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Antiochians rebel, ii. 195; their metrius, ji. 218; makes war

envy against the Jews, 143. with Trypho, 211.
Antiochus, king of Commagena, Antipas, Herod's son by Mal-

iii. 58, 137, 144; iv. 163, 243; thace, iii. 4; is tetrarch of Ga-
Commagena and part of Cilicia lilee, 27; goes to Rome to get
granted him, iii. 137.

to be a king, 32, 344; what
Antiochus Cyzicenus, ii. 218; was given him by Cæsar, 353.

assists the Samaritans, but is Antipas is put in prison and slain,
put to flight, 219; iii. 243; is iv. 64.
taken prisoner, and put to death Antipater, the Idumean, excites
by Seleucus, ii. 230.

troubles, ii. 242; sent ambas-
Antiochus Dionysius makes an sador to Aretas, 252; his wife

expedition against the Jews, ii. Cyprus, and his children, 257;
234; iii. 248.

his valour, 258; advises Hyr-
Antiochus the Great, ii. 144; his canus to put himself under the

letters in favour of the Jews, protection of Aretas, iii. 251;
145, 146; his wars with Pto makes his son Phasaelus go-
lemy Philopater, and Physcon, vernor of Jerusalem, and He-
144, et seq.; marries his daugh rod of Galilee, ii. 262; endea-

ter Cleopatra to Ptolemy, 147. vours to deserve Cæsar's fa-
Antiochus Epiphanes, bis expe-

vour, iii. 261; honoured by
dition into Egypt, ii. 157; Cæsar, and made citizen of
takes Jerusalem, 158; goes Rome, ii. 259; iii. 262; his
into Persia, 164; designs to defence against Antigonus, ii.
destroy the Jews, ib.; his im 259; iii. 263; made governor

piety, 214; he dies, 171. of Judea, ii. 260; iii. 363; poi-
Antiochus Eupator, his son in soned, ii. 277.

vades Judea, ii. 173; fights Antipater, son of Phasaelus and
with Judas, ib. ; iii. 240; makes Salampsio, iii. 70.
peace with the Jews, iii. 174; Antipater, son of Salome, im-

breaks it, 175; is killed, ib. peaches Archelaus, iii. 33.
Antiochus Grypus, ii. 218; his Antipater, son of Herod, ii. 280;
death, 230.

sent to Rome to Cæsar, 370;
Antiochus Philometer, ii. 226. iii. 325, 329; he sets his father
Antiochus Pius makes war with against his brethren, ii. 369;

Seleucus, ii. 231; is slain, ib. bis subtilty, 383; reigns joint-
Antiochus Eusebius, or Pius be ly with his father, iii. 1; hated

sieges Jerusalem, ii. 213; raises by every body, ib.; attempts his
the siege, 215; marches against father's life, 2; is concerned
the Parthians, and is killed, for himself, ib.; appears be-

fore Varus's tribunal, 13, 332;
Antiochus, the son of Alexander, his plea, 14; is put in irons,

commonly called The God, ii. 19; is put to death, iii. 26,
144; crowned in his youth, 339.
199; enters into alliance with Antipatris, taken by Vespasian,
Jonathan the high priest, 200; iv. 94.
slain by Tryplio his tutor, 210; Antonia, Claudius's daughter by
iii. 240.

Petina, iii. 373.
Antiochus, the brother of Seleu- Antonia, Claudius's mother, lends

cus, slain in battle, ii. 231. money to Agrippa the elder, iii.
Antiochus Soter, brother of De 73; her eulogium, 76.

Antonia, called Baris, iii. 251; Aran, or Haran, i. 24.

taken by Titus, iv. 181, et seq. Arasca, or Nisroch, ii. 47.
Antonius (Lucius), sends a letter Arases, or Resin, ii. 37.

to the Sardians, in favour of Araunah, or Oronna, the Jebu-
the Jews, ii. 271.

site; his threshing floor, i. 361;
Antoninus Primus, iv. 111.

the place where Isaac was to
Antony, a captain, iv. 3.

have been sacrificed, and
Antony, a centurion, iv. 30. where the temple was after-
Antony (Mark), his decree in fa wards built, 362.

