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In a Letter dated Nov. 5, 1821, Mr. N. states the following particulars as to Negombo and Chilaw, the other parts of the Circuit, in the whole of which he and his faithful assistants are beginning to reap the fruits of their great and persevering, but for some time discouraging labours.

AMONG the foremost of those mercies propriety, “ What are these among so which we have to record on this station for the last quarter, is the establishment of Our Roman Catholic neighbours seem our work at Chila; an event which I

to be not a little piqued, that with all always hoped would one day furnish a their former most sincere efforts they cheering page in our Mission history; have not succeeded in driving us away and which I rejoice exceedingly to have from Negombo, (as some too confi. witnessed, since it encloses, as it were, dently anticipated three years ago,) but twenty-six miles more of destitute coast that we strangely continue to

"take within the Gospel plan, and proclaims in root downwards, and bear fruit upyet another tongue “ CHRIST Jesus, and wards," and that our little Society him crucified.” With whatever ditficulties still stand fast in the LORD, to their no it may be for the present attended, while small annoyance, although much has we have so little help, they are not been done and said to hinder them. worthy to be compared for a moment At length from words they have prowith the blessings likely to succeed to ceeded to blows, in order, I presume, the faithful preaching of the Gospel in a to give us sensible proof of their suplace where not the shadow of Chris- periority! Several of our School-masters, tianity was perceptible. For the present returning home to their villages after our Assistant Brother is stationed there, our last month's Missionary prayeras the best arrangement we could pos- meeting, were way-laid by some of their sibly make under existing circumstances. heroes, and severely beaten, even He went down towards the end of blood, without either provocation on their the last quarter, as a note in our Ne- part, or accusation on the part of the gombo letter intimated, and bas con- others; for I suppose silence and darktinued labouring among the people faith- ness were used for concealment: howfully and successfully, as far as his ever, they were known, pursued, and strength would allow; but his health secured, and, on being brought before is subject to continual interruptions, the Magistrate, (who publicly expressed which I doubt not is a source of severe his deep abhorrence of so diabolical a trial to him, as a restraint upon his zea- plan, himself being a Catholic,) he fined lons spirit; he is, however,

resigned to each of the gentlemen fifty rix-dollars, the will of God, and his atllictions are and bound them over to keep the peace, sanctified. His family have not been re- sending one, whose guilt was the most inoved from Negombo : but I believe that, evident, in addition to his fine, to hard as soou as we can obtain some little labour and confinement for a month. help here, it would be advisable he should They happen to be two of the most rebe wholly at Chilaw, as he has a consi- spectable people in a certain street; so I derable knowledge of Tamul, which is a should think it will be a tolerable lesson great advantage here. I hope in a few to them, as well as others, not to deal so days to see him, and to open our new place roughly with unfortunate heretics in now finishing there; and we may safely future. Thus the LORD watches over us conclude that under the blessing of for good. ALMIGHTY GOD, we may look for happy Among not the least pleasing fruits of results, where we have a small new cha- onr Missionary labours in this land, so pel, a regular school, and a tolerable class distant from our Home, we cannot but of seriously-disposed persons who con- reckon those instances of the saving stantly meet for social and family wor- grace of God, which have often cheered ship. Our circuit now extends along our hearts and excited our thankfulness, the coast upwards of thirty-six miles, among our own countrymen who are and (while Kornegaile is included) about scattered up and down on these mounsixty into the interior, comprehending tains of the desert, where, with exact in the journey from place to place at least propriety, they might adopt the affecting 150 miles, and including within its range language of the Psalmist, “ No man five substantial chapels

and two Mission careth for my soul." -To many such the houses, eleven Schools, and nine classes, labours of our Brethren have been everwith prcaching continually in four lan- lastingly beneficial. guages. For all the labours connected One of our school-rooms has been lately with these things, we have three Mis- burned down by accident at the village sionaries, two of whom are in precarious where we have a little chapel finishing ; health, and surely we may say with but I am happy to add, that it is rebuik

