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The Porringers, that in a row
Hung high, and made a glitt'ring Show,
To a less noble Substance chang'd,
Were now but Leathern Buckets rang'd.

The Ballads pasted on the Wall,
Of Joan of France, and English Moll,
Fair Rofamond, and Robin Hood,
The Little Children in the Wood:
Now seem'd to look abundance better,
Improv'd in Picture, Size, and Letter
And high in Order plac'd, describe
The Heraldry of ev'ry Tribe.

A Bedstead of an Antique Mode,
Compact of Timber many a Load,
Such as our Ancestors did use,
Was Metamorphos'd into Pews;
Which ftill their antient Nature keep;
By_lodging Folks dispos'd to Sleep.

The Cottage by such Feates as these, Grown to a Church by juft Degrees, The Hermits then defir'd their Hoft To ask for what he fancy'd most: Philemon, having paus'd a while, Return'd'em Thanks in homely Stile; Then said, my House is grown so fine, Methinks, I fill would call it mine : I'm Old, and 'feign wonld live at Ease, Make me the Parfon, if you please.

He spoke, and presently he feels His Grazier's Coat fall down his Heels ; He sees, yet hardly can believe, About each Arm a Pudding-sleeve; His Waftcoat to a Caffock grew, And both affum'd a Sable Hue; But being old, continu'd just As Thread-bare, and as full of Duft.

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His talk was now of Tytbes and Dues,
Could smoak his Pipe, and read the News;
Knew how to preach old Sermons next,
Vamp'd in the Preface and the Text;
At Chriftnings well could act his Part,
And had the Service all by Heart;
Wish'd Women might have Children fast,
And thought whose Sow had farrow'd last: 1
Against Disenters would repine,
And stood up firm for Right Divine ::
Found his Head fill’d with many a System,
But Classick Authors he ne'er mift 'em.

Thus having furbish'd up a Parson,
Dame Baucis next, they plaid their Farce on:
Instead of Home spun Coifs were feen,
Good Pinners edg d with Colberteen: 1:!!
Her Petticoat transform'd apace,
Became black Sattin flounc'd with Lace.
Plain Goody would no longer down,
'Twas Madam, in her Grogram Gown, or
Philemon was in great Surprize,

liroli And hardly could believe his Eyes, idini Amaz'd to see her look so Prim, And she admir'd as muchiat bimiris

Thus, happy in their Change of. Life: Were several Years this Man and Wifex? In: When on a Day, which prov'd their latt, Discourfing on old Stories paft, They went by chance, amiilit their Talk; ! To the Church-yard, to take a walk; ina When Baucis haftily cry'd out, 11:15: 1:1,536 My dear, I see your Forehead Sprout :1-22 13" Sprout, quoth the Man, Whao's this you tell us : I hope, you don't believe me Jealous's so But yet, methinks, I feell 'tis true ;', ... "A! And re'lly, yours is Budding tools


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Nay,now I cannot ftir my Foot :
It feels as if 'twere taking Root.

DESCRIPTION would but tire my Muse,
In short, they both were turn'd to Tews.
Old Good-man Dobson of the Green
Remembers he the Trees has feen;
He'll talk of them from Noon to Night,
And goes with Folks to fhew the Sight.
On Sundays after Evening Prayer,
He gathers all the Parish there;
Points out the Place of either rew;
Here Baucis, there Philemon

Till once, a Parson of our Town,
To mend his Barn, cut Baucis down;
At which, 'tis hard to be believ'd,
How much the other Tree was griev'd,
Grew Scrubby, dy'd a-top, was ftunted :
So, the next Perfon stubb'd and burnt it.

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Mrs. Biddy Floyd.

Anno, 1708


THEN Cupid did his Grandfire Foue intreat,

To form fame Beauty by a new Receipt, Fove sent and found far in a Country Scene, Truth, Innocence, Good Nature, Look ferene; From which Ingredients, first the dext'rous Boy Pick'd the Demure, the Aukward, and the Coy'; The Graces from the Court did next provide Breeding, and Wit, and Air, and decent Pride; These Venus cleans'd from ev'ry spurious Grain Of Nice, Coquet, Affected, Pert, and Vain. Fove mix'd up all, and his best.Clay imploy'd; Then call'd the happy Compofition, Floyd.




1 ----'S HOUSE.

Anno, 1708.


HEN Mother Clud had rose froin Play,

And call'd to take the Cards away;
Vsaw, but seem'd not to regard,

How Mifs pick'd ev'ry painted Card j
And bufie both with Hand and Eye,
Soon rear'd a House two Story high;
V's Genius without Thought or Lecture,
Is hugely turn'd to Architecture.
He view'd the Edifice, and smild,
Vow'd it was pretty for a Child;
It was so perfect in its kind,
He kept the Model in his Mind.

But when he found the Boys at Play,
And saw them dabbling in their Clay;
He stood behind à Stall to lurk,
And mark the Progress of their Work


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