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No. II.-1. PROSELYTISM. Case of allay the suspicions of the parent, MR. LOVEday's DAUGHTERS.-Ro. after he has learned that attempts MAN Catholic Schools.--Educa- had been made upon their faith, by TION IN FRANCE.—2. CRIMES IN 1821. assuring him, that their Governess NewGATE Lists.

was entirely innocent; and he is per

suaded to continue them in the hands 1. PROSELYTISM.] The public of this false and superstitious wopapers have lately contained Petition from an English Gentle. The means adopted to effect this man in France to the Chamber conversion, for so in profanation of of Deputies, entreating in the most the term, it is called, are equally earnest manner their interposition characteristic. Had it been attempted in the of the seduction of by the most rational methods of artwo of his daughters, and a niece, gument and persuasion, yet, in the into the errors of Popery at a French absence of the natural guardian of Boarding-School. The subject is these young persons, and in defiance one to which the attention of the of an express engagement, it would public of this country, and especi- have been a most treacherous proally of parents, ought to be very ceeding: But from Mr. Loveday's seriously directed. We take it for petition it would seem to have been atgranted, that the statements of the tempted and accomplished by some of Petition of Mr. Loveday are sub- those grossarts, by which a weak imastantially correct.

gination may be sometimes wrought The young ladies, it appears, were upon, but which are worthy only of a placed in this seminary under an most disgusting superstition. The express engagement, that their relin story of a Jew who stole the consegious opinions should not be inter- crated wafer, and then, to his horror, fered with. The Governess observes found that it bled in his hands, with this condition, until the time ap- other “ridiculous fables and absurd proaches when the ladies were to be legends,” were employed to influence removed. She then gives access to the fears, and pervert the imaginathe agents of the Popish superstition; tion of the young ladies, and thus to and, under pretence that her school terrify them into the belief of the would suffer from the removal of the most monstrous dogmas of the Cathoyoung ladies too suddenly, obtains lic Church. All this speaks little for from the deceived father, and by a the previous education of these poor hypocritical appeal to his generosity, victims. They were put to a French a longer space for the operation of the Boarding-School, to learn accomabominable machinations by which plishments, before they had learned the conversion of these young crea- common sense; and without, as we tures was to be effected. This is in fear is the case with many, any inthe true proselyting spirit of the struction in the principles of religion, Church of Rome, and shows that it or knowledge of the Scriptures. But has little improved upon the cha- if, as far as intellectual improvement racter which the history of many is in question, the character of a ages has stamped upon it. Nor is French Ladies' School were required, the falsehood confined to the Mistress; we might refer to this instance as the young ladies themselves, in the affording a very monitory answer. very commencement of their novi. Wbat must be the flippant and vain ciate, as one of the first steps in their education of such seminaries, when progress to conversion, are taught to girls, considerably advanced in their

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teens, and nearly completing their both of the converted and the coucourse of instruction, were left in a verters ; and the sacraments are state of such intellectual feebleness brought in to seal up this mystery and inanity, as to fall under the in- of iniquity. Such are the resulis Huence of legendary fictions, so ab- which must always, more or less, surd and revolting! This is to be follow, from placing religion educated, with an emphasis. The meats and drinks, and not in cheapness of French Schools has been, righteousness, peace, and joy in as we know, in many instances, the the Holy Ghost:” morality itself is motire; and a cheap way of board- enervated; and religion, at length, ing children out it may be,-and as instead of becoming the cure of sin, certainly, religion out of the ques- lends its aid to palliate its “ sintuluon, a cheap way too of makingness,” and to complicate its dethem idiots. - We cannot but hope, ceptions. that the disclosure whicb Mr. Love- But the whole of this affecting DAY has so properly made, may story is not yet told. The agonized operate as a very salutary caution father endeavours to recover his chilagainst the practice, so frequent since dren; but the eldest, having arrived the peace, of placing the youth of at age, is persuaded to resist all bis our country, of both sexes, the hope entreaties to return. She is taken of the coming age, in circumstances from place to place. He finds ont, so perilous to every souod principle with ditficully, her retreat; the of morality, as well as to their Pro. Magistrates, generally, refuse to intestantism.