on an improved plan, close by the chapel, best affections considerably renewed and and the number of scholars belonging strengthened towards our dear Brethren, to it is a little increased. Many trials of in my last interview with them after so a peculiar kind have lately harassed us, long an absence, on my way throngh and, but for the gracious and watchful Colombo from the interior, in which care of Him, who “ from seeming evil journey my soul was abundantly blessed; still educes good," would much have and my spirit rejoiced again to “ look injured both us and our work; but we upon Zion, the city of our solemnities,” have by these things new proofs that to “ see Jerusalem a quiet habitation, a our Mission is the care of Heaven : and tabernacle that shall not be taken down, however we are occasionally called to not one of the stakes whereof shall ever mourn over “those evils which the craft be removed ; for surely even there the and subtlety of the Devil or man worketh glorious LORD will be unto us a place against us,” never had I, as an indivi- of broad rivers and streams." "For dual, a more pleasing hope and calm the LORD is our Judge, the LORD is our assurance, that the Lord is with us, Lawgiyer, the LORD is our King.--He watching over us for good. I felt my will save us.”

Point PEDRO.--Extracts from MR. STEAD's Journal. JUNE 19th, 1821.--At ten o'clock last Plowly, about two; and with both I was night, I took leave of my kind friends in highly gratified. In the former espeJaffna, to proceed to Point Pedro, which, cially the boys have made great progress. according to the appointment of our They read the parables, discourses, and last District-Meeting, is to be my sta- miracles of CHRIST, (parts of the Scription for three months. I arrived at sun- tures, printed at our own press for the rise in the morning, and found Brother Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society,) with Bots well, and prepared for my reception: a precision which denotes that the We spent the day in conversation on master feels a pleasure in teaching them, Mission work in general, and on the The school is a pattern of order, and I concerns of this station in particular. never saw native boys more attentive to We have now, by prayer, commended what was said. In the latter school ourselves and each other to God; and I had a considerable number of adults, he bås set out, expecting to be in Jaffna, which gave me an opportunity of speakwhere he will supply my place, early in ing a few words to them also. The the morning.

16 no

natural appearance of the country is June 22d.--I went out to the village pleasing ; but in a moral sense it is a of Vathiri, situated about four miles from desolate wilderness. There is the Mission Bungaloe. The school is sound of the church-going bell," no a well-built Rest-House, the property of appearance of a christian sabbath. In the Modelicr, who made it over for the those places where Europeans reside, use of the Mission, while Brother Ro- and find employment for the natives, Perts Jaboured on this station. The the sabbath day is something different whole number of scholars is fifty, but from the rest, and where the Roman not more than thirty were present. Catholics have an interest, a clean cloth Most of them can repeat a considerable is the usual badge of that difference. part of the Catechism, which they have But here the people are drawing water, transcribed on their ollas; and several cultivating their lands, and bringing of them read the Testament with readi- their fruits, and mats, and trees, to ness and propriety. Several adults were market, the same as on other days. As present, but my discourse was more par- I passed along, my thoughts were invoticularly adapted to the children ; and it luntarily led hack to my native land; was pleasing to find the boys attempt to and how striking the contrast! Oh, answer my questions, in such a way as how ought my countrymen to value showed that I was understood.

their privileges! Whilst my feelings June 23d, Saturday.--As usual, the were tenderly alive to the miseries of School-masters came to read their Re- those around me, and my mind partially ports. I fiod there are, connected with depressed under a consciousness of the this station, six schools,-in each filty responsibility of my owu cbaracter, the boys, or upward, and the average at thought, “I have an interest in the tendance good.

prayers of the thousands of Israel, that June 24th, Sunday.-In consequence will this day be offered up for faithful of confining myself too closely at work Missionaries, in every cline,” brought yesterday, this morning I found my- a degree of sweetness and joy to my self very unwell. However, I have soul which it is impossible to de.. visited two of the schools,-Catta- scribe. sally, distant about four miles, and July 8th, Sunday. - In one of the


schools I biad a much larger congregntion vited by the master, assembled in the of natives than I have ever seen before, Rest-House. Though they were very especially of females; and considering attentive, what I said seemed to produce that their situation is so degraded, it is no effect at all. I sat in the Resi-House pleasing to find that they are not alto- till two o'clock, when the heat began to gether shut out from hearing the Gospel. be more tolerable, had many