vour of the Jews, ji. 269; Archelaus, king of Cappadocia,
marches into Asia, after Cas comes to Herod, ii. 391, 399;
sius's defeat, 280; his letter to iii. 312; goes with him to An-
Hyrcanus, ib.; to the Tyrians, tioch, 314; reconciles Herod
281; falls in love with Cleo to his son Alexander, and to
patra, 283; makes Phasaelus his brother Pheroras, 314.
and Herod tetrarchs, ib.; or Archelaus, son of Herod the
ders their accusers to be put to Great, iii. 4, 12, 322, 329;
death, ib.; confers signal fa made ethnarch, 45; marries
vours on Herod, 290; sojourns Glaphyra, 50, 353; proclaim-
at Athens, 295; his luxury, ed king, 28, 340; his speech to

the people, 29, 341; endea-
Anubis, a god, iii. 61.

vours to appease the people,
Apachmas, king of Egypt, iv. 30; goes to Rome, 31; ac-

cused there by the deputies of
Apame, Darius's concubine, ii. the people, 43, 355; banished
91. -

to Vienne, 355; his dreams and
Apion, ambassador, iii. 86.

Glaphyra's, 49, 355.
Apollodotus, captain of the Ga- Archelaus, son of Chelcias, iii.
zeans, ii. 230; killed, ib.

Apollonius, ii. 217.

Archelaus, son of Magadatus, iv.
Apollonius Daus, ii. 193; chal 198.
lenges Jonathan to an engage- Aretas, king of the Arabians, ii.

ment, and is defeated, ib. 230, 243, 401; Hi. 251, 325;
Apollonius, governor of Samaria, expedition against Aristobulus,
ii. 160, 163.

ii. 243; succeeds Obodas, 395;
Aponius, iii. 135.

succours Hyrcanus, iii. 251;
Apophis, king of Egypt, iv. 276. impeaches Sylleus, iii. 8.
Apsalom, iji. 398.

Aretas, king of Celesyria, marches
Apsan, or Ibzan, judge, i. 239.

against Judea, ii. 234.
Aquila, the murderer of Caius, Aretas of Petra, iii. 41, 67.
iii. 116.

Arioch, ii. 71.
Arabians circumcise their chil- Arion, treasurer, ii. 152.

dren when thirteen, i. 34; Aristobulus, son of Hyrcanus I.;
twelve towns taken from them the first high priest who as-
by Alexander, ii. 243.

sumed the title of king, ii. 222;
Arabia borders on Judea, ii. 243; called Philellen, or lover of

Petra the king's residence, ib. ; the Greeks, 224.
Zabdiel their lord, 196; Ara- Aristobulus, son of Alexander
bians defeated, 323; their wo Janneus, an enterprising man,

men great poisoners, iii. 9. ii. 237; complains of the Pha-
Aram, i. 23.

risees, ib.; reproaches his mo-

ther, 238; endeavours to take Arphaxad, i. 24.
possession of the kingdom, ib.; Arsaces, king, ii. 205, 215.
fights with his elder brother for Artabanus, king of Media, iii. 57.
the crown, 241; brings him to Artabanus, king of the Parthians,
an accommodation, 242; iii. iii. 65, 95; flies to Izates, 155;
251; sends a golden vine to kindly received and restored to
Pompey, ii. 246; is, with bis his kingdom, 155; dies, 156.
children, brought captive to Artabazes, or Artavasdes, is given
Rome by Pompey, 252; es as a present to Cleopatra by
capes, but is retaken and sent Antonius, iii. 290.
back again, 254; iii. 259; is Artaxerxes, ii. 107; his edict
poisoned by the partisans of against the Jews, 111; contra-

Pompey, 261; his children, ib. dicted, 118
Aristobulus, son of Herod the Artaxias, ii. 317.

Great, ii. 349; marries Bere- Artorius saves his life, iv. 194.
nice, 361; put in prison, 399; Arucas, i. 23.
accused by his father and con- Arudeus, i. 23.
demned, 403; strangled, 407; Aruntius (Euaristus), iii. 120.
iii. 321.

Aruntius (Paulus), iii. 115.
Aristobulus, son of Herod, king of Asa, i. 417; alliance with the
Chalcis, iii. 168; iv. 244.

king of Damascus, 419.
Aristobulus, son of Joseph and Asael killed by Abner, i. 312.
Mariamne, iii. 72.

