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Upon the 25th of this Month, the fulfilling of this Prediction will be manifeft to every Body.

This is the fartheft I have proceeded in my Cal. culations for the present Year. I do not pretend that these are all the great Events which will happen in this Period, but that those I have set down will infallibly come to pass

. It will per: haps still be objected, why I have not spoke more particularly of Affairs at home, or of the Success of our Armies abroad, which I might and could very largely have done ; but those in Power have wisely discourag‘d Men from med. dling in Publick Concerns, and I was resolvd by no means to give the least Offence. This will venture to say, That is will be a Glorious Campaign for the Allies, . wherein the English Forces, both by Sea and Land, will have their full Share of Honour ; That Her Majesty Queen ANNE will continue in Health and Prosperity; And that no ill Accident will, arrive to any in the Chief Ministry.

As to the particular Events I have mention'd the Readers may judge by the fulfilling of 'em, whether I am of the Level with common Aftrologers; who with an old paultry Cant, and a few Pot-hooks sor Planets to amuse the Vulgar, have, in my opinion, too long been suffered to abuse the world : But an honeft Phyfician ought not to be despised, because there are such things as Mountebanks. I hope, I have some share of Reputation, which I would not willingly forfeit for a Frolick or Humour: And I believe no Gentleman, who reads this Paper, will look upon it to be of the same Gaft or Mold with the common Scriblers that are every Day


hawk'd about. My Fortune has plac'd me above the little Regard of Scribling for a few Pence, which I neither value nor want : Therefore let pot wife Men too hadıly condemn this Effay, intended for a good Design to cultivate and improve an Ancient Art, long in Disgrace by having fallen into mean Unskilful Hands. A little Time will determine, whether I have deceived others, or my felf; and I think it is no very unreasonable Request, that Men should pleate to suspend ( their Judgments till then. I was once of the Opinion with those, who despise all Predi&tions from the Stars, till in the Year 1686, a Man of Quality shew'd me written in his Album, That the most learned Astronomer Captain H. afsur'd him, he would never believe any thing of the Stars Influence,' if there were not a great Revolution in England in the Year 1688. Since that Time I began to have other Thoughts, and after eighteen Years diligent Study and Appli cation, I think I have no reason to repent of my Pains. I shall detain the Reader no longer than to let him know, that the Account I defign to give of next Years Events shall' take in the Principal Affairs that happen in Europe ; and if I be denied the Liberty of offering it to my own Country, I shall appeal to the Learned World by Publishing it in Latin, and giving order to have it Printed in Hollanda

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Of the First of

Mr. Bickerliaff's PREDICTIONS,

Being an


Of the DEATH of

Mr. PARTRIDGE the Almanack-maker,

Upon the 2916 Instant.

In a Letter to a Person of Honour.
Written in the Year, 1708.

N Obedience to your Lordship's Commands,

as well as to satisfie my own Curiosity, I haya for lome Days past enquired constantly after Partridge, the Almanack-maker, of whom it was foretold in Mr. Bickerstaff's Predictions publish'd about a Month ago, that he should die the 29th, Instant about 11 at Night of a Raging Fever.


I had some sort of Knowledge of him when I was employed in the Revenue, because he used every Year to present me with his Almanack, as he did other Gentlemen upon the Score of some little Gratuity we gave him: I saw him accidentally once or twice about ro Days before he died, and observed he began very much to Droop and Languish, tho' I hear his Friends did not seem to apprehend him in any Danger.

About Two or Three Days ago he grew Ill, was confin'd first to his Chamber, and in a few Hours after to his Bed, where Dr.Cafe and Mrs. Kirless were senr for to Vifit and to Prescribe to him. Upon this Intelligence I sent thrice every Day one Servant or other to enquire after his Health: And yesterday about Four in the Afternoon, Word was brought me that he was paft all Hopes; upon which I prevailed with my

self to go and see him, partly out of Commiseration, and, I confess, partly out of Curiofity. He knew me very well, seem'd surprized at my Condescention, and made me Compliupon

it as well as he could in the Condition he was. The People about him said he had been for some time delirious; but when I saw him he had his Understanding as well as ever I knew, and spoke Strong and Hearty, without any seeming Uneasiness or Constraint. After I had told him how sorry I was to see him in those Melancholly Circumstances, and said some other Çivilities, suitable to the Occasion, I defired him to tell me freely and ingeniously whether the Predi&ions Mr. Bickerstaff had publifh'd relating to his Death, had not too much affected and work'd on his Imagination. He confess’d, he had often had it in his Head, but never with much Apprehenfion till about a Fortnight before į fince which Time it had the perpetual Poffeffion of his Mind and Thoughts, and he did verily believe was the true natural Cause of his present Diftemper: For, faid he, I am throughly perswaded, and I think I have very good Reasons that Mr. Bickerstaff spoke altogether by Guess, and knew no more what will happen this Year than I did my self. I told him his Discourse surprized me, and I would be glad he were in a state of Health to be able to tell me what Reason he had to be convinced of Mr. Bickerftaf's Ignorance. He reply'd I am a poor Ignorant Fellow, Bred to a Mean Trade, yet I have Sense enough to know, that all Pretences of foretelling by Astrology are Deceits, for this Manitelt Reason, because the Wise and the Learned, who can only know whether there be any Truth in this Science, do all unanimously agree to laugh at and despise it; and none but the Poor Ignorant vulgar give it any Credit, and that only upon the Word of such Silly Wretches as I and my Fellows, who can hardly Write or Read. I then asked him, why he had not calculated his own Nativity, to see whether it agreed with Bickerstaff's Predi&tions? At which he shook his Head, and said, O! Sir, this is no Time for Jefting, hut for Repenting those Fooleries, as I do now from the very Botton of my Heart.


Heart. By what I can gather from you, said I, the Observations and Predi&tions you printed with your - Alma. nacks were meer Impofitions upon the People. He reply'd, if it were otherwise I should have the less' to answer for. We have a Common Form for all those Things in as to foretelling


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