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of Christ's Spiritual Flesh, and the drink. ing of his Spiritual Blood, and that after a Spiritual manner; and this a man may do, though he cannot come to the Sacra

All Divines do affirm, that Christ may be received Spiritụally, when he is not received Sacramentally; meaning, that we may receive vital influences from him (which are his Spiritual Body) though we do not communicate of the Sacred Elements; and I doubt not but that Children, and young Members of the Church do so. But this is no Encouragement for any Adult Perfons, who are not under any Incapacity, this is no encouragement to such, to despise or neglect this Ordinance; for to such as these, the Receiving of the Sacramental Bread and Wine is the ordinary Means of Receiving Christ; without using these Means, they cannot have any Reasonable Assurance of so great a. Blessing, nor such solid grounds as others have for their Hopes of Salvation.

PEOPLE may build their Hopes of Salvation upon Faith and Repentance, and the like: and the truth is, these are the Conditions of our Everlasting Peace. But yet there are several things which well deserve to be considered. 1. That the Promise of Salvation upon Faith and Repentance doth suppose, that Men are in the Communion



2. That

of the Church, and that they express and shew that Communion, by a Regular Use of this and all other Religious Ordinances; for every one is obliged to do This, as well as to Believe and Reform his life. Man's Faith and Repentance is very much to be suspected, who Refuserh to eat of this Bread, and to drink of this Cup. For how can the Truth of his Faith appear to himself, that doth not own and confess Christ's Authority over him, by his Subjection to it in this particular? Or, if he believeth this Ordinance to be Necessary, and himself to be obliged to the Observance of it, then how can the fincerity of his Repentance appear, when he continues in That which he must acknowledge to be a sin ? Obedience to the Evangelical Commands is the only thing that Tryes a man, and shews him to be what he rcally is; and he hardly deserves the Name of a Christian, that declines a Duty which is so eafie, so comfortable, so advantageous, to every one that is a Penitent indeed. Suppose such a man lay upon his fick Bed, with a troubled Conscience, and the terrours of Death about him, I would fain know, how he could satisfie himself, that he is a Convert in Truth and Reality, seeing he hath lived in a continual Breach and Defiance of Christ's Law?' 3. But suppose his Faith


and Repentance be such as is required, yet still 'tis Necessary for him to Receive the Holy Communion, because 'tis needful for him to have the Seal of that Righteousness which he hath by Faith. We know that Abraham Believed, and found favour with God before he was Circumcised; and yet by Circumcision he was. Asured of God's favour. In like manner, suppose a Believer to be forgiven before he comes to the Lord's Table, yer he is Aljured of his forgiveness by coming to it; and 'tis necesfıry for People ever to take that course which is most for their Safety and Satisfa&tion. Every man is apt to think so in Civil Contracts, so that though a Deed be drawn, and agreed to, yet they think themselves not sure enough, 'till the Wax and the Seal be added. And truly, if the Children of Light were as wise in their Generation, as the Children of this World are in their kind of Wisdom, they would think every thing Necessary, that helpeth to give them the more and more Asurance. Now this blessed Ordinance hath such an Effict and Tendency; so that let a Penitent's condition be never so good, an honest-hearted Communicant's is much better; his Confidence is better grounded ; his Hopes are built upon a lurer basis ; and the Comforts of his heart must be stronger, and the



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Peace of his Conscience must be greater,
and his Condition must needs be every
way much safer, than His can be, who
from time to time Neglecteth so great Sal-
vation. For, in the Fourth place, It is upon
the due Use of God's Ordinances, that he
entitleth us to Eternal Life. Though he
be loving unto every man, and is ready to
pardon every true Penitent, yet hath he
ser us our way, to obtain our pardon; he
hath directed a method and course, in or-,
der to our Salvation; and men must ob-
serve that method, and take that courfe,
if they will be happy. 'Tis not Peoples
Fancies that can save them ; nor must
they think to Capitulate with Almighty
God; or to prescribe Him Conditions ;
but with all heartiness and readiness ob-
serve those Conditions, which he hath
prescribed Vs. Now this is God's Method,
to bring men to Happiness upon a due
Use of Sacraments, as well as by other Per-
formances; and we must conclude, that
he who requireth those Duties we owe
our Selves and our Neighbours, will also
(and much rather) exact that Duty we
owe his Son. In short, men must go in
God's Way, and follow God's Directions,
and then depend upon his Goodness and
Mercy in so doing. If the Jews in the
Wilderness intend to be healed of their


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Wounds, they must look upon the Brajen Serpent. Indeed Gød might have ‘made them whole and sound only by a word. from his Mouth; but this was not his way, and therefore there was a necessity for them to make use of the other way that he had ordered them, Numb. 21. And so if Naaman will be healed of his Leprofie, he must


down into Jordan, and wash feven times. Indeed he muttered at the Prophet, becaule he did not strike his hand over the place ( as he might have done ) and he bragged of. Abana and Pharpbar, that they were as good Waters as any Rivers in Judea (as perhaps they were and yet for all this, the Prophet's hand must not heal him, nor will all the Rivers of Damascus do 'him good, but to Fordan he must go, or else return a Leper, as he went, 2 Kings 5. Why thus it is in the present case : God hath promised to pardon all penitent people, and to heal them of their Wounds and Leprosies; but withall, he hath shew'd them whither they

and what means they must make use of; he hath ordered us to Do This, to Eat of this Bread, and to Drink of this Cup for the remission of sins; and we are not to begrudge our Duty, but to follow God's Mechou and Command, and so to expect his Blessing. Men must not


must go,

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