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books, and catechisms. As soon as they settlement is twenty-five miles distant came to hand we advertised in the from Hobart Town. Divine service was Hobart Town Gazette, that a Sunday- held at the house of MR. ABLE, a resSchool would be opened at the Wesleyan pectable settler. The inhabitants of that Chapel, Argyle-street, on the 13th of settlement received us kindly, and asMay. At the opening of the School sured us they had not heard divine twenty-three scholars attended.

service before for twenty years.

A In July last I visited New Norfolk, chapel is now erecting there. accompanied by Mr. BUTCHER. That

Ous wants,

MISSIONS IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. ALBANY Mission.-Extract of a Letter from MR. W. Shaw, dated Salem,

October 12, 1821. My engagements are so multifarious, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that I am almost worn down. Owing to that they are still strangers to many of the scattered state of the population, those miseries which were reasonably my rides are very long ; and the sun anticipated. The kindness of the Gois sometimes very oppressive. Being vernment continues to display itself, in alone, I have not time to recruit before a most abundant attention to their variI set off on another journey; I am only

It is true, we have all sufat home now six days out of fourteen. fered considerably in consequence of the Besides my regular work, my hands are failure of the last harvest : it was so now full with the concerns of two general a failure in the Colony, that our Chapels : one (already commenced) at dependence was almost entirely on Salem; the other (the building of which foreign supplies; for the old Dutch will commence in two or three weeks) at Colonists never keep a stock of corn by Graham's Town. As we have not active them as a reserve for an emergency. persons with whom these matters can The consequence has been, that we have be left, I am obliged to see after all suffered considerable privation, as it myself; in addition to which, I am regards bread and flour. My own family working with my own hands, when at have, for the last ten months, bad a very home, at our dwelling house: but, I scanty supply; but, thank God, we have trust, through divine assistance, all all had plenty of meat and milk,-as these matters will be accomplished in a much of it as any of the settlers could few months ; only I hope we shall not possibly consume,-nay, even to spare ; be disappointed in receiving a Missi- so that we have had better supplies than onary from England in a short time, as the first colonists of New South Wales, Graham's Town must be regularly sup- who, on the failure of some of their plied. The inhabitants have subscribed early harvests, had not the resource of liberally to the Chapel : the Landrost hundreds of oxen, and thousands, yea, has put his name on my subscription- ten thousands of sheep. I am, however, list; and other Gentlemen, are equal. sorry to have to inform you, that there ly favourable. I preach to the Hot- are evident appearances, in the standing tentots in Graham's Town regularly ; corn, of a blight similar to that of last we had six of them at a class-meeting year. last week. You would have been de- Salem continues to be the most prolighted to see the tears rolling down their mising settlement in the whole district : cheeks,-and to hear them speak their ex- this is admitted by all who have seen it. perience, and express their thankfulness I am engaged during the whole of the for the good word of God.

few days I am at home, in giving such I hope my observations respecting advices as are necessary to the welfare Cafferland, at the close of my last letter to of the people; working at my own the Committee, will not be lost sight of. house and garden, and settling disputes, As we now have a station so far to the (which, as might be expected, frequently east as Lattakoo, it would be greatly to occur,) and preaching and teaching. I the comfort of the Brethren thus far in have not been without my difficulties. the interior, to have something like a A few individuals I have found to be chain of two or three more stations, obstinate and quarrelsome; and I have connecting them with their countrymen had some trouble with such, on account in Albany : the countries near the coast, of my endeavouring to walk as closely as which lie between us, are very thickly possible by the established rules of our inhabited.

Coonexion ; but to counterbalance this, As it regards the affairs of the settlers, the great majority are a respectful, peace

able, and loving people. I thank God, neglected. The expense of such Missions who has given me favour in the eyes will never be great; and the probabilities of our rulers, which is of great advan- of doing good are, in my opinion, as tage.

great as in any part of the world; at I hear no tidings respecting the Bre- least it is a remarkable fact, that the thren Kay and BROADBENT, although I most successful Mission of modern times, am much nearer them than any other of has been that among Africans. I allude our Brethren; but I have no fear that to our West India Mission. For my part, they will do well, and be useful. I said my heart is set on this people. I hope in my last to Mr. Taylor, that I knew when our affairs in Albany are in such a nothing certain respecting Delagoa Bay. state that successors can enter with ease I have, however, since learned some upon the Circuit, that the Committee particulars which lead me to think it will then allow me to take up my abode a very important station for Mission- in the midst of an entirely heathen poaries. I hope Eastern Africa will not be pulation.


