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they had filled themselves, he gave farther well as they, and by numbers of years

their order that Daniel's enemies should be cast strength is dissolved, and their beauty into the den; that he might learn whether withered. Now they bury the kings of Media, the lions, now they were full, would touch of Persia, and Parthia in this tower, to this them or not.* And it appeared plainly to day, and he who was intrusted with the care Darius, after the princes had been cast to the of it, was a Jewish priest; which thing is also wild beasts, that it was God who preserved observed to this day. But it is proper to Daniel. +For the lions spared none of them; give an account of what this man did; for he but tore them all to pieces, as if they had was so happy, as to have strange revelations been very hungry and wanted food. I sup made to him, and those as to one of the pose therefore it was not their hunger, which greatest of the prophets; insomuch that had been a little before satisfied with abun while he was alive, he had the .esteem and dance of flesh, but the wickedness of these applause both of kings and of the multitude; men that provoked them to destroy the and now he is dead he retains a remembrance princes. For if it so please God, that wick that will never fail. For the several books edness might by even those irrational crea that he wrote and left behind him, are still tures, be esteemed a plain foundation for read by us, till this time; and from them we their punishment.

believe that he conversed with God; for he When therefore those that had intended not only prophesied of future events, as did thus to destroy Daniel by treachery, were the other prophets; but he also determined themselves destroyed, king Darius sent letters the time of their accomplishment. And while over all his country, and praised that God prophets used to foretell misfortunes, and on whom Daniel worshipped; and said, that he that account were disagreeable both to the was the only true God, and had power. He kings and the multitude; Daniel was to them also held Daniel in very great esteem; and a prophet of good things, and this to such a made him the principal of his friends. Now | degree, that, by the agreeable nature of his when Daniel was become so illustrious and predictions, he procured the good will of all famous, on account of the opinion men had men; and by the accomplishment of them he that he was beloved of God, he built a ftower procured the belief of their truth, and the at Ecbatana in Media. It was a most ele opinion of a sort of divinity for himself among gant building, and wonderfully made, and it the multitude. He also wrote and left beis still remaining, and preserved to this day. hind him what evinced the accuracy and And to such as see it, it appears to have been undeniable veracity of his predictions. For lately built, and to have been no older than he saith, that when he was in Susa the metrothat very day when any one looks upon it; polis of Persia, and went out into the field it is so fresh and beautiful, and no way with his companions, there was on the sudden grown old in so long a time. For buildings a motion and concussion of the earth; and suffer the same as men do, they grow old, as that he was left alone by himself, his friends

* The lex talionis condeinned all calumniators to the were at Ecbatana in Media, as Josephus's present copies same sort of punishment which they intended to have have it; or at Susa in Persia, as Jerome quotes it from brought upon others; and in this case, among the Per his copies of Josephus, is hard to determine. Dean Prisians, it was a frequent thing to include all the family in deaux thinks Jerome's to be the true reading; and that the penalty inflicted on the father; but, abominandæ leges this tower was at Susa. Connex. part 1. at the year 534. (says Ammianus Marcellinus) per quas, ob novam unius, || What Josephus here says, that the stones of the seomnis propinquitas perit. Calmet's Cominentary. B. pulchres of the kings of Persia at this Baris, or those per

† It is no way improbable that Daniel's enemies might haps of the same sort that are now commonly called the suggest this reason to the king, why the lions did not ruins of Persepolis, continued so entire and unaltered in ineddle with him ; and that they might suspect the king's his days, as if they were lately put there, “ ,” says Rekindness to Daniel had procured these lions to be so filled land, is here can shew to be true, as to those stones of the beforehand; and that thence it was that he encouraged Persian king's mausoleum which Corn. Brunius brake off Daniel to submit to this experiment, in hope of coming and gave me.” He ascribed this to the hardness of the off safe! and that this was the true reason of making so stones ; which scarcely yields to iron tools ; and proves terrible an experiment upon those his enemies and all frequently too hard for cutting by the chisel, but oftentheir families, Daniel vi. 24. Though our other copies times breaks the chisel to pieces. See the like as to the do not directly take notice of it.

Armenian buildings of Semiramis, in Moses Chorenensis of this Baris or tower, built by Daniel, whether it

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