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and printed under the direction of the BLUMHARDT, of Basle, John THORNTON, Committee; and that this Meeting de- Esq., and the Rev. Joseph HUGHES. sires to express its unfeigned thankful. The speeches we intend to insert as soon ness to the Father of Mercies, for the as we can obtain a copy of the official blessings hitherto vouchsafed to the pro- account of them, usually published by ceedings of the Society, and its increas- the Society. The Report, drawn up, ing conviction, that the efforts of man, it was understood, by the Hon. CHARLES though directed to the highest end, must Suone, (eldest son of LORD TEIGNbe in vain, without the aid of Him frum MOUTU,) contained a very luminous whom “ all holy desires, all good coun- and cheering statement of the recent sels, and all just works do proceed;" and operations of the Society, and conthe Meeting would, therefore, not only cluded by some excellent observations attribute all past success to His favour on the infinite superiority of the system and blessing, but earnestly urge on the of truth, revealed in the Scriptures, to Members of the Society the importance every scheme devised by human wisdom, of imploring the enlarged influence as an efficient instruinent of promoting of the Holy SPIRIT on this and on all the moral improvement and happiness similar Institutions."

of mankind. The income of the Society, “ That this Meeting witnesses, with diring the past year, has exceeded by pleasure and thankfulness, the enlarged £14,000 that of last year, and was more ineans and labours of the various Socie- by £4,000 than that of any former year, ties for extending the kingdom of Christ, amounting to no less a sum than both in the United Empire, and on the £103,000, of which £50,167 has been Continent of Europe and in America; received from Auxiliaries. The expenand anticipates the day, when every diture of the year has been £90,400, Christian Church throughout the world and the Committee are under engagewill yield full obedience to the command ments for £50,000. The number of of Christ to make known the Gospel to Bibles circulated, during the year, was every creature."

118,760; that of Testaments, 136,973; 4. Wednesday, May 1st. BRITISH making up an aggregate of nearly three AND Foreign Bible Society : LORD millions and a half of Bibles or TestaTEIGNMOUTH in the Chair. The an- ments distributed since the commenceniversaries of this Institution ment of the Institution. always rendered exceedingly delightful 5. Thursday, May 2d. PRAYER-BOOK by a circumstance which coustitutes the AND HOMILY SOCIETY: LORD CALhigh and peculiar glory of the great THORPE in the Chair.- We fully agree Bible Society,—the appearance before with the Noble Chairman, who stated the public of distinguished and in- in his Introductory Speech, that the fuential persons of all ranks, and of venerable formularies, which it is the every religious denomination, in open object of this Society to circulate, are and avowed combination with cach valuable not merely as they contain the other, under the banners of christian authorized standards of the true doctrines truth and charity, for the purpose of of the Church of England, but as they testifying their equal veneration for the include some of the very best human holy records of our common religion, expositions of the general truths of and of promoting their universal circu- Christianity. The Homilies, in particu. lation. The usual Resolutions were, lar, cannot, we think, be too much read. this year, moved or seconded by the All Tract-Societies should put them on EARL of HARROWBY, the Bishop of their Lists, and give every possible sti. St. David's, the Chancellor of the mulus to their distribution. We refer, EXCHEQUER, the Bishop of SALISBURY, especially, to those which relate to the LORD CALTHORPE, J. A. STUART way of salvation by faith, and other WORTLEY, Esq., M.P., W. Wilber- vital articles of religion. These were FORCE, Esq., M. P., LORD SANDON, eminently useful in removing prejudice, the Earl of Gosford, the Rev. Jons and promoting just and scriptural vievs, MORRISON, of London, the Bishop of both at the æra of the Reformation, and Norwich, the Rr. Hon. Charles also in the early periods of the present GRANT, M. P., W. W. WHITMORE, Revival of Religion in this country: Esq., M.P., the Rev. Joun Stephens, when the first Methodists were in the of London, Sir Thomas D. ACKLAND, constant habit of appealing to them, Bart. M. P., and LORD GAMBIER. both in their sermons and in their The Meeting was also addressed by writings, and did so with the best effect. LORD TEIGNMOUTH, M. Monod, Jur., We are happy to learn from the Report Secretary of the Paris Bible Society, of this Society, that besides a greatly His Royal Highness the Duke of increased circulation of them at home, GLOUCESTER, the Rev. THEOPHILUS