Sierra LEONE.-Extracts from the Journal of Mr. LANE. MONDAY, June 25th, 1821.-—About Sunday, July 1st.-At six this morning three o'clock this morning, we had a very I preached at Portuguese Town from heavy tornado, such as has not been wit- Isaiah xii., and met the class. The sennessed in this colony for many years. sible, though artless expressions of this Several houses are blown down, and people in relating the dealings of God many trees. The wood fence which in with their souls, are truly delightful. closed our yard is blown down, and a Passed the remainder of this morning in large popo tree of ours. Our house re- reading, meditation, &c. At two P. M. I mains. I preached at Maroon Town, (or preached at Maroon Town, from Gal. iv. West End,) at seven this evening, from 9. I preached at six at the Town-chapel, Rom. v. 5. Our country-built chapels from Tim. i. 15, to a tolerably large conrequire great exertion of voice in order grcgation. I hope that some will think to make our words distinctly heard. the “saying," worthy of their acceptaThey are made of a kind of lath, worked tion. After the public service we partook like wicker-work, and clumsily plas- of the memorials of our Saviour's dying tered inside with brown mud; the roof is love :-they are indeed, of grass, roughly put on round sticks as " Fit channels to convey his love, they are cut from the tree, without any To every faithful beart." trimming; the pillars which support the Tuesday, July 3d.—This evening we tie-beams are,like the rafters,unpolished, held our Quarterly Meeting, which was and have the bark on them. After this conducted and concluded in peace. The description of an African temple, it may income proved to be less than the exbe conceived that there is nothing in it to penditure. act as a conductor of sound.

Saturday, 14th.—I read Xavier's Life. Thursday, 28th.—This evening we had I see myself to be a very unprofitable our quarterly love-feast; about thirty, servant. Oh! how infinitely far am or more, spoke of God's gracious deal- I left behind in the Christian course ings to their souls. Several expressed by the devoted Xavier ! He is indeed their confidence in God, by saying, pattern worthy the imitation of every “Suppose dic come to me this night, I missionary. May I follow him, as he glad; God makee me get ready, I go to followed CHRIST! my Father;" i.e. If death should call Blessed be God, we do not labour in them to-night they would rejoice, be- vain, nor spend our strength for nought. cause they are prepared to depart, and Tuesday, 17th, at seven, P.M. I preached should go home to their heavenly FA- at Portuguese Town, from 2 Cor. vii. 10. THER. One old man, recaptured from The people here are simple, zealous, and the Portuguese, said, “Tanks be to affectionate ; and many of them have God, he bringee we this country; we sin “their hearts established with grace.” too much dat time we live in dem Por- Wednesday, 18th. — This evening a tegee hand; ah! King George sen big European came from the chapel with ship on a water and takee we from dem, brother HUDDLESTONE, for the purpose and makee we free; and God makce me of obtaining advice concerning his soul. soul free; dat be two time he makce We heard him relate the various calls me free;" and the old man prayed, which God had given him; we advised “LORD blesse KING GEORGE, and give him, directed him to the “ LAMB of God him more crown;" i. e. increase his do- who taketh away the sin of the world," minion and power!

and prayed with him.

Sunday, Sept. 2d.—The cold I took on I have ever witnessed; the wind blowing the 18th ultimo, brought on a fever, due north, like an hurricane. I somewhich is but just leaving me; I hope times feel an inexpressible lassitude ; for that I am not insensible of the mercy which I apologise to myself by considerof my God, in making this stroke só ing that I am in an unhealthy tropical gentle, and raising me up from the clime. But though the reason may be bed of sickness. During this rainy a just one, I may, by a too frequent season how many have been taken from recurrence to it, encourage this feeltime to eternity, from this town! Al- ing, and cherish, though unintentionally, ready, nearly thirty Europeans are gone that indolence which every preacher of to their “ long home!" I went this the Gospel should greatly guard against. morning to Portuguese Town, held a Monday, Oct. 8th.--I rode to Kissey prayer-meeting, and met the class; I Town, and took dinner with the Rev. G. felt fatigued on my return, but ventured R. NYLANDER, one of the Church Misto read prayers and preach in the Town- sionaries. Respecting all the Church chapel at ten o'clock. These services I Missionaries and us, it may be said, we found to be equal to my strength. Our “love as brethren." dear re-captured people are thankful Sunday, 21st.--I met the class at Porthat I am able to visit them again. When tuguese Town this morning, and rewe were both unable to preach, and con- turned to breakfast. At ten, A. M. I fined to our rooms, they were not with- read prayers and preached from 1 Peter out the presence and blessing of our i. 8,9. At two, P. M., we held our quarGod. Several came to us whilst in the terly love-feast in the Town-chapel, when fever, with the joyful news of the spiri- about seventy persons declared, in the tual improvement of the Society. These simplicity of their hearts, what God had things have been a comfort to me in my done for their souls! Truly this was a affliction, and have more than once re- gracious season to myself, and, I believe, vived my spirits, when, perhaps, nothing to all present. Whilst some of them else would.

