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£. d. Maneh, Mna, or Mina, as a Coin,-60 shekels 7 10 0 Talent of silver,-3000 shekels

375 0 0 Drachma of Gold not more than

O 1 1 Shekel of gold not more than

0 4 4 Daric of gold

1 0 4 Talent of gold not more than

648 0 0



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Table of the Jewish Months in Josephus and others, with the

Names of the Syromacedonian Names Josephus gives them,

and of the Julian or Roman Months corresponding to them. Hebrew Names. Syromacedonian Names. Roman Names. (1.) Nisan Xanthicus

March and April (2.) Jyar Artemisius April and May (3.) Sivan Dæsius

May and June (4.) Tamuz Panemus June and July (5.) Ab Lous

July and August (6.) Elul

Gorpiæus August and September (7.) Tisri

Hyperberetæus September and October (3.) Marhesvan Dius

October and November (9.) Casleu

Appellæus November and December (10.) Tebeth Audinæus December and January (11.) Shebat Peritius

January and February (12.) Adar

Dystrus February and March
Ve Adar, or the second Adar, intercalated.


The first number is that of the respective Volume, the second refers

to the

page. AARON, i. 93; made high priest, mathematical sciences, 27; di

131 ; his sons, 132; his death, vides the country between him164.

self and Lot, ib.; God proAbdastartus, iv. 280.

mises him a son, 29; beats the Abdemon, i. 394; iv. 280.

Assyrians, 28; dies, 41. Abdenago, or Abednego, ii. 70. Absalom, flies to Geshur, i. 338; Abdon succeeds Elon, i. 239. recalled by a stratagem of Abel, i. 11; his sacrifice, ib. Joab's, 339; rebels against DaAbiathar, the son of Ahimelech, vid, 340; pursues him, 346;

i. 292; flies to David, 293; is his army put to flight, 347; high priest, 307, 328, 341, 350; hangs on a tree by his hair, ib.; deprived of the high priest is stabbed by Joab, and dies, hood, 372.

ib. Abibalus, iv. 280.

Achar, or Achan, is guilty of Abigail, i. 298; married to Da theft, i. 206; is punished, 207. vid, 299.

Achitophel, or Ahitophel, i. 341; Abihu, the son of Aaron, i. 132. gives evil counsel, 343; hangs Abijah, or Abia, i. 348, 411; himself, 345.

succeeds his father, 413; con- Acme, iii. 335; her letters to Anquers the ten tribes, 416. tipater and Herod, iii. 19; her Abilamaradochus, or Evil-Mero death, 26. dach, ii. 76.

Acmon, attacks David, i. 356; is Abimael, i. 24.

killed by Abishai, ib. Abimelech tyrannizes over the Acratheus, or Hatach, ii. 112.

Shechemites, i. 234; expelled, Actium, battle at, ii. 318, 325; 235; destroys them all, ib; kill

iii. 290. ed, 236.

Ada, the wife of Lamech, i. 12. Abiram, i. 154.

Adad, a king of Damascus, i. 327. Abishag, David's nurse, i. 364. Adam created, i. 8; his fall, 10. Abishai, i. 300.

Ader, or Hadad, i. 402. Abner, i. 272, 311 et seq. ; Saul's Adonias, or Adonijah, pretends

kinsman, 272; general of his to the crown, i. 364; takes army, 311; reconciles the Is

sanctuary, 365; is refused Abiraelites to David, 314; is kill shag to wife, 372; killed, 372. ed, 315.

Adonibesek, made prisoner, his Abram, or Abraham, leaves Chal hands and feet cut off, and dies,

dea, goes to Canaan, i. 25; i. 218. lives at Damascus, 27; advises Adoram, i. 380. his sons to plant colonies, 38; Adrasar, or Hadadezer, i. 327, instructs the Egyptians in the 403,


Æbutius, a decurion, iii. 296. sent back to his kingdom, 136;
Ægypt, whence named, iv. 278. Claudius bestows on him al-
Ægyptian kings called Pharaohs most all the dominions of his
for 1300 years, i. 395.

grandfather, ib.; his eulogium,
Ægyptians, famous for wisdom, i. 143; his bounty towards those

377; learned mathematics of of Berytus, 144; he treats se-
Abraham, 27; their sacred veral kings splendidly, ib.; en-
scribes or priests, 83; held it tertains Cæsarea with shows,

unlawful to feed cattle, 79. and appears himself upon
Ægyptian false prophet put to stage in a magnificent dress,

flight by Felix, i. 170, 375. 145; dies soon after, 146; his
Ælius Gallus, ii. 345.

death and children, 369.
Æmilius Regulus, ii. 105. Agrippa, his son by Cypros, iii.
Æneas, succeeds Obodas, ii. 395. 269; did not immediately suc-
Æsop, a servant, ii. 310.

