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The Small-Coal Man was heard with Cadence

deep, "Till droun'd in fhriller Notes of Chimney-Sweep. Duns at his Lordship's Gate began to meet, And Brick-duft Moll had scream'd through half

the Street. The Turn-key now his Flock returning fees, Duely let out a-Nights to steal for Fees. The watchful Bailiffs take their filent Stands And School-Boys lag with Satchels in their Hands.

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AREFUL Observers may foretel the

Hour : (By fure Prognosticks) when to dread

na Show'r While Rain depends, the penfive Cat gives o'er Her Frolicks, and pursues her Tail no more. Returning home at Night, you'll find the Sink Strike your offended Sense with double Stink. If you be wise, then go not far to Dine, You'll spend in Coach-hire more than fave in

Wine. A coming Show'r your shooting Corns presage, Old Aches throb, your hollow Tooth will rage. I


Sauntring in Coffee-house is Dulman seen

; He damns the Climate, and complains of Spleen. MEAN while the South rising with dabbled

Wings, A Sable Cloud a-thwart the Welkin Aings, That swillid_more Liquor, than it could contain, And like a Drankard give it up again! Brifk Safan whip's Her Limen tiom the Rope, While tảe first drizzling Show'r is born allope, Such is that sprinkling, which some careless Quean Flirts on you from her Mop, but not so clean. You fly, invoke the Gods ; then turning, stop To raill, she finging, Mill whirls on her Mop. Not yet the Duft had shum'd th? unequal Strife, But aided by the Wind, fought fill for Life ; And wafred' with its Foe by violent Guft, 'Twas doubtful which was Rain, and which was

Duft. Ah! where must needy Poet seek for. Aid, When Duft and Rain at ones his Coat invade; His only Coat, where Dut confus’t with Rain, Roughen the Nap, and leave a mingled Stain.

Now in contiguous Drops the Flood comes 9 down? Threat'ning with Deluge this Detoted Town. To Shopen Croude the dagged Females bly, Pretend to cheapen Goods, båt norching buy. The Tempter Spruce while exhay Sprouts abroacha Staye til his fair, yer seems to call a Coach.

Phó tuck dup Seruptrol walks with Bay Arides; While Sereain's tan down her Ord Unbrella's fides.

Don son, it Here Haritsad Kindo lo saious Fortuner led, Commence Acquaintance, underneath a Shed. Triumpharr Porlesi and Defponding Whigs, Forget thoir Kowds and joyni to fave their Wigs

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Box'd in a Chair the Beau impatient fits,
While Spouts run clatt'ring.o'er the Roof by Fits;
And ever and anon with frightful Din
The Leather sounds, he trembles from within.
So when Troy Chair-men bore the wooden Steed,
Pregnant with Greetsi impatient to be freed.
(Those Bully Greeks, who, as the Moderns do,
Instead of paying Chair-men, run them thro'.)
Laocon ftruck'the Outside with his Spear,
And each imprifon'd Hero quak'd for Fear.
Now from all

Parts the swelling Kennels flow, And bear their Trophies with them as they go : Filth of all Hues and Odours seem to tell What Street they fail'd from, by their Sight and

Smell. They as each Torrent drives with rapid Force From Smithfield, or St. Pulcher's shape their Course, And in huge Confluent join at Snow-hill Ridge, Fall from the Conduit prone to Hotbonn-Bridge.

(and Blood, Sweepings from Butchers Stalls, Dung, Guts,

(in Mud, Drowựd Puppies, tinking Sprats, all drencn'd

down the Flood. Dead Cats, and Turnip-tops come tumbling

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The following Poems, and other Pieces being judged by fome to be after the Author's Manner, I bave ventured to Print them.

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HE Rod was but a harmless Wand,

While Mofes held it in his Hand,
But loon as e'er he laid it down,

'Twas a devouring Serpent growo.
Our great Magician Hamet. sid,
Reverses what the Prophet did;
His Rod was honeft English Wood,
That fenfelesa in a Corner stood,


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