declared that, previous to their being Sunday, 9th.--I rode this morning turned “ from darkness to light, to Portuguese Town; and spoke to the they exceeded their neighbours in sin, I people from Psalm cxvi. 1-9. They was forcibly struck with our Saviour's are not unacquainted with the sentiments words, “I came not to call the righteous, of the text, at least those of them who but sinners to repentance." meet in class; they are between twenty Monday, 22d. The heat of the sun, and thirty, and most of these enjoy and which is now vertical, is almost intolepractise “ Scriptural Christianity.” The rable. others are striving to enter in at the Monday, 29th.–To-day we held our “ strait gate."

Quarterly Meeting at our house. All Monday, 24th.--I held the prayer- the leaders were present, and the busimeeting at the Town-chapel this evening. ness was conducted with peace and love. Our prayer-meetings are generally fa. There is an increase of fourteen members, voured with the presence of Him who since last Quarter-day. May “the little filleth heaven and earth. Another Por- one become a thousand !" tuguese schooner arrived to-day, being Friday, Nov. 9th.—This afternoon I a Slaver, captured by one of our Gun- preached at Congo-town, and afterwards brigs, (Snapper,) with about fifty slaves met the class-leaders. In examining on board when taken. Not long since their papers I generally find that the one was taken and brought here with members attend very regularly. two hundred on board!

Saturday, 10th. - To day one of our Tuesday, 26th.–At seven this evening class-leaders (an, Angola man) called at 1. preached at West End, from Matt. the Mission-house. I said to him, as vii. 7-11, to a small company in broken soon as he came in, “ Well, Joseph, English. In this patois we are obliged

any news?" He replied, “ No, I call to preach to the re-captured people, or for see you, because you call for see me ; we sbould not be understood.

one hand no wash himself good; two Thursday, 27th.-About noon we had hand wash one another.' This smart one of the heaviest storms of rain and observation much plcased me. wind, continuing an hour or more, that

WEST INDIA MISSIONS. SEVERAL Letters and Journals, from the Brethren in different islands, have been received during the month; and we are happy to state that they generally contain encouraging details of the progress of the work of God in the different stations. In Antigua, this is specially the case. The persóns recently received on trial amount to 700; and the number of children in the School now amount to 3000, in that island,

DEMERARA.-We mentioned, in our Number for February, the melancholy intelligence of the removal of our esteemed and lamented brethren, Messrs. BELLAMY and Ames, from their important labours in this Colony by death. MR. SHREWSBURY, upon hearing of this event, promptly left Barbadoes, to take charge of the bereaved congregations and societies, and by him we have been favoured with the particulars of the last sickness, and death, of these devoted servants of our LORD. * On the state of the Mission, MR. S. writes as follows: Estract of a Letter from MR. SHREWSBURY, dated George Town, Demerara,

November 30, 1821. It cannot be expected that I should be George Town, but it is not yet organized; able to give a particular account of this however, as my stay is for so short á station, but so far as I am able to judge, time, I think it best to leave that to the it is, upon the whole, in a prosperous state. preacher who may be appointed here. I The congregations are very large, se- have also determined to take no new rious, devout, and attentive; the Societies members into Society, as I cannot suffare in a tolerably good state, although in ciently examine them and know their George Town there has been rather a character, owing to the many concerns laxity of discipline. I visited Mahaica which press upon me. I take down the last week, and met several classes, names of those who wish to join, and nearly all of whom were slaves, and, catechize them once a week, and shall thought them to be very sincere, and leave the list behind at my removal. without exception, truly in earnest for My time I intend to divide as nearly as I the salvation of their souls. Brother can between George Town and Mahaica ; AMEs watched over that Society with but as they are twenty-eight miles apart, extraordinary faithfulness and diligence. my work is very laborious. There is a small Sunday School in

BAHAMAS. We are happy to announce the safe arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Gick, at New Providence, on the 20th of January.