July 15, Sunday.-I visited two of panions, and was much amused by the the schools, and had a good congrega- questions which were proposed to me. tion in both, but especially in the latter. One requested an explanation of what I The people need much inviting, but meant when I prayed, “ Forgive us our when collected they sit down, and in an trespasses, as we forgive them that tresorderly manner hear the whole of the pass against us; and on being told if discourse. My work now becomes easier any man had injured, or offended him, to me, and I was glad to find that I was that he must forgive that man, before in general understood.

he could expect to obtain forgiveness, July 22d, Sunday.--Besides my work he seemed to think it a hard saying. to-day in the schools, I ventured to Another pressed me much to tell him preach this evening in the Public Bazaar, what was the reason, that the people of under the Tamarind Tree, where Bal- this country are black, whilst people DEUS, the Dutch Minister, first ad- born in Europe are all white; and anodressed the natives of this place. The ther had been told that whilst it is day magistrates, and most of those who are here, it is night in some other places, connected with the Court, attended. and therefore begged me to explain how Their presence seemed to have a good this could be. I endeavoured as well as effect. Considerably more than a hun- I could to satisfy them: but to conduct dred stood and heard the whole of what desultory conversations with such peo. was said on “ I am not ashamed of the ple, in a profitable manner, requires not gospel of CHRIST; for it is the power of only an extensive acquaintance with God to salvation to every one that be- their language, but an intimate knowlieveth.” Several were very attentive, ledge of the native character. and especially one aged man, who fre- July 24th.- I heard from Brother quently spoke his thoughts as I went CARVER, of the death of ABRAHAM, the on. 'The whole service was interesting, first native School-master in Trincoand at the conclusion a young mani, malee, who was baptized the first day of much stronger in faith than I am, as- the present year.

“ He died," says sured me that if we continued to go Brother Carver, “professing his faith every Sunday night, many of the people in the LORD Jesus Christ. I have would soon be converted.

had many interesting and affecting July 23d.-I left the Bungaloe in the conversations with him, and doubt not morning between five and six o'clock, but that he has joined the innumerable to visit the Tannecarricurachy and Val- company of erery nation, and kindred, vititory schools; the former distant and people, and tongue, who are before about six miles, and the latter about the throne of God. four. I reached the farther place before July 29th, Sunday. While preaching eight o'clock, and after hearing the boys in one of the schools I was often interread, repeat their catechisins, &c., rupted by an individual asking quesI breakfasted heartily upon bread and tions; such as, Where was Damascus ? milk, and then read a sermon to about Where was Jerusalem? Who was Paul ; forty people, whom the School-master and What is a Pharisee ? For some had collected together. Knowing the time I answered him, but was at length rooted aversion which some of the na- obliged to desire him to wait till I had tives have, towards what they term & concluded. This he did, adding, ‘I wish new region, and the absolute indif- to understand what you say.' ference of others to any religion what- July 30th.- I set out from Point Pedro ever, I am sometimes surprised at their after dinner, and arrived in Jaffna about apparent attention and feeling. Doubt- nine o'clock this evening. I have three less much of it may be attributed to objects in view in coming, -conversasomething like respect for the character tion with the Brethren on several iniof an European, and to that curiosity portant subjects,-improvement in Ta. which is gratified by hearing him at- mul, by availing myself of the assisttempt to communicate instruction in ance of those who are farther advanced, their own language. May it lead to -and to get my soul refreshed by insomething inore! I arrived at the latter tercourse with the Society. The Mission place about ten o'clock, and having ex- Family are all well, and very happy. amined the boys, addressed a large July 31st. Under the vigilant supercompany of people, who, on being in- intendance of Brother OSBORNE and I waited upon

