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Ademanapunient of RELIGION, &c. 139 Bribery, Fraud, Injulhice, Oppreslion, that he an practice with any hopes of Irapunity No wonder fuche Men are true 3-4 Government, where Liberty euns high, where Property, bowever attained, is, fo well Recured, and where the Ado miniftration is at last fo gentle: 'Tis impofiible they could chuse any other Constitution, without changing to their Loss.

FIDÉLITY to a present Establishment is indeed the principal Means to defend it from a foreign Enemy, but without other Qualifications will not prevent Corruptions from within, and States are oftner ruined by these than the other.

To conclude. Whether the Proposals I have offered towards a Reformation, be such as are most prudent and convenient, may probably he a Question ; but it is none at all, whether some Reformation be absolutely neceffary, because the nature of things is such, that if Abuses be not remedied, they will certainly encrease, nor ever stop till they end in the Sub version of a Common-wealth. As there must always of necessity be some Corruptions, so in a well instituted State, the executive Power will be always contending against them, by reducing Things (as Machiavel speaks ) to their first Principles, never letting Abuses grow inveterate, or multiply so far that it will be hard to find Remedies, and perhaps impossible to apply them. As he, that would keep his House in Repair, must attend every little Breach or Flaw, and supply it immediately, else Time alone will bring all to Ruin ; how much more the common Accidents of Storms and Rain; He muß live in perpetual Danger of his Houss fal

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falling about his Ears; and will find it chea per to throw it quite down, and build it again from the Ground; perhaps upon a new Foundation, or at least in a new Form, which


neither be so safe nor fo.convenient as the old.

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According to
The Style and Manner of the Honourable ROBER

Boyle's Meditations.

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Witten Augufet 1,704.



!!! HIS fingle Stick, which you now be

hold mgloriously lying in that ne uglected Corner, I once knew. ini, a

fourithing State in a Forest, it was full of Sap, full of Leaves, and full of Baugha, but now in vain: does the busy Art of Man pre tend to vye with Nature, by tying a wither'd Bundle of Twigs to its fapless Trunk: Tis now at best but the Reverse of what it was, a Tree turned úp-fide down, the Branches on the Earth, and the Root in the Air; 'tis: now


handled by every dirty Wench, condemned to do her Drudgery, and by a capricious kind of Fate, defin'd to make other things Clean, and be Nafty it felf: At length, worn to the Stumps in the Service of the Maids, 'tis either thrown out of Doors, or condemned to the last Use Of Finding a Híre. When I leheld this 1 igbid, and raid within my falf, Surely Montel Man is a BROOM-STICK : Nature sent him into the World strong and lufty, in a thriving Condition, wearing his own Hair upon his Head, the proper Branches of this Reafoning Vegitable, till the Axe of - Intemperince has lopp'd off his Green Boughs, and left him a Wither'a Trunk: He then fties to Art, and puts on a Periwig, valuing himself upon an unnatural Bundle of Hairs, all covered with Powder, that never grew on his Head; but now could

this our Broom-fick pretend to enter the

proud of thore, Birchen Spoils it never bore, and all covered with Duft, though the Sweepinge of the finest Lady's Chamber, we should be apel toi ridicule and delipise its Vani

9. Partiat Fudges that we are of our own Ex cellencies, and other Mens Defaults! -e-Burra Broomfick; perhaps you will fans ar Emblemi afiia Tree Standing fake its Head; and pray what is Manz. but a topsy-turvy Creatuye, -his: Animal Faculties perpetually mounted en bie Racional, chis Head, where his Heels Mould be groveling on the Earth! And yaf with all his Faults, he: fets up to be an unit Verfal Reformer and Corrector of Abusesy a Re möter of Grievances, Mkes into' every Sluta Corner of Nature, bringing hidden Corrupti: ons to the Laghts and raises a mighty Duft


ed where there was none before, sharing deeply

all the white, in the very fame Pollutiono he a pretends to-fweep away. His laft Days are

{pent in Slavery to Women, and generally the leaft deferving'; till worn to the Stumps, like his Brother Bezom, he is either kick'd out of Doors, or made use of to kindle Flames for a thers to warm themselves by.

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