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15 For

not do, in that it was weak dead shall also quicken your
through the flesh, God send mortal bodies by his Spirit
ing his own Son in the like that dwelleth in you.
ness of sinful flesh, and for 12 Therefore, brethren,
fin, condemned fin in the we are debtors not to the
flesh :

Aesh to live after the flesh.
4 That the righteousness 13 For if ye live after
of the law might be fulfilled the feth, ye hall die: but it
in us, who walk not after the ye through the Spirit do
Aesh, but after the Spirit. mortify the deeds of the

5 g For they that are after body, ye shall live. the Aesh do mind the things 14 For as many as are of the flesh; but they that led by the Spirit of God, are after the Spirit the things they are the sons of God. of the Spirit.


have not re6 For to be carnally mind- ceived the spirit of bondage ed is death ; but to be fpiri- again to fear; but ye have tually minded is life and received the Spirit of adoppeace.

tion, whereby we cry, Abba, 7 Because the carnal mind Father. is enmity against God: for 16 The Spirit itself bearit is not subject to the law eth witness with our fpirit, of God, neither indeed can that we are the children of be.

God: 8 So then they that are in 17. And if children, then the flesh cannot please God. heirs; heirs of God, and 9 But

ye are not in the joint heirs with Christ : if flesh, but in the Spirit, if fofo be that we suffer with him, be that the Spirit of God that we may be also glorified dwell in you. Now if any together. man have not the Spirit of 18 For I reckon that the Christ, he is none of his. sufferings of this present time

10 And if Christ be in are not worthy to be compared you, the body is dead' be with the glory which shall be cause of fin, but the Spirit is revealed in us. life because of righteousness. 19 For the earnest ex

is But if the Spirit of him, pectation of the creature that raised up Jesus from the waiteth for the manifestation dead dwell in you, he that of the sons of God. raised up Christ from the 20 For the creature was


made subject to vanity, not for the saints according to willingly, but by reason of the will of God. him who hath subjected the 28 And we know that all same in hope,

things work together for 21 Because the creature good to them that love God, itself also shall be delivered to them who are the called from the bondage of cor- according to his purpose. ruption into the glorious li 29

For whom he did foreberty of the children of God. know, he also did predesti

22 For we know that the nate to be conformed to the whole creation groaneth and image of his Son, that he travaileth in pain together might be the first-born until now.

among many brethren. 23. And not only they, but 30 Moreover whom he did ourselves also, which have the predestinate, them he also first-fruits of the Spirit, even called : and whom he called, we ourselves groan within them he also justified: and ourselves, waiting for the whom he justified, them he adoption, to wit, the re- also glorified. demption of our body.

31 What shall we then say 24 For we are faved by to these things? If God be hope. But hope that is seen for us, who cun be against us? is not hope : for what a man 32 He that spared not his feeth why doth he yet hope own Son, but delivered him for?

up for us all, how shall he 25 But if we hope for that not with him also freely give we fee not, then do we with us all things ? patience wait for it.

33 Who shall lay any thing 26 Likewise the Spirit also to the charge of God's elect? helpeth our infirmities. For It is God that justifieth. we know not what we should 34 Who is he that corpray for as we ought: but demneth? It is Christ that the Spirit itself maketh in- died, yea, rather that is risen tercession for us with groan- again, who is even at the ings which cannot be ut- right hand of God, who also tered.

maketh interceffion for us. 27. And he that searcheth 35 Who shall separate us the hearts knoweth what is from the love of Christ? fall the mind of the Spirit, be- tribulation, or distress, or fause he maketh interceffion persecution, or famine, or

F 3


nakedness, or peril, or sword? | berly according as God hath

36 As it is written, For dealt to every man the meathy fake we are killed all the sure of faith. day long : we are accounted 4 For as we have many as sheep for the slaughter, members in one body, and

37 Nay, in all these things all members have not the we are more than


same office: through him that loved us. 5 So we, being many, are

38 For I am persuaded that one body in Christ, and every neither death, nor life, nor one members one of another. angels, nor principalities, nor 69 Having then gifts difpowers, nor things present, fering according to the grace por things to come, that is given to us, whether

39 Nor height, nor depth, prophecy, let us prophesy acnor any other creature shall cording to the proportion of be able to separate us from faith; the love of God which is in 7 Or ministry, let us wait Christ Jesus our Lord, on our ministering; or hę

that teacheth, on teaching; CHAP, XII.