ceed in his father's kingdom,
Æthiopian commodities were 148; Claudius gave him that

slaves and monkeys, i. 399. of his uncle Herod, 160, 373;
Agag, i. 273; is killed, 276.

to which he added the tetrar-
Agar, or Hagar, and Ishmael, are chies of Philip and Lysanias,

sent away by Abraham, i. 34. 165; is hurt at the siege of Ga-
Ayyapveo dai, or forcible pres mala, iv. 52; his letters to Jo-

sure, taken off the Jews by De sephus, iii. 224; his speech to
metrius, ii. 187.

the Jews, to dissuade them
Aggeus, or Haggai, the prophet, from a war with the Romans,
ii. 96; he prophesies at the re 386.

building of the temple, 98. Agrippa, son of Felix, iï. 166.
Agones, or games, instituted by Agrippa Fonteius slain, iv. 232.
Herod, ii. 338; at the finishing Ahab, i. 421; reproved by Elijah,
Cæsarea, 377.

427; fights with Benhadad,
Agrippa (Marcus) bounty to 429; pardons him, 431; is af-
wards the Jews, ii. 144; splen terwards killed by the Syrians,
didly entertained by Herod, 436; his sons, ii. 18.
362; makes equal returns to Ahaz, king of Judah, ii. 36.
him, ib.; his expedition to the Ahaziah, king of Israel, ii. 4.
Bosphorus, ib.; hears the cause Ahaziah, king of Judah, ii. 17.
of the Jews in Ionia, 363; con- Abijah, the prophet, i. 403.
firms their privileges, 367; his Abimelech, or Achimelech, slain
letter to the Ephesians, in fa by the order of Saul, i. 292.
vour of the Jews, 380, 381; Ahitophel, or Achitophel, i. 341;

and to those of Cyrene, 381. gives evil counsel, 343; hangs
Agrippa the Great, or Elder, He himself, 345.
rod's grandson, iii. 4. 321; his Ai besieged, i. 206; taken, 208.
adventures, 70, 71; is im- Aizel, or Uzal, i. 24.
prisoned, 77; his liberty and Alans, iv. 245.
happiness foretold, 78; Albinus, iji. 173.
leased, and made lord of two Alcimus, or Jacimus, ii. 176; ca-
tetrarchies, with the title of lumniates Judas, 177; dies,
king, 83; gives Caius a sump 178.
tuous entertainment at Rome, Alcyon, a physician, iii. 121.
91; is sent to Claudius, 132; Alexander Lysimachus, the ala-
bis advice to Claudius, ib.; is barch, iii. 73, 137, 160.


Alexander, the son of Alexander, 381; chief commander of the
by Glaphyra, iii. 321.

Roman army, iv. 109, 199.
Alexander, the son of Antiochus Alexander Zebina, king of Syria,

Epiphanes, ii. 185; surnamed is conquered and dies, ii. 218.
Balas, ib. in note; king of Sy- Alexandra, Alexander Janneus's
ria, 186; his letter to Jona widow, holds the administra-
than, ib. ; engages in a battle tion after bis death, ii. 237;
with Demetrius, 188; demands dies, 240; her eulogium, ib.
Ptolemy's daughter in mar- Alexandra, daughter of Hyrca-
riage, 192; is killed in Arabia, nus, writes a letter to Cleopa-
and his head sent to Ptolemy, tra, ii. 307; sends the pictures

of her son and daughter to An-
Alexander and Aristobulus, He tonius, ib.; is feignedly recon-

rod's sons, strangled by their ciled to Herod, 308; is sus-

father's order, ii. 407; iii. 321. pected by Herod, 309; pre-
Alexander, the son of Aristobu pares to fly into Egyyt, 310;

lus, ii. 252; iii. 257; troubles bemoans the death of Aristo-
Syria, ii. 253; makes war upon bulus, 312; acquaints Cleopa-
the Romans, iii. 257; is con tra with the snares of Herod,
quered, ib.; killed, ii, 257; iii. and the death of her son, ib.;

is put into prison, 315; her in-
Alexander Janneus succeeds his decent behaviour towards her

brother Aristobulus, iii. 2 16; daughter Mariamne, 331; is
a sedition raised against him, killed by Herod's order, 336.
231; bis expedition against Alexandra, daughter of Phasaelus
Ptolemais, 226; is called Thra and Salampsio, iii

. 70; is mar-
cida, for his barbarous cruelty, ried to Timius Cyprius, ib.
233; dies of a quartan ague, Alexandria, a great part of that
236; iii. 249; his sons Hyrca city assigned to the Jews, ii.
nus and Aristobulus, ii. 237; 256; the Jews declared its
iii. 261.

