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Platea, remarks on the field of Rouelle, M , account of, 525.
battle of, 347

Rousseau, J. J., anecdotes of, 524.
Poet's tomb, verses on, 189. Russia, its circumnavigating ex.
Poisson, M., an extraordinary pedition, and embassy to Japan,

young mathematician, 539. 114-125. 275--288.
Pond, Mr, on the summer and
winter solstices of 1812 and

1813, and Catalogues of fixed Sachalin, obs. on the coast of, 285.
stars, 151, 152.

St. Lawrence, scenery on the
Pope Benedict IV., anecd. of, 517;

banks of that river, 243-
Popes, obs. on the character and St. Lucia, its great insalubrity,
conduct of, 39. 53. 259,

Population,of Argos, 8. Of Milan, Saline substance from Mount
Of Scotland, 135.

Of Vesuvius, obs. on, 162.
Messina, 169: Of Quebec, Satisfaction, observations on the
&c. 241. Of New York, 248.

doctrine of, 332.
Of Charlestown, 249. Of Scabies, or itch, obs. on, 377.
loannina, 338.

Schiller, rem. on his dramas, 269.
Poussielgue, M., his letter to the Compared with Goëthe, 272.

Directory from Egypt, 493. Scilly Islands, account of, 139.
Powers, essay on, 29.

Scindiah, or Seendhiya, the Mah-
Predestination, obs. on, 95.

ratta chief, character of, 397.
Prepositions, English, obs. on, 304. Scotland, provisions for the clergy
Property, real and personal, ob. of, 134. Population and size

servations on laws rel. to, 67. of, 135. Its grand canal, 136.
Punctuation, remarks on, 307.

Self, obs. on the propensity to
Pyrometry, essay on, 538.

magnify the idea of self, 405.

Sextant, reflecting, report on, 541.
Quantities, arbitrary, on the varia. Shamrock, verses in praise of, 181

Sheep, on a variety of, 75.
tion of, 543. 544.

Ships, registered, in the British
Quebec, account of, 239.

dominions, in 1805, 176.

Shipwreck, See Life-preservers.
Ramond, M., his 3d mem. on the Sicily, its deficiency of roads, 165.
measurement of heights, 543.

Observations on the inhabitants
Red face, remarks on that com-

of, ib. On its metropolis, 167.
plaint, 379

Sighi, near and distant, observa-
Reformation, the, on its causes, in- tions on, 70, 77.
Auence, &c., 261---264

Slave trade, yet practised, 326.
Religion, obs. on establishments Obs. on, as remaining to the

French, 329.
Religions, of Europe, sketchof, 17. Small-pox, treatment of, among
Remains, organic, found near the negroes, 487
Brentford, 157.

Smithson, Mr., on Ulmin, 73. OD
Respiration, organs of, on an af. a saline substance, 162.
fection of, 302.

Solstices, See Pond.
Rheumatism, chronic, case of, 302. Speaking, public, rules for, 391.
Romances, Greek, essays on, 460. Splenitis, on the cure of, 301.
Rome, see of, obs. on its preten. Squalus Maximus, additional oba

sions to apostolic origin and servations on, 160.
general domination, 53. 259.

Stars, fixed, catalogues of, 152.
Rose, verses on the last Rose of Strata, obs. on, 228-235
Summer, 185. Ode to, 530 Sulpbur, on the alcohol of, 159


of, 425

Superstition, founded on meteorolo- Villoison, M., memoir of, 457.
gical phænomena, obs.on, 374. Ulmin, observations on, 73.

Voltaire, anecd of, 522, 523,524.

Ureters, on the muscles of, 301.
Tarshish and Ophir, obs. on the Urine, on the influence of alka-
position of, 21.

lies and acids on, 160.'
Taylor, the learned, of Norwich, Vulcano Islands, in the Pacific
account of, 367.

Ocean, observations on their
Telescope, See Kater.

supposed existence, 275.
Testament, Secret, of the Athe-
nians, letter respecting, 455

Testicle, diseased, case of, 299.

Waldenses, on the origin of, 200.
Tetzel, his scandalous traffic in Waldo, Peter, an account of, ib.
Indulgences, 265.

Ware, Mr., on near and distant
Thebes, its decayed state, 343,

sight, 70. 77.
Tonsils, diseased, on a method of Washington Islands, or Marquesas,
tying, 299:

account of, 115
Trent, Council of, observations on Water, on the effects of subter-
its results, 58.

raneous currents of. 233;
Trimmer, Mr., on organic re- · Werner, observations on his drama-
mains near Brentford, 157.

tic writings, 273:
Tripolizza described, 3.

West Indies,

medical hints to per-
Troud, observations on, 349. sons newly arrived there, 485.
Truth, epigram on, 522.

Whale, See Squalus.
Turin, its university preferred to Wild, Henry, account of, 367.
that of Geneva, 38.

Wines, on the distillation of, 534.
Turner, Dr., his letter to Dr. Wires, on drawing them extremely
Charlett, 367.

Wolf, early habits of, 49.
V and U

Wollaston, Dr., on the elementary
Vauquelin, M., on animal mucus, particles of crystals, 72. OR

freezing at a distance, 73. On
Vegetables, inquiry into their drawing fine wires, 77. On a

power of sensation, 45. On single-leas micrometer, 78.

ihe growth of, 536, 537. Wolsey, See Cavendish.
Ventenat, M., account of, 533. Wood-stone, on the production of,
Verbs, irregular, obs. on, 305. 222.
Verses, amatory, specimen of,
From the Irish and

Scotish melodies, 184-190. Yarrow, in the county of Sel.
From Gustavus Vasa, 291. kirk, account of, and of Mary
"To an illegitimate child, 310. Scott, " the Flower of Yar.
To a lady, 431.

fine, 77

row," 138.
Vesuvius, Mount, on a saline Yelloly, Dr., on a case of Augs.

substance from, 162.
Vigilantius, a presbyter of the York, D. of, afterward James II.,

church in the 5th century, his shipwrecked in his passage to
work lost, 197.

Scotland, 384.

thesia, 3c0.


Strahan and Presión,
Printars-Street, London,

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