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in view. He has had no hesitation in using their very language, whenever it suited him. Compilers seem to be licensed pillagers. Like the youth of Sparta, they may lay their hands upon plunder without a crime, if they will but seize it with adroitness."* The numerous engravings interspersed through the book, it is thought, will be of utility in making the work interesting, and assist in preserving in the mind the events which they represent.

J. W. B. NEW HAVEN, 1834.

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Page Spanish Armada

204 Gunpowder Plot

206 Irish Massacre of the Protestants

211 Religious Rites, Opinions, &c. of the N. American Indians 214 Indian Mother

221 Plymouth Settlers

222 Friends, or Quakers

224 John Bunyan

226 Piestical Controversy

228 Emanuel Swedenborg

230 Eliot, the Indian Missionary

232 The French Prophets

234 Sabatai Sevi, the false Messiah

235 Non-conformists

238 Scotch Covenanters

241 Moravian Missionaries

242 Ziegenbalg and Swartz, the Danish Missionaries

244 David Brainerd

246 Anthony Benezet

249 Wesley and Whitfield

252 Howard, the Philanthropist

255 Modern Infidelity

256 Thomas Paine

264 Worship of the Grand Lama

266 The Syrian Christians in India

269 Abdallah, the Arabian Martyr

272 Worship of the Idol Juggernaut

274 Henry Martyn

275 Joanna Southcot

278 Mission among the Hottentots

280 Progress of Christianity in the South Sea Islands

284 Burman Mission

290 Sandwich Islands Mission

291 Missions among the North American Indians

296 African Colonies at Sierra Leone and Liberia

298 Modern Persecutions in the South of France

302 Bible Societies

304 Bethel Union Meetings


Temperance Societies
Religion and present state of the Jews

Page 308 310 315 320

A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH of Persons distinguished in religious story


CHRONOLOGICAL TABLE of religious Events


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