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of their importance, we think it an plication of Christianity to remove exceedingly happy circumstance that the existing evils of society may be they have been brought under the effected. Dr. C. exbibits what has public consideration by an Author of been done under his own eye, by way so great a reputation, who cannot of experiment; and he shows that noťbe read without commanding atten- withstanding every allowance which tion. The work before us is, however, may be demanded for local circumof a practical character, and shows, stances, the same method, at least in not only what duty to our country its principle, is of universal adaptdemands of us as patriots and as ation. It is the practical and stirring Christians; (itself of no inconsider- nature of this volume, which renders able importance ;) nor only that it it one of the most important works is within the compass of practicability which has, for many years, issued to perform it; but in what manner from the press. the more effectual and extensive ap

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With occasional Characteristic Notices.

(N.B. The insertion of any article in this List is not considered as pledging us to the approbation of its contents, unless it be accompanied by some express notice of our favourable opinion. Nor is the oinission of any such notice to be regarded as indicating a contrary opinion; as our limits, and other reasons, impose on us the necessity of selection and brevity.]

An Introduction to the Critical Study readers, in a future Review ;-as well as and Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. to the following article, viz. By THOMAS HARTWELL HORNE, M.A. The Old Testament arranged in HistoSecond Edition, Revised, Corrected, and rical and Chronological Order, on the Enlarged. Ilustrated with numerous fac- basis of Lightfoot's Chronicle, in such similes of Biblical Manuscripts. 4 vols. manner, that the Books, Chapters, 8vo. pp. 3000. £3. 38.

Psalms, Prophecies, &c., may be read as The first edition of this work was sold one connected History, in the words of so rapidly, that many who wished to the authorized Translation. By the Rev, possess it were unable to procure a Geo. TOWNSEND, M.A. 2 vols. Royal copy. We congratulate the theological 8vo, pp. 2738. world on the appearance of a second Mental Discipline: or, Hints on the cdition, so eagerly expected. It is much Cultivation of Intellectual Habits. Adimproved, and includes a large quantity dressed particularly to Students in of new matter. We purpose, as soon as Theology, and Young Preachers. By possible, to give some account in our HENRY FORSTER BURDER, M.A. Royal Review of this very important and valu- 8vo. pp. 94. 4s. 6d. able publication. But it would be a A short article, recommendatory of neglect of duty, not to embrace the this judicious and useful Manual for earliest opportunity of aunouncing it Students, was intended for our Review to Ministers, and others who are en- in this number ; but its insertion is ungaged in the “critical study" of the avoidably postponed. Scriptures, and of recommending to Time's Telescope for 1822 ; or, a Comthem an immediate purchase. A very plete Guide to the Almanack: conthick volume, containing much of the taining an Explanation of Saints' Days new matter, is published separately, and Holidays ; Sketches of Comparative as a Supplement to the first Edition, Chronology and Contemporary Biograprice 185

phy; Astronomical Occurrences in every Illustrations of Biblical Literature, ex- Month; and the Naturalist's Diary, hibiting the History of the Sacred explaining the various Appearances in Writings, from the earliest period to the the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms; present Century. By the Rev. JAMES with outlines of Conchology, and a coTOWNLEY. 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 1620. £2. 2s, loured Plate of Shells. 12mo. pp. 381. 9s.

To this work also, which appears to When so many attempts are made to us to be very creditable to the Author's corrupt the minds of the rising generalearning and industry, we shall feel it tion, through the medium of elementary right to call the attention of our Biblical books of instruction, it affords us pleasure to be able to recommend an attrac- trations of pagan superstitions are incitire work, which is entirely free from the dentally introduced. The Volume intaint of bad principles. T'ime's Telescope cludes six engravings, which represent is an agreeable miscellany, worthy of Hindoo Swinging; the Car of Juggerthe attention of all classes of readers, naut; a Tiger surprising a Sentry : an but particularly of intelligent young Idol Temple at Benares; a Temple at persons, to whom it will convey much Delhi; and a Volcanic Eruption in Bouruseful and entertaining information, on bon.-Religious persons connected with the various subjects mentioned in its the army, or who have relations in it, title. The whole is interspersed with will be particularly pleased with this numerous anecdotes, antiquarian refer- publication. To Soldiers it would be an ences, historical facts, and poetical acceptable, and we hope, a useful preselections ; admirably calculated to ex- sent, from their pious friends. cite a taste for knowledge, and to render An Account of the Captivity and Esits acquisition easy and agreeable. We cape of Captain Robert Knox , who was have looked through the volume, and treacherously detained, nearly 20 years, are happy to find that in a literary in Kandy, the interior of Ceylon, by melange of so much extent and variety, Rajah Singha, the Native Sovereign. there is so little to which persons of Published by himself, in 1681; and now serious religion can object, and so much republished, with a Preface and Notes, which they will cordially applaud. We by W. M. HARVARD, late Missionary noticed, with much satisfaction, one in Ceylon. 12mo. pp. 168. 38. 6d. instance, in particular, of very proper This little volume, includes that part caution, in a work which young persons of Captain Knox's “ Historical Rewill read with eagerness. We allude to lation" which contains what we may the omission, in a beautiful poem, of term his “ Personal Narrative,” of some lines, which might have been which it has been said by a former thought to sanction an irreligious feel- Editor, that it combines the accurate ing, had the whole been inserted. details of a real transaction with the

