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It's not the compulsive read that the author was hoping for, I think, but it's definitely interesting. Anyone writing a review claiming that Davis was making up facts should really give examples. At no point did I find something historically inaccurate. It's the reviewer's biases, not the author's that are showing. 

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It's hard to describe how bad this book is. It is the author's personal rant against America. He picks and chooses "facts" and flat out makes up others. He ascribes intent and motive to events long past, always with the same slant - greedy evil white men. When he does cite "facts" they are frequently quotes from other authors like himself. It gets worse as the book progresses. Every other sentence is opinion, and always the same opinion. Only someone like minded could read this stinking pile of #@$$ with a straight face. At times you have to laugh at the absurdity of it, or throw the book against the wall. You may not have known much about history before starting this book, but you will know even less when you are done. Then again, you can just do what the author did, make up your own history with your own slant. 

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Read in early 2000 or so. Not very entertaining

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