Moral Leaders: A Handbook of Twelve Lectures

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Huebsch, 1905 - 50 pages

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Page 40 - Worldkin. Produce! Produce! Were it but the pitifullest infinitesimal fraction of a Product, produce it, in God's name! 'Tis the utmost thou hast in thee: out with it, then. Up, up! Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy whole might. Work while it is called Today; for the Night cometh, wherein no man can work.
Page 19 - Praised be my Lord for our sister water: who is very serviceable unto us, and humble and precious and clean. Praised be my Lord for our brother fire, through whom thou givest us light in the darkness: and he is bright and pleasant and very mighty and strong.
Page 40 - O thou that pinest in the imprisonment of the Actual, and criest bitterly to the gods for a kingdom wherein to rule and create, know this of a truth: the thing thou seekest is already with thee, 'here or nowhere,
Page 11 - I am certain; not Meletus, nor yet Anytus, but the envy and detraction of the world, which has been the death of many good men, and will probably be the death of many more...
Page 11 - ... unrighteousness; for that runs faster than death. I am old and move slowly, and the slower runner has overtaken me, and my accusers are keen and quick, and the faster runner, who is unrighteousness, has overtaken them. And now I depart hence condemned by you to suffer the penalty of death, they too go their ways condemned by the truth to suffer the penalty of villainy and wrong; and I must abide by my award let them abide by theirs. I suppose that these things may be regarded as fated,...
Page 40 - May we not say, however, that the hour of Spiritual Enfranchisement is even this: When your Ideal World, wherein the whole man has been dimly struggling and inexpressibly languishing to work, becomes revealed, and thrown open; and you discover, with amazement enough, like the Lothario in Wilhclm Meister, that your 'America is here or nowhere'?
Page 19 - O Lord, he signifies to us thee! "Praised be my Lord for our sister the moon, and for the stars, the which he has set clear and lovely in heaven. "Praised be my Lord for our brother the wind, and for air and cloud...
Page 43 - God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please, you can never have both.
Page 7 - till some one wave Out of the multitude aspires, extends The empire of the whole, some feet perhaps, Over the strip of sand which could confine Its fellows so long time : thenceforth the rest, Even to the meanest, hurry in at once, And so much is clear gained.
Page 47 - If a man lives, he believes in something. If he did not believe that there was something to live for, he would not live. If he does not see and understand the unreality of the finite, he believes in the finite ; if he sees that unreality, he must believe in the infinite. Without faith it is impossible to live.

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