Cart. ANDERSON, the Chapel rises fast, are now assembled in Conference, and and will, I think, be a neat and commo- to-day thousands are crowding to hear dious place. The Cholera Morbus is their ministry. May the Great Head of raging dreadfully. Of late five or six the Church be with them! have been carried off daily. I have August 10th.-Part of the week I have heard of no Europeans being seized by been employed in superintending the coit as yet. To walk on the Esplanade vering of the Bungaloe with freshı ollas, calls into exercise the most painful feel that it may be tenable during the wet ings. The natives have erected a place senson. something in the form of a Temple, August 12th. After preaching in one where they repeatedly offer sacrifices. of the schools this morning, I was told I saw three persons carried to the grave that the Modelier of the place was sick, this evening, and was much affected with and desired to see me. the case of a poor man following the him, and having made a few general remains of his son, a youth of thirteen, remarks, I reminded him of the nearness who, it seems, had learned to read and of death, and the necessity of being prewrite the English language. He tore pared for a better world. He took what his hair and beat his breast in the most I said very lightly, and with a sort of lamentable manner. On such occasions, jeer, told me, that perhaps I should die they sorrow like those without hope. I before he did. I assured him that I was afterwards attended the Class-meeting, a sensible it might be the case; but that means of grace which I have learned to as he was now aged and infirm, he could prize more highly, by being a few weeks not expect to live long. However, the destitute of it.

reflection evidently gave him uneasiness ; August 2d.- I spent the day with Mr. and as if he had brought himself to subKnight, the Church Missionary, at init to it, only because it could not be Nallore. His station offers many ad- avoided, he said, “ All men must die, vantages for the acquirement of Tamul: therefore I cannot be exempt.' He he has made a diligent use of them, and seemed almost incapable of fecling a good is very willing to afford all the assistance impression, and, in reference to future in his power to his brethren.

things, was as dark and bewildered as the August 30.- left Jaffna at four untutored savage. To such a man how o'clock in the afternoon, and reached weak are mere words, if not accompaPoint Pedro at ten in the evening. nied by the divine blessing! In the

August 5th, Sunday:-) ventured to evening I preached again in the Bazaar, preach in Tamul without notes. At and had considerable number of first I felt a little embarrassed, but soon hearers: but they discover no disposibecame tolerably easy. I had the plea- tion to come, except they are invited. sure to see my hearers very attentive, I find it necessary first to get a fow and I hope I was understood. This day around me, and then employ them to two years was my first sabbath spent in call others. Jaffna. How rapidly seasons revolve ! My dear Fathers and Brethren at home

(To be continued.)



CAPE TOWN.-Extracts from the Journal of MR. BARNABAS Shaw. JULY 1st.-More people than usual had been brought to desire me to visit attended our Sunday School, and we her, and found that a little slave girl hope when our building shall be finished, who lives in the same house, and attends they will increase. The English ser- our School, had read the Scriptures to mons which were preached by Brother her, and prayed with her- This led her H. and Brother B. were well calculated to request her mistress to send for the to be useful. The Heathen who attended Missionary to visit her. after the English service were exhorted 19th.—'Í'he heathen appeared attentive to come to the Gospel-feast, with an assu- this evening while I spoke from “ The rance that Jesus receiveth sinners. night cometh when no man can work." I

14th. I asked that important question also felt stirred up in my own mind to in Dutch, “ Is there no balm in Gilead?" work while it is called to-day. &c. I was called upon to pray with a 23d.--I attended the Anniversary of the female slave, who is exceedingly sick. As Bible Society. His Excellency Sir Rushe had never been at any of our meetings, FANE DONKIN was in the chair; several and knew nothing of the Gospel, I was respectable characters were present, and desirous of knowing by what means she a few spoke in behalf of the Institution.



13th.-MR.SMITH, a Dutch Missionary, 28th.-After riding six hours in deep who has long laboured in the interior of sand, I came to the Heerc Lodgement, Africa, preached this evening to where I slept on the ground by the side of heathen congregation.

a Boor, who kindly offered me a part of 23d.--A store being hired for the his skin-blanket for a covering. English services, Brother H. preached 30th. I begun my journey long before there afternoon and evening, whilst I day, in order that I might be able to cross attended to the Dutch in our dwelling. the Karoo, (or desert,) by day-light. house.