terfere. At length, he obtains her; This Governess appears to have she elopes; and the laws affording been allowed to consult her interest, him no redress, he appeals to the as far as it could comport with the Chamber of Deputies. object of making proselytes. Tbeat- Mr. Loveday's petition, it is said, tempt was postponed until the young has produced a great sensation in ladies were about to leave the school. Paris. What effect it may have Such is the manner in which Popery upon the French Legislature, rehas always driven its bargains with mains to be seen ; but if it fail to buman corruption. The priests, hav- produce effect upon English parents, ing, under this arrangement, but a their sense of parental obligation, short time to effect the conversion of and their regard for the best interests her Protestant pupils, crowd into it of their children, must be very low as active an agency as possible ; and indeed. The danger of placing cbilhaving got hold of the imagination dren in a Catholic School, even of imbecile and half-educated minds, where no such flagrant breach of whilst the mental delirium continues, confidence takes place, as in the case they hasten on the succession of ce- in question, is very great. The removies, and fence in their deluded agents of that church are practised victims against a relapse, by all the in the arts of seduction, and they horrors of violated vows and disho- have the strongest motives to exercise noured sacraments. As to one of the them, arising from their own superyoung ladies in question, MR.Loveday stitious views. We know that it is states, that on the fifth of the month, the practice of such teachers freshe was baptized; on the sixth, she quently to insinuate their opinions, was confirmed; and on the eighth, when they do not openly attempt proshe communicated. Here we see selytism, and to connect with the the distinguishing characteristic of earliest associations of the mind Popery, in the views taken of con- some principle which may bias it to version. It is not instruction of the error, and prepare the way for future understanding, not a sanctification attempts at seduction. of the heart and affections, but a re- Even Protestant Schools in France ceiving of sacraments, and that in- are not always safe ; because some dependent of any moral qualification of the teachers, or professors, as they of the recipient. The whole work call them, may be Catholics, or peris commenced and carried on by haps Protestanis only in pretence ; falsehood and deception, on the part for upon the Protestant youth the

Catholie priesthood always bas its vinced : and when the evils which eye, where circumstances are in the result from sins of omission begin to least favourable to its interference. be severely felt, a more vigorous Nor can we commend the practice of application to duty may be anticipated. religious parents sending their chil- We shall have occasion to advert dren 10 France at all. The religious to this subject at a future time ; at advantages which they can enjoy in present we have only room to state, the best Protestant Schools there, are that of 1305 criminals convicted at much inferior to thosewhich a properly the Old Bailey Sessions in 1821, 40 selected school at home affords; and were between the ages of 10 and 14, if the higher interests of our chil- 246 between 14 and 18, and 291 bedren ought to be a matter of first con- tween 18 and 21, making a total of cern, a little saving of money, where criminals under 21 years of age, 577, that can be effected, is poorly com- or nearly one half of the whole conpensated by placing them out of the victed. “Another fact has been stated reach of that active religious in- in this Report, which it will befuence, which surrounds them in come all who are engaged in prothis land of effective and spiritual noting general education, very seriordinances.

ously to ponder. Of the 2124 perP.S. Since the preceding part of sons committed to Newgate during this article was printed, and just as the last year, more than two thirds it was going to press, the News of the whole could read, and three papers have published a long letter, fifths of them could write also. This bearing the name of Miss Loveday, was not so formerly. The majority and manifestly drawn up for her, of criminals throughout the kingdom, and also another by the Governess were iguorant of both reading and herselt, in which some of the cir- writing'; and that the case is now cumstances alleged by Mr. Loveday reversed, is a strong fact to prove are denied. It is not for us to decide that the morality of a country is not on what is disputed between the par- served by the mere diffusion of these ties. But our view of the substantial arts. When we speak of the moral facts of the case, as far as we have control of education, we must no had occasion to detail th is not longer speak vaguely, as though materially altered ; and they are such knowledge of any kind is restraining as perfecily warrant the monitory ob- to vice, and corrective of natural servations which we bave thought it corruption. The only kind of eduright to submit.

cation from which this is to be ex2. Crimes.] The number of pri- pected, is “instruction in righteoussoners committed to the gaol of New- ness ;" the careful implanting of the gate in 1821, appears from a late doctrines and principles of the whole Report to be,

of our divine religion in the hearts of Males. Fem. Total the young, and habituating them to reUnder 20 years of age 655— 993

} 2124. spect and attend the public worship of

God. It is not by simply rousing the Great as this total is, it is satisfac- dormant intellect, but by giving it a tory to find that there was a decrease right direction, that this great end in the committals of 10 per centum; is to be answered. Conscience must but the list of juvenile offenders still be brought into vigorous exercise ; remains affectingly large, and de- and it is a maxim which the conmands perseverance in all those ductors of the education of youth efforts, which the rapid increase ought never to lose sight of, that conof youthful depravity in the last science is judgment, and operates in few years has called forth. This proportion to our knowledge of the subject has made a strong impres. divine law, and the force with which sion, which is an inportant cir

we feel its sanctions. Conscience cumstance; for, that a part of the cannot be produced without religious evil has resulted from a neglect which instruction; and without the control may be remedied, as well as from of conscience, human laws possess circumstances which human power but a very partial power of restraint. cannot control, we are fully con- Jan, 20, 1822.