measures are taken for translating them


into the French and Italian Languages; is £10,693. 8s. 4d., being an increase of and that in many parts of the Continent £820. The funds of the institution are they are thankfully received. The expended in Schools, in the publication Morning and Evening Prayers, the of llebrew Testaments and Tracts, and Psalter, and the First Homily, have been of Tracts in other languages, intended for translated into Chinese, (by Dr. Mor- dispersion among the Jews, in the supRISON, we believe,) and are distributing port of a Seminary for the instruction of in the Chinese Colonies. In Italy Missionaries to the Jews, and in the many prejudices against Protestantism maintenance of the Society's Agents have been removed by the reading of among that people in foreign parts. The the Prayer-Book. The Speakers at this following passages from the Report will Meeting were, LORDS CÀLTHORPE and be read with gratitule. GAMBIER, the Hon. C. N. NOEL, G. F. “ The Committee have reason to hope, STRATTON, Esq., John POYNDER, Esq., that the blessing of God accompanies and the Rev. Messrs. D. Wilson, the instruction of the Jewish children, WEBSTER, Basil Wood, and Burn. contided to the care of the Society.

6. Friday, May 3d. LONDON Society Instances have not been wanting of a deep FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY AMONG and abiding impression having been made THE JEWS; Sir Thomas BARING, BART., upon their minds, even under circumM. P., in the Chair.—This Society, we stances apparently most discouraging. think, is justly acquiring an increasing

“A converted Jew, the father of some of importance in the estimation of the Chris- the children in the Schools of the Society, tian Public. Experience has probably was baptized at the Episcopal Chapel on corrected some errors in the early ma- Sunday the 9th of December, in the prenagement of its affairs; and Divine Pro- sence of a numerous congregation. He vidence is evidently smiling on its labours had for some time past been an attendant of love, especially among the Foreign on the means of grace, and there is every Jews. The present Anniversary (the reason to think, his public profession of 14th) was held in the Egyptian Hall at

faith in the Redeemer was prompted by the Mansion-House. The Jewish Chil- pure and conscientious notives. dren, educated in the Society's Schools, “ The following publications have been consisting of 38 Boys and 44 Girls, were circulated the last year.--Hebrew Testafirst introduced ; and it was truly affect- ments, 2,459, German Hebrew do. 892, ing and delightful to hedr them sing the Judea-Polish do.2,597, Hebrew Psalters, Anthem, usually selected on these occa- 800, Hebrew Tracts, 42,410, German sions, “ Hosanna to the Son of David !” Hebrew do. 31,266, German Tracts, The speakers were the Lord MAYOR, Sir 2,360, English do. 30,000, Hebrew Cards, Tho. BARING, Sır R. H. IngLis, Bart., 19,300, German Hebrew do. 15,200, EngLord CALTHORPE, W. Wilberforce, lish do. 4000. An edition of the Prophets Esq., M.P., ROBERT GRANT, Esq., LORD in German Hebrew is nearly completed. GAMBIER, and the Rev.Messrs. SIMEON, The most gratifying communications Way, Brown, CUNNINGHAM, Rich- from various quarters, have been made MOND, and D. Wilson. The funds are respecting the utility of the Society's in a flourishing and improving condition. publications ; and there is a continually £850 have been received during the year increasing demand for them. The prinfrom Ireland alone, after deducting ex- cipal places to which they have been forpenses. The sum of £120 has been ob- warded during the past year, are; Cal. tained by the Bristol Ladies' Association cutta, Madras, Cochin, Bayonne, Gibralfrom the sale of work; and £82 by the tar, Egypt and Palestine, Hamburg, BerBath Association from the same source.

lin, Frankfort-on-the-Maine, AmsterThus “ the elegancies of taste, and the dam, Ekatherinaslav, Dresden, Odessa, decorations of art,” says the Report, Leipzig, Posen, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, ritual improvement of this ancient peor into the Seminary since its commence"have been rendered tributary to the spi- Barbadoes, and New York.

Eight students have been received ple."* The whole Income of the year ment, all of them, except one, Gentiles.

• We learn from the Public Journals, ibat Two of these are at present engaged on the a similar expedient bas been adopted by the Society's Female Friends in other piaces.

