands, visit to, 11s.
Merriman, Dr., on difficult par-

turition, 299. On premature
labour, 300:

Oil, instances of its effect in calor.
Mes. ina, description of 168. ing stormy waves, 389,
Micrometer, with a single lens, de- Ophthalmia, remitting, case of, 362.
scription of, 78.

Ossian's poems, anecdote rel. to,
Mill, particulars rel. to, 35. 142.
Mind, observations on the study Ovarian Dropsy, case of, 299.

of the, 402.
Mirbel, M., on the growth, &c.

of vegetables, 536. On their Palermo, account of, 67.
anatomy, 537

Palm, on new genus of, 536.
Missionary, to India, instructions Pannard, M., anecdote of, 530.
to, 437

Pantaloon, See Masks.
Mistra, account of, 7.

Paper-currency, tracts rel. to, 171.
Monarchy, observations on that Amount of, in 1807, 8, 9, and
form of government, 4?0.

10., 17+.
Moohurrum, a religious ceremony Parkinson, Mr., on diseased Apo

among the Mahrattas, 400. pendix Vermiformis, 299.
Moon, apparent distance of, on Parturition, difficult, case of, 299.

the problem for clearing, 27. - Patras, account of, 4. Dinner of
See Hamilton.

a Greck of rank situated in the
Morea, character of the inha- neighbourhood of, 348.

bitants of, 9. Its climate, 11. Paulicians, obs. on that sect, 197,
Morveau, See Guyton.

Pearson, Dr., on the matter of
Moscow, sufferings of the French the Bronchial glands, 158.

army in their retreat from, 508. Peter, St., discussion whether he
Moses, obs. on the credibility of, was Bishop of Rome, 259.
as an historian, 225.

Philip, Dr., on an affection of the
Mucus, animal, essay on, 535.

organs of respiration, 302.
Mural Circle, in Greenwich ob. Pinkney, General, his respectable
servatory, remarks rel. to, 152.

character, 253
Music, obs. on the notation of, Piron, M. anecdotes of, 522.
90. 104. 334.

Plagiary, that term oddly applied,


Plane trees, Oriental and Occi-
Narwhale, on the tusks of, 78. dental, obs. on, 88.
Negroes, case of a ship navigated Planets, See Lagrange. See Burck-

1o Europe by a black captain bardı.
and crew, 327

Planting, obs. on, 85.


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