Asamoneus, ii. 160.
Aristobulus, son of Aristobulus, is Asamoneans, the end of their

made high priest by Herod, ii. reigo, ii. 303.
309; drowned by the secret Ascalonites punished, ii. 150.
order of the same Herod, 311; Ashdod, or Azotus, taken by Jo-
iii. 302.

pathan, ii. 150; its inhabitants
Aristobulus, son of Aristobulus plagued, i. 251.
and Berenice, iii. 70.

Ashpenaz, a eunuch, ii. 70.
Aristocracy the best form of go- Asia, its convention at Ancyra, ii.

vernment, i. 185; instituted in 379; Valerius proconsul of, iii.

Judea by Gabinius, iii. 259. 121.
Arithmetic and astronomy came

Asineus and Anelius, iii. 93.
from Chaldea to Egypt, and Asprenas, iii. 115; cut in pieces,
thence into Greece, i. 27.

Arius, sends a letter to Onias, ii. Assemblies forbidden to all at

Rome but to the Jews, ii. 269.
Ark of God, its description, i. Ass's head falsely reported by

124; taken by the Philistines, Apion as an object of worship
250; restored, 254; carried to among the Jews, iv. 314.
Jerusalem, 323.

Assyrian empire overthrown, ii.
Ark of Noah, where it rested, i. 48.

16; mentioned by all barba- Astarte's temple, i. 309; iv. 280.
rian historians, 17; its remains Astronomy; for its improvement
long preserved, ib.

the first men lived near a thou-
Armais, king of Egypt, iv. 277. sand

years, i. 18; came out of
Armenia conquered by Antonius, Chaldea into Egypt, and thence

. 317; Cotys king of the into Greece, 25.

Lesser Armenia, iii. 144. Asylum, right of, belonging to
Armesses, king of Egypt, iv. 278. some towns, i. 177.

Athenians decree honours to Hyr- Badus, or Bath, i. 380.
canus, ii. 261.

Bagoses, ii. 121.
Athenio, ii. 149.

Balak, king of Moab, i. 166.
Athenio, a general of Cleopatra, Baladan, king of Babylon, ii. 48.

iii. 290; perfidious, ii. 322. Balaam, the prophet, i. 166, et
Atbronges crowns himself king of seq.; his ass speaks, 168.

Judea, iii. 40; is conquered, ib. Ballas, king of Sodom, i. 27.
Atratinus, ii. 290.

Balm, or Balsam, near Jericho, ii.
Augustus's arrival in Syria, ii. 248, 316.

351; bis letter to Herod, 403; Baltasar [Belshazzar, or Naboan-
holds a council about the af del, or Nabonadius), king of
fairs of Judea, iii. 32; his edict Babylon, ii. 77; his terrible
and letter in favour of the vision, and its interpretation,
Jews, ii. 380; is angry with 77,78; his death, 79.
Herod, 395; is reconciled to Balthasar [Belteshazzar], Daniel's
him, 400; divides Herod's do name, ii. 70.
minions, iii. 353; his death, Banus, a hermit, iii. 183.

Barachias, ii. 37.
Azariah, the prophet, i. 418. Barak encounters Sisera, i. 230.
Azarias, one of Daniel's compa- Barbarians, their riches formerly
nions, ii. 70.

consisted in cattle, i. 91.
Azarias, a commander, is defeat- Bardanes, iii. 156; is slain, 157.

ed by Gorgias, ii, 170. Baris, built by Daniel, ii. 81.
Azizus, iii. 165; is circumcised, Barnabazus, ii. 110.

and marries Drusilla, ib.; dies, Baruch, left with Jeremiah the

prophet in Judea, ii. 66.
Azotus, or Ashdod, its inhabit- Barzaphernes, governor, iï. 271.

ants plagued, i. 251; taken by Barzislai, i. 346, 352.
Jonathan, ii. 194.

Basan, or Baasha, king of Israel,

418; slays Nadab, 417.
BAAL, iv. 284; god of the Tyri- Bassus (Ventidius). See Venti-

Baalis, king, ii. 67.

Bassus (Cecilius), murderer of
Baaras, a place, and plant, iv. Sextus Cæsar, ii. 276; iii. 266.

Bassus (Lucilius), sent with an
Baasha, kills Nadab, i. 417; dies, army into Judea; takes Ma-

cherus, iv. 238, et seq.
Baba's children preserved, ii. Bathsheba, i. 331, et seq.

