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and glory, and honour, and righteousness of saints. power, unto the Lord our

9 And he saith unto me, God:

Write, Blessed are they which 2 For true and righteous are called unto the marriage are his judgements : for he supper of the Lamb. And hath judged the great whore, he faith unto me, These are which did corrupt the earth the true sayings of God. with her fornication, and 10 q And I fell at his feet hath avenged the blood of to worship him. And he said his servants at her hand. unto me, See thou ds it not:

3 And again they said, I am thy fellow servant, and Alleluia. And her smoke of thy brethren that have rose up

for ever and ever. the testimony of Jesus. 4 And the four and twenty Worship God: for the teselders, and the four beasts fell timony of Jesus is the spirit down and worshipped God of prophecy. that fat on the throne, fay il . And I faw 'heaven ing, Amen; Alleluia. opened, and, behold, a white

5 And a voice came out horse ; and he that fat upon of the throne, saying, Praise him was called, Faithful and our God, all ye his servants, true, and in righteousness he and ye that fear him, both doth judge and make war. small and great.

12 His eyes were as a 6 And I heard as it were flame of fire, and on his head the voice of a great multi- were many crowns: and he tude, and as the voice of had a name written that no many waters, and as the man knew but he himself. voice of mighty thunderings, 13 And he was clothed saying, Alleluia : for the with a vesture dipped in Lord God omnipotent reign- blood : and his name is calleth.

ed, The word of God. 7 Let us be glad and re. 14 And the armies which joice, and give honour to were in heaven followed him him : for the marriage of upon white horfes, clothed in the Lamb is come, and his fine linen, white and clean. wife hath made herself ready. 15 And out of his mouth

8 And to her was granted, goeth a sharp sword, that with that she should be arrayed in it he should smite the nations: fine linen, clean and white : and he shall rule them with a for the fine linen is the rod of iron: and he treadeth


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the wine-press of the fierce 21 And the remnant were ness and wrath of Almighty | flain with the sword of him God.

that sat upon the horse, which 16 And he hath on his sword proceeded out of his vesture and on his thigh a mouth : and all the fowls narne written, KING OF were filled with their flesh. KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

CHAP. XX. 17 q And I saw an angel ND I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he come down from heacried with a loud voice, say- ven, having the key of the ing to all the fowls that fly in bottomless pit, and a great the midst of heaven, Come, chain in his hand. and gather yourselves toge 2 q And he laid hold on ther unto the fupper of the the dragon, that old serpent, great God;

which is the Devil and Sa18 That ye may cat the tan, and bound him a thouflesh of kings, and the flesh fand years, of captains, and the flesh of


And cast him into the mighty men, and the flesh of bottomless pit, and shut him horses, and of them that fit up, and set a seal upon him, on them, and the flesh of all that he should deceive the men, both free and bond, both nations no more, till the small and great.



should be ful19 And I saw the beast filled: and after that he must and the kings of the earth, be loosed a little season. and their armies gathered to 4 And I saw thrones, and gether to make war against they fat upon them, and him that fat on the horse, judgement was given unto and against his army, them: and I saw the fouls

20 And the beast was of them that were beheaded taken, and with him the false for the witness of Jesus, and prophet that wrought mira- for the word of God, and cies before him, with which which had not worshipped he deceived them that had the beast, neither his image, received the mark of the beast, neither had received his mark and them that worshipped his upon their foreheads, or in image; these both were cast their hands; and they lived alive into a lake of fire burn- and reigned with Christ a ing with brimstone.

thousand years.

5 g But the rest of the the false prophet are, and dead lived not again until shall be tormented day and the thousand


were night for ever and ever. finished. This is the first

IIAnd I saw a great resurrection.

white throne, and him that 69 Blessed and holy is he fat on it, from whose face that hath part in the first re- the earth and the heaven fied surrection: on such the se-away; and there was found cond death hath no power, no place for them. but they shall be priests of 12 q And I saw the dead, God and of Christ, and shall small and great, stand before reign with him a thousand God; and the books were years.

opened : and another book 7 And when the thousand was opened, which is the years are expired, Satan shall book of life: and the dead be loosed out of his prison, were judged out of those

8 9 And shall go out to things which were written deceive the nations which are in the books, according to in the four quarters of the their works. earth, Gog and Magog, to 13 And the sea gave up gather them together to bat- the dead which were in it; tle: the number of whom is and death and hell delivered as the sand of the sea. up the dead which were in

9. And they went up on them: and they were judged the breadth of the earth, and every man according to their compassed the camp of the works, saints about, and the beloved 14 And death and hell city: and fire came down were cast into the lake of from God out of heaven and fire. This is the second devoured them,

death. 10 I And the devil that 15 And whosoever was not deceived them was cast into found written in the book of the lake of fire and brim- life was cast into the lake of Itone, where the beast and fire,

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From the First Book of Moses, called GENESIS.

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6 And God said, Let there

be a firmament in the midst N the beginning God 'of the waters : and let it di

created the heaven and vide the waters from the the earth.

waters. 2 And the earth was with 7 And God made the firout form, and void ; and mament: and divided the darkness was upon

the face of waters which were under the the deep : and the Spirit of firmament from the waters God moved


the face of which were above the firmathe waters.

ment, and it was fo. 3 And God said, Let there 8 And God called the firbe light : and there was mament Heaven: and the light.

evening and the morning 4 And God saw the light, were the second day. that it was good : and God 9 And God said, Let the divided the light from the waters under the heaven be. darkness.

gathered together unto one 5 And God called the place, and let the dry land apa light Day, and the darkness pear: and it was so. he called Night: and the 10 And God called the evening and the morning dry land Earth ; and the gawere the first day.

thering together of the wa


was so.

ters called he Seas; and God to divide the light from the saw that it was good. darkness : and God saw that

II And God said, Let the it was good. earth bring forth grass, the 19 And the evening and herb yielding seed, and the the morning were the fourth fruit-tree yielding fruit after day. his kind, whose feed is in it 20 And God said, Let the self, upon the earth : and it waters bring forth abundant

ly the moving creature that 12 And the earth brought hath life, and fowl that may forth grass, and herb yielding Ay above the earth in the seed after his kind, and the open firmament of heaven. tree yielding fruit, whose seed

21 And God created great was in itself

, after his kind : whales, and every living creaand God saw that it was ture that moveth, which the good.

waters brought forth abun13 And the evening and dantly after their kind, and the morning were the third every winged fowl after his day.

kind: and God saw that it was 14 And God said, Let good. there be lights in the firma 22 And God blessed them, ment of the heaven, to divide saying, Be fruitful and multithe day from the night: and ply, and fill the waters in the let them be for signs, and for seas, and let fowl multiply in seasons, and for days and the earth. years.

23 And the evening and 15 And let them be for the morning were the fifth lights in the firmament of the day. heaven, to givelight upon the 24 And God said, Let the earth : and it was fo. earth bring forth the living

16 And God made two creature after his kind, catgreat lights : the greater tle, and creeping thing, and light to rule the day, and the beast of the earth, after his lefler light to rule the night : kind : and it was fo. he made the stars also.

25 And God made the 17 And God set them in beast of the earth after his the firmament of the heaven, kind, and cattle after their to give light upon the earth : kind, and every thing that

18 And to rule over the creepeth upon the earth after day, and over the night, and his kind; and God saw that

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