Forest Musings : or, Delineations of glowing interest of a romance. Mr. Christian Experience, in verse: with the Harvard's Preface is judicious and apAuthor's early Life, Portrait, &c. By propriate. We willingly recommend Joshua Marsden. Designed for Young the work, and adopt for that purpose Persons. 12mo. 4s, 6d.

the words of Mr. Hooke, in his Preface An Abridgment of the Youth's Spelling to the original edition : “ Read the book and Pronouncing Theological Dictionary itself, and you will find yourself taken of the New Testament ; containing Ex- captive, indeed ; but used more kindly planations of the Words, &c. &c. By E. by the author than he himself was by Dowson. For the use of National and the natives." other Schools. 182o. 3s. bound.

A Parental Portraiture of Thomas H. The Ancient Principles of the true and Treffry, with an Appendix, containing sacred Philosophy, as erplained by John his Sketches of Sermons, Essays, FragHUTCHINSON, Esq. Translated from the ments, &c. By RICHARD TREFFRY. Žd Latin of CALCOTT, with Notes and a Edition, 12mo. pp. 296. 4s. 6d. Preliminary Dissertation, by ALEXANDER This Portraiture is highly honourable MAXWELL, Anthor of « Plurality of to the youth whom it depicts, and to the Worlds." Svo. 9s. bds.

head and heart of the mourning parent The Journal of Samuel Plummer, a by whom it is drawn. It is one of the Private in the 22d Regiment of Foot; most touching publications which have containing an account of his Voyage hy of late met our notice; and forcibly reSea, and his Journeys on Land; em- minded us, in that respect, of the vene. bracing a period of 20 years, spent rable Mr. Gilpin's *** Monument of chiefly in the East Indies. Abridged and Affection to a dear and only Son." The corrected by the Rev. John Riles. talents discovered in the Appendix, and 12mo. pp. 84. 2s. bds.

in other documents, written by the deThis is an interesting work, and com- ceased, which are inserted in the course bines entertainment with edification. The of the narrative, were certainly of a view which it presents of the proceedings superior order. Parents may read this of a religious society, formed in the work with much advantage. To them, Army, in India, to which Mr. Plummer many things, incidentally introduced, belonged, will afford much pleasure to will be found highly exemplary. And those who have observed in how many to young persons, religiously educated, cases, of late, pious Soldiers have been we trust it will prove an extensive employed, by Divine Providence, to blessing. This hopeful youth died at the

prepare the way of the LORD" in early age of eighteen. heathen countries. Many curious illus

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(To be continued occasionally.)

No. J.-GENERAL PRINCIPLES - those who love our Lord, and “wait EPIDEMIC IN Spain, &c.— Turkish for his appearing,will, and ought EMPIRE.- WESTERN EUROPE, &c. to be directed. The politician may