Extract of a Letter from MR. TURTLE, dated Abaco, Nov. 10, 1821. FINDING myself, at length, in a great come out from the world, appear to be measure restored, I longed to return to in earnest for their salvation, and determy circuit ; and accordingly, embraced mined to live to the glory of God. Havthe earliest opportunity of so doing; ing stayed the time above-mentioned, especially as at that season of the year, we left for Green Turtle Key, and ar(the hurricane months,) the vessels but rived the same day; when the friends seldom cross the channel. I left Nassau were ready on the beach to receive us. on the 5th of September, having been There I was called to witness the dethere about six weeks; and arrived at structive effects of a terrible thunderGreat Harbour, after a very rough but storm, which happened on this Key, on quick passage, about two o'clock, P. M. the night of the 1st of August, eight the next day. Here we remained till the days after we left it for Nassau. This Wednesday following; during which storm was the most awful the inhabitants time I preached at every opportunity, had ever witnessed. The only building and, with Mrs. T., instructed all the struck and damaged was the Missionchildren who were sent to us for that House, which was the only house empty purpose. I was thankful to find, that at the time. The electric fluid destroyed during my absence from my circuit, this the north-west end of the building, new Society had kept together tolerably burst open the windows and doors, carwell; considering the very few advan- ried off part of the roof, and split the tages with which they are favoured. partition which divides the chamber from They certainly are a very poor and illi- the hall. It is generally believed, by terate people'; but the few who have all who witnessed the ruins, and ex

* These interesting accounts we are obliged to reserve for a future Number of this Magazine. EDITOR.

amined the course of the lightning, that a very promising aspect amongst the if the house had been full of people at Black population in this place, though the time, they would, in all probabi- I believe my brethren, who have prelity, have been hurried in a moment ceded me, have laboured hard, and by into an awful eternity. We had so re- every possible means in their power, to cently left the premises, that I could not bring them to the knowledge of the truth. but feel the liveliest gratitude to our I also trust I can say, with regard to great Deliverer and merciful God. myself, that I have done what I could,

My absence from my circuit, I have and still feel deterinined to use every reason to believe, retarded, in some effort to win them to Christ. Their measure, the progress of the work number on this Key is but small in here; but the members all remained comparison of many other settlements ; steadfast, so that no complaints were but few even of these are, apparently, brought against the conduct of any upon under any serions concern for their my return. Since then, I trust I can eternal interests. say, I have been labouring with all my · I have, of late, called them together might, and have left no means untried, at the Mission-house on the Monday to build up the Church of Christ, and evening, for the purpose of instructing to bring lost sioners to the Saviour. them in a more plain and pointed manner; And I am rejoiced to inform you, that at which time, I either exponnd the my labours have not been altogether Scriptures, read something of a striking “in vain in the Lord.” Several have and impressive nature, or catechise been added to the Society, and, appa- them. I think I can see some good rerently, are earnestly seeking the salva- sulting already, and hape it will prove tion of their souls. Our congregations of lasting benefit. We have also prayercontinue large on Sabbath-days, and the meetings on the Sunday and Thursday people seem serious and attentive. The evenings on purpose for them. work of God, however, has never worn

BARBADOES.-Several discouragements to the efforts of the Missionaries continue in the country parts of this island ; but Mr. Nelson observes in a letter dated January 12, 1822,

We have, in Bridge-town, some cheer- and their prayers, I doubt not, will preing prospects, and are enabled to take vail. We have been much afflicted in courage and proceed in the labour of love.

our persons and in our work. The I know our cause is the cause of God, LORD hath given us the bread and water and that it shall ultimately prevail in a of affliction ; but, I trust, this dispensagreater or less degree, though perhaps by tion has been sanctified. some more honoured and happy instru- The most pleasing and promising fea

In this town our congregations ture in our Mission is our Sundayare increasingly large, and generally School. This, we may say, prospers. scrious and attentive; on the Sabbath The children increase in number,-are evening our chapel is crowded, and some making considerable improvement,-beof the most respectable inhabitants at have well,-are studious and diligent, tend. A spirit of hearing is evidently and some of them seem to have their excited; many, I believe, feel the power minds in some degree affected by divine of the Word. As a proof of the former truth. We are also well supplied with observation we may regard the attend- kind, diligent, and able teachers, who, ance of many persons of respectability I believe, enter into the work with spirit, from a distance in the country; as proofs and implore the divine blessing on their of the latter, the frequent converse on pleasing toil. May the LORD reward religious subjects, and the gradual re- their zeal and love with an abundant moval of prejudice from the minds of harvest ! The only want we feel i3 many of the most determined opposers. that of books, which we hope soor to

We have added a few members during have removed. the year, but then we have been under We held our first Anniversary on the the necessity of excluding others, so that 1st of January, on which occasion I on the whole our numbers are much the preached two sermons,-one, in the same as at the close of the last year. morning, to the children, and the other, Our members are, on the whole, in a good in the evening, to a large congregation, state; most of them appear to be vigilant, on the excellence of a virtuous and pious prayerful, spiritual, and affectionate, education. After the moruing service and are particularly earnest in imploring the children were publicly examined, an outpouring of the Spirit; they im- and they gave great and general satisportunately plead for Zion's prosperity, faction; some respectable persons, who


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