Continent, in the service of the Society, On May 13, a meeting of Lulies took place

and it is intended that two others should in Free. Mason' Hall; previous to which proceed thither shortly. Four more who tables had been placed, covered with pincushions, baskets, drawings, and various zaar, the Ladies of the Committee attend. kinds of fancy-work, the productions of iny to dispose of the articles. Ladies in the country, who employ their crowded ; and in a yhort time the whole were Veisure in making them, and send them to bought, and a handsome som way tbus added London annually for sale in support of the lo tbefunds of the Institution.-We think that Obarity. The place was so decorated and the yo inger female friends of some other formed as to have the appearance of a Ba. Societies may usefully take the hint.

The room was

have been brought up under the pious Government kindly sent us a gendarme, Mr. Jaenicke, "of Berlin, hare offered through whose aid, we were enabled to themselves as candidates, and will shortly keep up order, letting a few only come be admitted into the Seminary."

into our room at once. This lasted from “The Rev. W. TueLwall, the Socie- half past eight in the morning till ty's representative in Holland, states that twelve. Tuesday, the concourse of an application has been made, by the Di. Jews was nearly as great as the day rectors of the Jewish synagogue in Rot- before. About three hundred tracts at terdam, for copies of every one of the least, and upwards of thirty Testaments, tracts published by the London Society, have been distributed to Jews.”_" This especially those in which it is proved that account,” says a correspondent of the Jesus is the MESSIANI. May we not Society, “ would, a very few years bope, that investigation will lead, through past, hare been incredible. Strange the blessing of God, to conviction ? Christian Missionaries go into a place and that some of them at least, like full of Jews, to whom they are unknown: Saul of Tarsus, will be led, through but they proclaim the Gospel, and are divine grace, to preach the faith which shortly, in consequence, obliged to obonce they destroyed, and to prove to tain military aid of the civil power, for others of their brethren, as he did, their protection; every one will sup“ that this Jesus is very Christ ?" May pose, to save them from the fury of the God, of his infinite mercy, guide and enraged and bigoted Israelites. No:bless the inquiries of the Jews of Rot- it is that they may not be trodden down terdam, and of every place where a by the crowd of the children of ABRAsimilar disposition to inquiry may have ham, Isaac, and JACOB, rushing on been excited!"

them for the tidings of salvation, through In Poland, the prospects of useful that Messiah whom their fathers reness among the Jews are exceedingly jected!” favourable. The Report contains let- In a subsequent letter from MR. ters from Mr. M'CAUL and Mr. M'CAUL, dated Posen, March 22, 1822, Becker, the Society's agents there, he gives further details. “ I shall now which decidedly prove, that a spirit of proceed to give you some account of inquiry exists in that quarter, from our proceedings, since MR. Becker's which, by the divine blessing, the best of the 3d of March. That described results may be anticipated. Two more the immense concourse of Jews, that Missionaries are about to be sent to stormed our lodging, on Saturday, the that large and promising field. In a dis. 2d. The following morning they again trict, comprehending Russian and Aus. assembled in great numbers, so early as trian Poland, and a part of Turkey, half past seven ; but we declined giving are said to be, at least, three millions any tracts, as we did not wish that any of Jews; among whom there is a sur- tumult should take place on the Sab- , prising readiness to receive the New bath. They remained before the house Testament. As DR. PINKERTON tra- until half past nine. In the evening velled through their towns, they would they re-assembled, but finding that no exclaim, 'Here comes the Bible-man, books were distributed, they went away and he will give us Hebrew New quietly. Monday morning, at eight Testaments.'

o'clock, they again began to visit us, The following is an extract from one and Saturday's scene would have been of Mr. M'Caul's letters, inserted in repeated, if the Government had not the Report, dated from Posen, in kindly sent to our assistance a genPrussian Poland :-“We gave Tracts to darme. The Police-Director also visited some Jews who were passing by : they us, and gave the necessary directions to began to read them before the window; preserve order. No more than five this attracted other Jews, who came in Jews were permitted to enter at once. to request some for themselves. In a We thus continued to distribute until few minutes, there were about thirty twelve o'clock, when the small provi. . Jews satisfied. Now, the news spread sion of tracts by us, compelled us to amongst them like fire. In less than desist, in order to preserve some for the ten minutes after we began, our room following days. The number of Tracts

completely filled, rather distributed, amounted to one hundred crammed, the hall the same, and a and eighty-three; that of Testaments, to great crowd before the house, clamor- twenty-four. The following day crowds ously asking for fracts. We gave away of Jews came again, and so the whole about a hundred. The crowd then be- week, so that our stock was soon excame so great, that, in self-defence, we hausted. It is remarkable that every were obliged to stop. On Monday it Jew, without exception, who has visited would have been the same, had not the us since our arrival, asked for the New