The Most Higa ruleth in the be left to ruminate within the narrow kingdoms of men.—This is the foun- limits of the sphere of those things dation and the corner-stone of Re- which pertain only to the civil conligion, and accordingly the most cerns of men ; but the enlightened astonishing demonstrations of this mind of a Christian will look bigher great truth have occurred in all ages; and farther. He will view with and they have been often of such a proper suspicion, wbatever affects, nature as to arouse the attention of by a vain philosophy, to accomthe most careless. To that guiding plish that for the moral benefit of pillar which marshals and leads on- man, which is linked, by an imward all human affairs, it is a part of mutable decree of Heaven, with its the duty of the churches of Christ own direct operations by the Gospel ; to be always attentive; for lessons of he will mark with interest what. instruction, or signs of hope, to them, ever professes to promote, by legitiare often indicated by the direction of mate means, the extending influence its course, and the increasing bright. of religion in a christian counness of its manifestation. We live try; and he will reverently fix his in a period of the last days, in which, eyes upon those signs of gracious as might be expected from the nearer visitation to the nations of the earth, approach of that kingdom which which, in marked and eminent procannot be moved," there is a more vidences, beam occasionally through intimate connexion observable be. the dark horizon in wbich they are tween the dispensations of general enveloped, in the hope of catching Providence and the establishment of the dawn of that “ day-spring from the spiritual empire of Christ; and on high,” which, he knows from the Religion itself, not as it is supposed word of his God, must at length, to consist in this, or that, or the other after so long a night, break upon profession, but in its true principles, every part of the world. and the efforts of its zeal and charity, In the occasional RETROSPECT of is now taking its place so strenuously occurrences connected with morals in human affairs, that it forces itself and religion, which will be introinto the notice and calculations of duced into the Third Series of this those to whom their management Work, we shall endeavour to assist has been intrusted. We expect such views; to point out, from time this to go on.

The interests of na- to time, the duties of all true Christions and those of true Christianity tians respecting them, or the lessons will become more obviously blended, of admonition, and the holy visions and the voice of its friends will be of hope, which they present. And heard more frequently and more should some of the subjects to which emphatically, both in connsel and we may direct the attention of our admonition, in all that concerns the readers, be occasionally the same welfare of individual states, and the which may occupy the thoughts and human race at large.

pens of mere politicians, we shall A variety of events must, in such strip them of their relations to tema state of things, in the domestic porary interests, and consider them concerns of our own country, and in only as they rest upon some immuthe world, be now continually trans- table principle of the truth and the piring, tó which the attention of purposes of God.

The first subject of this kind which long pamed with but mock and unoccurs to us, as worthy to be thus real honours,--the worship of the lip, presented to our readers, is that and not of the heart. A three days' awful waste of human life which has, massacre, and the sale of 60,000 during the last few months, occurred of the christian inhabitants as slaves, in Spain, and some other parts of completed the controversy which Europe, by a malignant Epidemic, their incensed Lord bad been long which has defied the power of me- carrying on, against them who called dical skill, and depopulated whole himLord, but did not the things districts. It is by such interpositions which he had commanded ;and that as these, that ihe terrible majesty church has ever since been left to of God is made manifest to those languish under the insulting oppreswho bave offended him, and that the sions of those, who hate them even inhabitants of the world are called for “ his name's sake.The dawn * to learn righteousness." Those of the rescue of this branch of the who have suffered were not “ sinners family of Christ, chastized but not abwe all the Galileans ;” but when forsaken, has appeared.

On one all are guilty, the divine judgments side there has arisen a vast empire, which fall, now here, and now Russia, professing the same faith; there, are intended to warn all of and in which rapidly increasing that awful power and justice which power is, we may trust, destined we so often offend. He has only to ultimately to be sanctified by the loose, in part, bis hold on the ele- influence of vital godliness, which, ments, and immediately storms, and by the circulation of the Scriptures, inundations, and earthquakes, be- and the faithful preaching of able token the universal confusion which and evangelical preachers in some would ensue, were his restraining parts of that empire, begins to exert hand entirely withdrawn. He has its power. In the Ottoman Empire only to stay that healing process, in itself, the cruelties which have been part, by which our atmosphere is inflicted upon the Greeks, have propurified, and life is empoisoned in its voked a resistance, which, whether very fountain. Let us, therefore, successful or not immediately, suffiwarned by these occasional occur- ciently warrants the conclusion, that rences, “ fear before him ;” and let it no amalgamation of elements so disbe one subject of those grateful songs cordant, and malign to each other, with which we commence the new can take place, and that the Mahoyear, that, in the year which is past, metan power, reared in blood, must our country has been preserved from perish in like manner.