8 Or he that exhorteth, on

exhortation : he that giveth, Befeech you therefore, let him do it with simplicity; brethren, by the mercies he that ruleth, with diļigence

e; of God, that ye present your he that sheweth mercy, with bodies a living facrifice, holy, cheerfulness. acceptable unto God, which 9 Let Love be without is your reasonable service. diffimulation. Abhor that

2 And be not conformed which is evil; cleave to that to this world: but be ye which is good. transformed by the renew To Be kindly affectioned ing of your nind, that ye one to another with bromay prove what is that good, therly loye; in honour

preand acceptable, and perfect ferring one another ; will of God.

11 Not flothful in busi3 For I say, through the ness ; fervent in spirit; fervgrace given unto me, to ing the Lord; every man that is

among 12 Rejoicing in hope ; you, not to think of himself patient in tribulation; conmore highly than he ought tinuing instant in prayer ; to think ; but to think fo 13 Distributing to the ne





cessity of saints; given to much as lieth in you, live hospitality.

peaceably with all men. 14 Blefs them which per 19 Dearly beloved, fecute you : bless, and curse avenge not yourselves, but

rather give place 15 Rejoice with them that wrath: for it is written, do rejoice, and weep with Vengeance is mine; I will them that weep

repay, faith the Lord. 16 Be of the fame mind 20 Therefore if thine one toward another. Mind enemy hunger, feed him; not high things, but conde- if he thirst, give him drink: scend to men of low estate. for in so doing thou shalt Be not wife in your own heap coals of fire on hisconceits.

head. 17 Recompense to no man 21 Be not overcome of evil for evil. Provide things evil, but overcome evil with honest in the fight of all men. good.

18 If it be possible, as


From the First Epistle of Paul to the

am of Paul; and another, I CHAP. III.

am of Apollos; are ye not ND I brethren, could carnal? not speak unto you as

5 Who then is Paul, and unto spiritual, but as unto who is Apollos, but ministers carnal, even as unto babes in by whom ye believed, even Chrift.

as the Lord gave to every 2 I have fed you with man? milk, and not with meat: 6 I have planted, Apollos for hitherto ye were not watered; but God gave the able to bear it, neither yet increase. now are ye able.

7 So then, neither is he 3 For ye are yet carnal : that planteth any thing, neifor whereas there is among ther he that watereth ; but you envying, and strife, and God that giveth the increase. divisions, are ye not carnal, 8 Now he that planteth and walk as men?

and he that watereth are 4. For while one faith, I one: and every man shall



receive his own reward, ac-temple of God, him shall cording to his own labour. God destroy: for the temple

9 For we are labourers of God is holy, which temple together with God: ye are ye are. God's husbandry, ye are 18 a Let no man deceive God's building.

himself. If any man among 10 According to the grace you seemeth to be wise in of is given unto this world, let him become a me, as a wite malter builder, fool, that he may be wise. I have laid the foundation, 19 For the wisdom of this and another buildech thereon. world is foolishness with But let every man take heed God. For it is written, He how he buildeth thereupon. taketh the wife in their own

II For other foundation craftiness. can no man lay than that is

20 And again, The Lord laid, which is Jesus Christ. knoweth the thoughts of the

12 Now if any man build wise that they are vain. upon this foundation gold, 21 Therefore let no man filver, precious stones, wood, glory in men. For all things hay, stubble;

are your's; 13 Every man's work shall

22 Whether Paul, or Apolbe made maniféft. For the los, or Cephás, or the world, day thall declare it, because or life, or death, or things it 'Thall be revealed by fire; present, or things to come; and the fire shall try every all are your's ; man's work of what fort

23 And ye are Chrift's; it is.

and Christ is God's, 14. If any man's work abide which he hath built

CHAP. IX. thereupon, he shall receive a M I not an apostle ? reward.

åm I not free? have I 15 If any man's work shall not feen Jesus Christ qur be burned, he shall suffer loss; Lord ? are not ye my work but he himself shall be saved; in the Lord ? so as by fire.

2 If I be not an apostle 16 q Khow ye not that unto others, yet doubtless I ve are the temple of God, am to you; for the seal af and that the Spirit of God mine apostleship are ye in dwelleth in you?

the Lord.
3 Mine answer to them




27 If

any man defile the

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