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on the plan of regular loan, and weekly STATE OF RELIGION IN Our Con- visitation, described in the last Volume NEXION AT HOME.—It will be satisfactory of the Methodist Magazine. For part of to many readers to kuow, that the ge- an interesting communication from neral tenour of our information on this Leeds, on that subject, we shall, if possubject is of a pleasing nature. We have sible, make room in our next. not yet heard, iudeed, of many of those LORD BYRON's LATE IRRELIGIOUS extraordinary visitations of divine in- Poem." It is said, that the HIGHEST fiuence, since onr last Conference, with AUTHORITY in this kingdom has signified which so many Circuits were favoured his marked displeasure at the blaspheduring the preceding year. We hope, mies of Cain ; and that it will consehowever, that we shall have proof, ere quently not be reprinted ; at any rate long, eren in that respect, that “the that it will not be republished by the reLord's arm is not shortened." And in spectable bookseller whose name it now the mean time, it is matter of much bears. The same authority is said to thankfulness, that in the ordinary and have expressed his surprise, that the two regular use of the appointed means of great Reviews of the day should have grace, very extensive good appears to spared the immoral and pernicious works be doing in various places. The Con- of Lord Byron.” (Literary Gazette.) nexion at large, we are of opinion, HORSE-RACES.--The last week of Sept. bas nerer been in a more peaceful is the time appointed at Oswestry, in and prosperous state. We are particu- Shropshire, for the Annual Races ; which larly delighted to learn, that in most of there, as in other places, are characthe Circuits, which received large acces- terized by scenes of abounding immosions to their number of Members last rality. The friends of Religion in that year, the new converts have hitherto town have, for several years, adopted a very generally remained steadfast. This method of bearing their public testiwe have heard, especially, on good au- mony against the evil, and of preserving thority, with respect to Burslem, Liver- their families, and others, from its polpool, Bradford, Leeds, and the County luting influence, by united association of Kent. It is a great blessing to witness for Religious Worship, at each other's extraordinary revivals of religion ; but chapels alternately, on each of the raceto retain the effects of them, and turn days; which has been attended, we are them to solid and permanent account, is informed, by the happiest effects. There quite as important, and, humanly speak- were also Públic Meetings of the Sunday ing, far more difficult, and less fre- Scholars, and other Children, on the qnently accomplished. We would not same days, to whom Religious Tracts be too sanguine ; but we have high were largely distributed, and suitable hopes, in this respect, of the results of admonitions addressed. the revivals of last year. They were, SABBATH.-At a late General Quartervery peculiarly, the work of God, in Sessions of the Peace, for the county of answer to prayer. Man, who often, by Norfolk, on the motion of Lord Sufofficious and selfish interference, mars FIELD, seconded by EDWARD LOMBE, such visitations, and diminishes their Esq., it was unanimously resolved, That eventual utility, had less than usual to a Recommendation be made to all Occudo with them in their origin and pro- piers of Lands, Manufacturers, and gress. And we hold, that, on this very others employing Labourers, Artificers, ground, the fruit is more likely to re- or Servants, by the week, that, in order main. A letter from Bradford, York- to secure the better observance of the shire, says, “Our new converts here Sabbath, by removing all pretence for are, in general, growing in grace. At the neglect of so obvious a duty, and to the Conference in 1820, the number of enable the Poor to make their purchases Members was 1720. Now, besides 70 without its violation, Friday be the latest on trial, we have 2228. To God be day, on which the weekly wages be paid. glory!” And another from Liverpool -We earnestly invite the attention of all states, “ We have some gracious visita- Religious Masters to this plan. It may tions here. We believe that between 30 in many cases be adopted individually, and 40 persons have obtained a sense of without waiting for a general concurpeace with God during the last three rence. Wherever it is tried, we are sure weeks."— In several Circuits, our friends it will greatly promote the comfort of are zealously engaged, and with much the poor, and diminish, in all classes, success, in saturrding their respective the temptation to Sabbath-breaking. towns and villages with Religious Tracts, EXPLOSION IN A COAL-PL.--Extract of a Letter from MR. Reay, of Car. Editor to insert, in the Magazine, the ville, near Newcastle upon-Tyne, to the following short account of the nine Rev. E. GRINDROD, dated Nov. 23, worthy members of our Society, who 1821.