citizens, 266.
Alexander the Great succeeds bis Alisphragmutbosis, or Halis-
father Pbilip, ii. 123; conquers

phragmuthosis, iv. 276.
Darius, 124; pursues his vic- Aliturius, a Jew, iii. 184.
tories, ib.; sends a letter to Alliance between Ptolemy and
the high priest at Jerusalem, Antiochus, ii. 147
ib.; goes to Jerusalem, 125; Altar of incense, i. 125; of burnt-
his dream, 126; adores the offering made of unhewn stone,
name of God on the bigh

iv. 290.
priest's forehead, ib.; enters Amalekites attack the Israelites,
ihe temple, ib.; grants privi i. 112; are conquered and
leges to the Jews, ib.; the Pam plundered, 114, 115.
phylian sea gives way to his Aman, or Haman, enemy of the

i. 104; his arms and Jews, ii. 111; his edict against
armour kept in the temple of the Jews, ib.; orders a gallows
Diana, ii. 171.

for Mordecai, 115; is obliged
Alexander, son of Phasaelus and to honour Mordecai, 116; his
Salampsio, iii. 70.

malicious design laid before the
Alexander (Tiberius) succeeds king, 117; his edict counter-

Cuspius Fadus, iii. 160, 369; manded, 118; he is himself
is made procurator of Egypt, hanged, 117.

Amarinus, or Omri, i. 420.

the murder of James, iii. 173;
Amasa, i. 346; killed by Joab, deprived of the high priest-
son of Jether, 354, 369.

hood, 174; his death, iv. 81.
Amasias, or Amaziah, ii. 28; Avanus, the son of Seth, made

makes war on Jehoash, and is high priest, iii. 55; deposed,
beaten, 30; murdered in a con 56.
spiracy, ib.

Ananus, son of Bamadus, iv. 170;
Amathus, i. 23.

flies to Titus, 198.
Ambassadors sent with presents Auanus, governor of the temple,

to Hezekiah, ii. 49; ambassa jji. 164.
dors slain by the Arabs, ii. 320; Ananus, son of Jonathan, iii. 408.
this a violation of the law of Anchus, or Achish, i. 301.
nations, 322.

Andromachus expelled the court
Ambassage sent by Jonathan to of Herod, ii. 389.

the Lacedemonians, ü. 202; Andronicus, ii. 191.
sent by the Jews to Rome, Angels of God become familiar

with women, i. 14.
Ambivius (Marcus) iii. 55. Anileus, iii. 94; killed by the
Amenopbis, iv. 277, 294, 301. Babylonians, 101.
Amesses, iv. 277.

Annibal put to death by Fadus
Ammonius, killed, ii. 195.

for a mutiny, iii. 149.
Amnon falls in love with his sis- Annius (Lucius) takes Gerasa, iv.

ter Tamar, i. 336; is slain by 98.
Absalom's order, 337.

Annius Minucianus, iii. 105.
Amorites given to the tribes of Annius Rufus, iii. 55.

Reuben and Gad, and the half Anoch or Enoch, i. 12.

tribe of Manasseh, i. 201. Anteius killed, iii. 118.
Amphitheatres built at Jerusa- Antigonus governs Asia, ii. 128.

lem by Herod, ii. 338; another Antigonus, son of Aristobulus, ii.
at Jericho, iii. 28.

252, 254; impeaches Hyrca-
Amram, Moses's father, i. 83. nus and Antipater, 259; iii.
Amram, iii. 149.

263; conquered by Herod, ii.
Amraphel, i. 28.

280; invades Judea, 284; re-
Anacharis, or Rabsaris, ii. 44. established, 288; iii. 275; culs
Ananelus made high priest, ii. off Hyrcanus's ears, and causes

307; deprived of it, 309; re the death of Phasaelus, ii. 288;
stored to it, 311.

surrenders himself, ii. 302; iii.
Ananias made high priest, iii. 288; sent in fetters to Marcus

160, 372, 394; he and his son Antonius, iii. 289; the first
sent in fetters to Rome, iii. king whose head was cut off
164; slain together with his by the Romans, ii. 305.
brother, 397.

Antigonus, son of Hyrcanus I.
Ananias, son of Onias, i. 220, made commander at the siege

of Samaria, ii. 219; beloved by
Ananias, the son of Masambalus, his brother, 222; watched by
iv. 170.

the queen and her favourites,
Ananus, senior, made high priest, 223; iii. 244.

iii. 173; his eulogium, iv. 65. Antioch, the chief city in Syria,
Ananus, junior, made high priest, iv. 4; the Jews made citizens

iii. 173, 205; iv. 66; his speech thereof by Seleucus, ii. 143; it
to the people, ib.; accused of is burnt, iv. 228.

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