Testament. We had but thirty with us, of our towns are dissolved.' The law was these we lent; eleven have been brought signed on the 1st of January, 1822, and back, and again lent to others; in addi- appeared in the Warsaw Gazette." tion to our own, we procured a dozen of În Germany the Society has several German Testaments from the Bible So- Missionaries. The following is given ciety, which we have also lent.

as a specimen of their correspondence. “Amongst the many persons who came to “MR. MARC writes, under date of converse with us, were two several parties, Frankfort, April 18, 1821,- The stir the one consisting of five, the other of four among the Jews is increasing, and the old Jews, which particularly astonished us. many baptisms rouse them powerfully. They did not come for tracts, as they told The news of the existence of our Sóus, but to discourse with us, if we permit- ciety spreads more and more abroad, ted them; each party remained about an and many are thereby encouraged to come hour, and heard us with the utmost atten- forward. Mr. Marc mentions several tion, and without the least contradiction: instances of this kind, by no means what they had to object, which was very confined to one class of society, some little, they delivered with a mildness and of them teachers, some, men of opumeekness of spirit which gratified us lence, others, who had given up lucraexceedingly. The spirit of inquiry has tive situations, and notwithstanding the also seized some of the young men who earnest solicitations and tempting offers study with the Rabbi. They assemble of their friends, presevered in their dein the house of a certain teacher, at night, termination to embrace Christianity. Of to read the New Testament, and to ex- one of these Mr. Marc thus writes : amine the proofs advanced for the truth • A Jew having in vain endeavoured to of Christianity: We have distributed shake his determination by all manner 413 tracts which we brought from War- of threatenings and flattering promises, saw, about 130 cards, and have lent New sent his sister, bis aunt, and his old Testaments successively to more than father, to move him by their cries and fifty persons. We have, in addition, dis- tears. Some opulent Jews sent him intributed 120 tracts and six Testaments, vitations, but all in vain. A Jew has being part of a snpply received from told me, that some other Jews would Berlin ; amongst the applicants for the have expended 2 or 3000 Carolines to latter, was a messenger from the Head gain over that young man from his deRabbi at Kempen, a famous Jewish town, termination. And how was he addressed twenty-two German miles distant. The by us ?-As to your temporal welfare, we Under-Rabbi came himself for one. The can do nothing for you, but you must Rabbi from Bromberg also sent to us, rely on the Lord alone. When he is but we had not one at the time."

asked by an acquaintance in the street, The following extract appears to be what he is seeking, his answer is, important. “The EMPEROR of Russia Salvation! Asked by another, what he has issued an edict, breaking up the expects to become as a Christian, he Kahals, or Rabbinical Institutions, replies, Saved! He is full of the love of in Poland, and I am informed this Christ, and during the short time of will destroy the Rabbinical yoke which his residence here, he has already lahas weighed so cruelly on the neck of boured successfully in bringing some of ISRAEL, and been the main impediment his Jewish friends to the knowledge of to their conversion to the faith of the truth.'" CHRIST ; an event, at this moment, de- In reference to Palestine, it is stated serving of all attention and admiration. that “ Mr. Wolff, a converted Jew, who It is remarkable also, that this is done had spent some time in this country, unto relieve the Jews. The preface to the der the direction of your Committee, has Law by the Emperor says, “In order to sailed for Jerusalem on a mission to his prevent the complaints which are con- brethren, the expense of which has been iinually sent in from all sides by the generously undertaken by a pions indiJews, of the oppressions of, and en- vidual. Frequent and copious accounts croachments on the poor, by the hitherto of his proccedings on his way to the existing Kahals, or elders of the Jews, ultimate scene of his labours, have we have, after duly considering the been communicated to the Committee. representations of the Commission of And the most satisfactory testimonies Regency, with respect to the necessity to the consistency of his conduct, have of abolishing these Kahals, and the in- also reached them, from gentlemen troduction of supervision by the Syna- residing in the places at which he has gogues, determined, and hereby decree touched. It is truly gratifying to find, as follows: With the day of the publi- that his zealous endeavours have, in gecation of this Edict, all the Kahals which neral, inet with a kind and encouraging have existed in the Jewish communities reception from Jews of all ranks, with whom he has freely and fully conversed, Even should the children be instructed and amongst whom he has circulated nu- in the Jewish Scriptures only, much good merous copies of the Hebrew New Tes- may, through the divine blessing, be extament, and of other Christian publica- pected to result. Patriarchs and prophets tions. The last account left him on his preach Christ ;---the Law, properly ex. journey from Cairo into Palestine. Many plained and enforced, teaches the Gospel. prayers, your Committee trust, will be To understand the Old Testament rightly, offered up for him. May the God of is to understand the New." ABRAHAM, of Isaac, and of Jacob, be 7. Saturday, May 4th. London HIDERwith him, and open hin a way to the NIAN Society: His Royal llighness the hearts of his brethren in Jerusalem!” DUKE OF GLOUCESTER, Earl of Con