Before sun-set I lost my road, and was 29th.--I received some Hymn-books by constrained, at the coming on of night, lo the Star: several presents of books and lie down ainong the bushes, and wait other articles from Mrs. BRACKENBURY, the return of day. of Raithby Hall, (Lincolnshire,) arrived 31st.-The rising sun, climbing the sumby the same ship, as also some presents for mits of the Eastern mountains, appeared School-children from friends unknown. peculiarly welcome to me, but not half

30th.—Some of the Sunday-School so welcome as the pure refreshing water, children desired that they might be kept which I reached, about eleven A. M., at longer in the School: on being told that the place of JAN KOTZEE.--At balf past we were afraid of wearying them, they eight in the evening I found Brother said they loved it too much to be soon EDWARDS and his Hock surrounding weary.

their altar of prayer and praise within October 7th. I attended the heathen the walls of their temple. School in the morning and afternoon, and Sunday, Feb. Ist.---At six this mornpreached in Dutch in the evening. ing the bell was rung for prayer,

Nov. 5th.- Some of our people arrived when a goodly company assembled here from Namacqualand, with a waggon and joined together in supplicating a and oxen. They brought with them throne of grace. Several were deeply skins, ostrich feathers, &c., which they affected during the service, and the sold for about 150 Rix-dollars.

was truly refreshing. Here llth.--Cunist, the sinner's refuge, was the words of the Prophet, "I will this evening pointed out to our heathen, say unto them which were not my peoand all were exhorted to flee to him as ple, Thou art my people: and they shall guilty and perishing.

say, Thou art my God," have been 18th.--Atour Sunday-School this morn- clearly fulfilled. I felt it truly consoling ing one of the little girls repeated all the to call to mind our entrance amongst answers in our Dutch Question Book. them. At that time they knew nothing of

December 2d.--Several children re- christian Sabbaths; but they have now ceived small presents for their regular learned to “ make a Sunday,” and reverattendance, and others for their diligence ence the sacred day of rest.-Then they in learning- The example of Noal, in “ without CHRIST, aliens from the fearing, believing, and obeying God, was commonwealth of Israel, having no hope, pointed out as worthy of imitation. and without Gop in the world; but now in

January 22, 1822. —Brother EDWARDS CHRIST JESUS they are made nigh, having strongly requested that either having become fellow-citizens with the Brother HODGSON or myself would saints, and of the household of God."visit him at Lily Fountain, to Then those rocks and those dales had ne.. sist him in the arrangement of affairs ver heard the sound of prayer or praise ; with the Namacquas, I left Cape Town but now ‘joy and gladness are found this afternoon, in company with a gentle- therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of man of Clan-William.

melody." “Not unto us, O LOR), not 23d.-We were kindly entertained at unto us, but unto thy name be all the the house of O. BERG, Esq., formerly the glory.”—At the forenoon preaching the Landdrost at Clan-William, and who now church was well filled with attentive lives at the Twenty-four Rivers.

hearers ; in the afternoon a love-feast 25th.--I left my companion behind, was held for the Society, when many he being poorly with riding in the hot spoke of the salvation of Gov.

I bought another horse this after- February 4th.-- We had a general noon, two being quite requisite to per- meeting with the people in reference to form such a journey.

the temporal concerns of the station. 26th.--I reached NR. Rossouw's before Though the corn in Namacqualand, as in noon, and in consequence of being poor- other parts of the Colony, hxs failed, yet ly, I halted at Jan Bason's for the night. the gardens are abundantly productive. The house was so hot that I could not I was also surprised to find the prachbear to sleep in it, and during the night trees which I planted with any own hand, I found a much more agreeable lodging in the second year of my being at Lily among the chaff by the threshing-floor. Fountain, so richly loaded with fruit, that


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