died by this awful providence.” “ The pit where the dreadful accident (N. B.) We shall insert the interesting took place belongs to the Wall's-end Col- account, here mentioned, in the Obituary liery, and is situated just behind our for this month. See page 137. house. It has lately been sunk thirty- Royal BOUNTY.-A poor man, named five additional fathoms, to a new seam GRANT, living on the estates of the Hon. of coal of superior quality. The total W. Maule, in the neighbourhoood of depth of the shaft is one hundred and Montrose, and one hundred and cight forty fathoms. The new seam discharges years old, lately presented a Memorial to a great quantity of hydrogen gas; but the King, through Sir B. BLOOMFIELD, by keeping it constantly in a state of in which he stated to his Majesty his excomplete ventilation, no danger was treme distress and old age. Ainongst apprehended ; and not the slightest acci- other arguments for royal bounty, he indent occurred before the morning of the formed his Majesty, that if he was not the 21st of October, at eight o'clock, when oldest of his Majesty's loyal subjects, he it exploded. No blame attaches to any was at allevents the oldest of his majesty's of the managers :

the disaster was enemies, for that he was present in 1746 caused by an unusually great cffusion of at the battle of Culloden Muir, in which gas the preceding night, which had over- he had taken the side of CNARLES charged the ventilating current of air in Stuart. His Majesty, with that disthe mine. No safety-lamps were used tinguished benevolence which has always in this pit, as there is a bed of stone, in marked his private character, has orthickness eighteen inches, which lies dered one pound per week to be paid to the near the middle of the seam, and requires old man, during liis life, and the same sum to be blasted with gunpowder ; in con- to be continued to his daughter, who now sequence of which the men all used can- takes charge of him, and is upwards of dles. When the explosion took place, seventy years of age, should she survive the noise of which resembled the report her father. of a large cannon, there were fifty-six men and boys in the pit, two of whom were got out immediately, not having sus

FOREIGN tained the least injury. 1, and another, APOCALYPTIC CHURCHES.-Two Amethen descended; and a sight the most rican Missionaries, Messrs. Parsons shocking I ever beheld presented itself. and Fisk, as was intimated in our last Nearly fifteen feet perpendicular from Number, have lately paid a visit to the the bottom of the pit, was one solid mass places in which several of the Asiatic of men, boys, corres, &c. The after- Churches, addressed by St. John, were damp was so strong, that we could noten- situated. The interesting Journal of this dure it for more than a few minutes; and, visit is inserted at length in “ The Misthough we exerted ourselves to the ut- sionary Herald” for July and August, most, we were not able to bring one of 1821, published at Boston by the Amerithe dying men with us to the bank. A can Board of Foreign Missions. We second attempt proved alike unsuccessful are compelled to select only the most from the same cause; and an hour important particulars. After visiting elapsed before we could commence send- Smyrna they proceeded to Pergamos, ing the unfortunate sufferers to the bank. Thyatira, Sardis, and Philadelphia; and Four only out of fifty-four were got out intended to complete the circuit by realive; and two of these died two days turning to Smyrna, by way of Laodicea after, making the total number of those and Ephesus; but were prevented from who lost their lives fifty-two; nine of visiting the last two churches by the inwhom were members of our Society. disposition of Mr. Parsons, who has The scene was melancholy beyond de- since recovered, and is now at Jerusalem. scription; and the consequences to the The following are extracts : sufferers, and thcir sympathizing friends, Pergamos, Nor. 7, 1820.--At two are mournful in the extreme. Twenty- we reached Perganos, now called Bernine widows, and eighty-two orphan gamo:

Passed an iminensely large children, are left to bewail the loss of building, formerly a Christian Church, their dearest relations. I am happy, now a 'Turkish Mosque. This is said to however, to inform you, that Mr. be the church in which the disciples met RUSSELL, the owner, has ordered an al- to whom St. John wrote. Nine or ten lowance, to the bereaved families, of minarets are to be seen in this city, from sums from five to twenty-five pounds per the castle, and speak the power of the annum, in proportion to their necessities. False Prophet. Passed by what is said

“I will thank you to request the to be the tomb of Antipas: see Rer.

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