Other interesting facts we are com- NAUGHT, in the Chair.— The Report pelled to omit: but from the “ Conciu- stated, that the number of the Schools sion" of the Report we select the fol- in Ireland, supported by this Society, lowing important observations.

is 575, containing 53,233 scholars, some “ The most likely means, under God, of whom are adults. Of these schools, of producing a salutary impression on thirty-five are countenanced and superthe minds of Jews, are (i.) The furnishing intended by Roman Catholic Priests, them with complete copies of the old which was mentioned as a proof, that Testament, in languages which they the Institution is not governed by a understand. With these, it is to be sectarian spirit. Upwards of 80,000 feared, they are, in general, very scan- Bibles and Testaments have been distily supplied; and the consequence is tributed by it since its formation. Its such as might be expected; that, as benefits now extend to twenty-three out a body, they are very imperfectly ac- of the thirty-two Irish counties. It apquainted with their own Scriptures. peared, in the course of the proceedings,

(2.) Plain, forcible, direct appeals to that, though, in many instances, the the heart and conscience, seem to be ano- benevolent plans of the Society have ther most efficacious means of awakening been violently opposed by the Romish conviction in the minds of Jews. Their Priests, other individuals of that church opposition to Christianity appears in have acted a more christian and liberal many instances to be founded on an part, and that some of the schools are aversion, not to the Christian religion in even allowed to be held in Roman particular, but to all religion. They are Catholic chapels. The Irish children, as ignorant of Moses, as they are of in general, it was stated, discover CHRIST; as much at enmity with the amazing quickness in learning to read. Law, as with the Gospel. A cold, un- The income of the last year was £5,562, feeling deism has steeled their hearts, and the expenditure £6,863; leaving almost against the impressions even of a very large deficiency to be made up natural religion. In such cases, there- by drawing on the capital. The Meetfore, arguments addressed to them as ing was addressed by the Royal ChairJews will be of little avail; they must be man, the Earl of Gosford, LORD addressed as men ; as Gentiles, or as no- CALTHORPE, W. WILBERFORCE, Esq., minal Christians are addressed, when it is M. P., JAMES GRATTAN, Esq., M. P., sought to prepare them for a cordial re- JOHN Scott, Esq., the Rev. Dr. ception of the Gospel. 'I should think, RANDOLPH, ROBERT STEVEN, Esq., and therefore,' says a learned Professor of the Rev. Messrs. George CLARKE and Theology abroad, on grounds similar to Brown. His Royal Highness said, those just stated, that tracts should be in substance, that he was grateful to composed for German Jews, of such a those excellent persons who had invited nature as to convince them more of their him to unite with a Society, which had guilt and sinfulness, to point out to them in view the welfare of Ireland. We The wants of their heart, and to destroy owed, he said, a long-standing debt to the foundations of Deism, whilst show- Ireland, which would be best paid by ing the superior nature of the Law of affording to its population the benefits Moses, and of the Gospel.'—'A Jew may of a religious and moral education ; be persuaded that Isaiah and Daniel and he must ever consider the people speak of Christ, but of what use is this of that country as members of the same if he does not know himself?'

family with ourselves, to whom ought (3.)“The encouragement of education must to be extended a participation of every continue to form a prominent object of blessing enjoyed by tbeir English attention with the Society, in its endea- brethren. vours to spiritualize the Jews. In many (Here we must for the present conclude places they discover a great readiness to our Review of these Anniversaries. Of other send their children to christian schools; Meetings we hope to give sinilar notices neat this disposition must be encouraged. month.)

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