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I HAVE written a current History of Nicaragua, a Guide Book, and furnished in a succinct form, information, Geographical, Topographical, and Statistical. My residence in the country afforded me great facilities for comparing and verifying the authorities consulted, and the results of my observations and deductions are comprised in the present volume.

The Past of every Province of the Spanish Americas, abounds with interest to the student as well as the general reader; and "El Paraiso de Mahoma" has a

present historic importance, which renders aught orthodox upon the country desirable and attractive.

I have penned my pages with a view solely to merit the respect of the Public, having neither varnished nor tarnished a subject, at present vital to my own country; and I feel assured, that I have not been led astray by the garbled statements of those, whose interests may have suffered from causes, which have not exercised, in the remotest degree, an atom of influence upon me.


PHILADELPHIA, February, 1859.

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