How wonthese depopulating desolations. derfully must the present state of

The present state of the Ottoman that once proud Antichrist, which so Empire, in all its bearings, is a sub- long defied the armies of the living ject in which the Christian is far God," now existing only by an obmore interested, and can expatiate vious and patient sufferance on the in a much more noble range of part of Christian States, establish thought, than those who have no our belief in that " word of lights but those of human policy. In prophecy,” which predicts the total it there is mercy solemnly invested and terrible downfall of every power in the darkness of lowering judgment. which has set itself " against the

The guilt of corrupting religion, Lord, and against his Anointed.and departing from the faith and We may live to witness that event, as purity of the Gospel, was never made far as the main prop and stay of the so conspicuous as in the overthrow Mahometan imposture is concerned ; of the Western empire by the Gothis, but if not, who can see the wane of and the subversion of the seat of its crescent, without anticipating the Eastern Christianity by the Turks. time when it shall be blotted out of Not four centuries have elapsed the horizon, and give place to those since this vial was poured upon Con- cheering signs and prelusive constantinople, and since the last of the stellations, which harbinger the CONSTANTINES fell in the breach of a period when “ the Lord shall capital, where Christ had been so appear in his glory,” to build up, VOL. I. New Series. JAxlary, 1822.

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16 to

as to churches whose foundations of time the expected and designed were laid by Apostles and primitive mercy may coiumence its course of Evangelists, the wustes of many healing and benediction. The Inquigenerations."

sitions in Spain and Portugal have If thus we may anticipate, that had their interior horrors disclosed to “ a great door and effectualis be- publicgaze and execration; and pringinning to open in the East, for the ciples have been asserted which must re-promulgation of truth, in countries ultimately be favourable to religious covered with Arabian darkness, hope freedom. The vast South-American expands a scene as bright as to the Empire is breaking up, and the rule of Latin Church, which has involved Rome there must henceforward be itself so long in ignorance, by a more precarious. Thus“ the way voluntary hiding of the Scriptures of the Lord is preparing;” nor peed from the people, and by its intolerant we wonder at the commotions which and persecuting spirit. The process must necessarily take place to this will probably be terrible. make his paths straight." They, as One of the effects of converting re- well as the great end, are the subject ligion into ceremony and superstition, of prophecy : Every valley shall be is to destroy moral principle among exalted, and every mountain and hill the people at large, and to generate be made low;" and the “glory of positive infidelity among the better the Lord shall be revealed, and all informed. Violent factions, civil flesh shall see it together; for the wars, and oscillations from ove ex- mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” treme of opinion and policy to To the great cause of our Reanother, destructive to every an- deeming God let us then anew consecient institution, as the heavings of crate ourselves; for in this is equally the soil in an earthquake to the bound up our own bope, and the strongest and most stately structures, hope of the world. No time can will probably take place; but the pre- wear out its energy ; no power can sent state of things throughout the arrest its progress; and we take our Kingdom of the Beast, as well as that share in bastening its universal triof the False Prophet, exhibits, in aw, umphs, by first submitting our own ful grandeur, the march of general bearts to its influence, and then, Providence, first to punish and then to “ being converted,” by endeavouring save. The tendency of the whole is to “ strengthen our brethren.” most obvious, at whatever distance Dec. 20, 1821.




have requested permission to copy them, PenzanCE CIRCUIT.-We insert with because they exhibit a specimen of our repleasure an extract of a recent letter, gular and ordinary procedure in our counfrom the Rev. JOHN WATERHOUSE :- try circuits. New societies have been

“ In Penzance, we have a noiseless recently formed by some other chrisrevival. The overwhelming power of tian denominations, for operations to divine grace is felt in almost everywkich they have thought it right to meeting. One class has had fourteen give the attractive title of Home Missions. new members this quarter ; and others To the diffusion of truth and boli. one, two, three, four, &c. The revival ness, by the agency of any societies, we began amongst the class leaders ; they are cordial well-wishers.' The field is meet every Tuesday morning at six large enough for us all. But it ought o'clock, for prayer. There is a general to be remembered, that such operations expectation of an out-pouring of the have always been carried on by our ConSPIRIT."

nexion on a large scale ; and that they VILLAGE PREACHING.-The following form, in fact, an integral part of our paragraphs of a letter from the Rev. very system of Itinerancy, to which J. Mason, sen., to a friend, describe every Methodist Minister is accustomed the commencement and success of Vile through life, and which he is pledged lage Preaching in some new places. We continually to extend, in the neighbour.

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