337; afterwards killed, 338. Bathyllus, iii. 329.
Babylon, derived from Babel, i. Battering-ram, described, iv, 21.

20; taken by Cyrus, ii. 79; Battle at Taricheæ, iv. 45.
Nebuchadnezzar's buildings at Belshazzar (or Baltasar, or Na-
Babylon, ii. 76; its walls not boandel, or Nabonadius], king
built by Semiramis, but by Ne of Babylon, ii. 77; his terrible
buchadnezzar, iv. 282; its vision, and its interpretation,
walls built by Nabonnidus of 77, 78; his death, 79.
brick and bitumen, ib.; its Belteshazzar (Daniel), ii. 70.
pensile gardens erected by Ne- Belus, the Tyrian god, i. 421.

buchadnezzar, 283; ii. 76. Belus, the Babylonian god, ii. 76;
Bacchides, ii. 176, 179; he at his temple, ib.
tacks the Jews, 180.

Benaiah, a man of valour, i. 355;

ans, ii. 21.

son of Jehoiada, 328; made the same title given him by
commander, 371; son of Achi Demetrius Soter, 197.
lus, 376.

Buckle, or button, sent to Jona-
Beneficence, its commendation than by Alexander, king of Sy-
and reward, i. 304.

ria, ii. 194; and by Demetrius,
Benhadad besieges Samaria, i. 200.

428; the second time, ii. 11; Burrhus, iii. 171.

falls sick, and is smothered, 15.
Benjamites attacked at Gibea, CÆSAR (Julius) makes war in

and at last cut off, i. 223; Egypt, ii. 258; his decrees in
their tribe restored, 224.

favour of the Jews, 266; he is
Berenice, daughter of Agrippa, murdered, 276.

iii. 70; is married to Herod, Cæsarea built by Herod, ii. 347.

Cæsarean games instituted, ii.
Berenice, Agrippa's mother, dies, 338; iii. 299; begun at the
iii. 71.

finishing of Cæsarea Augusta,
Berenice, Archelaus's and Ma-

ii. 377.
riamne's daughter, iii. 165. Cæsennius Petus, iv. 243.
Berenice, the widow of Herod, Cæsonia, killed by Lupus, iii.

marries Polemon, iii. 166; 126.
leaves him, ib.

Cain murders Abel, i. 11; his
Berenice, Salome's daughter, Aris punishment, ib.; peoples the
tobulus's wife, ii. 361.

land of Nod, 12.
Berenice, Agrippa senior's daugh- Caius is made emperor, iii. 81,
ter, in danger, iii. 381.

364; puts Tiberius to death,
Bernicianus, iii. 373.

81; his behaviour, 86; orders
Berytus, where the cause be his statue to be erected in the

tween Herod and his sons was temple, 87; gratifies Agrippa,
debated, ii. 403.

and forbids its erection, 92;
Bigthan, ii. 110.

bis letter to Petronius, ib.;
Birth-day of Ptolemy's son kept rages against the Jews, 103;
by the Syrians, ii. 152; pre-

calls himself the brother of
sents made thereupon, 153. Jupiter, 104; a conspiracy
Bocchoris king of Egypt, iv. 303. against him, 105; the conspi-
Book of the law found, ii. 52. rators increase, 109; his death,
Books composed by Solomon, i. 115; his threatening letter to

377; twenty-two most sacred Petronius retarded till he was
among the Jews, iv. 271.

dead, 93, 367; his character,
Booz, i. 245; kindness towards

Ruth, 246; marries her, 247. Caleb, one that searched the land
Brazen vessels more valuable than of Canaan, i. 149, 219.
gold, ii. 101.

Calt (golden) near Daphne or
Bride, how she was to part from Dan, iv. 50.

one that refused to marry her, Callimander, ii. 219.
i. 189.

Callinicus, iv. 244.
Britons, iv. 210.

Callistus, iii. 111.
Britannicus, iii. 373.

Cambyses succeeds Cyrus, ii. 87;
Brocchus, a tribune, iii. 131. dies, 88.
Brother, a title which Alexander Camp of the Jews, i. 146; of the

Balas gave to Jonathan, ii. 186; Assyrians, iv. 168.

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