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But fee the War once more revives on high, Sounds thro' the Air, and ranges o'er the sky, The Pygmy's Sword around with Vengeance

drove', The Cranes disdain, and gore hith from above. Then skim aloft; the sprawling Chief with

Pain Shrinks from the Wound, and waves his Arm

in vain. Such was the War, when Mountains toss'

on high, Shook Jove's high Throne, and labour'd up

the Sky While Heav'n and Earth a doubtful Fight pre

pare, And 'Rocks and Thunders mingle in the Air, Till the wingd Bolt, all faining from above, Launch'd from the dreadful red Right Hand of

Jove, Confound the Wat. His falling Rivals Main, Gasp o'er the Fields - and smoakineleri

the Plain. And now their Vigour spent, their Martial Fire Glowing in vain the Pygmy-Troops retire. Pale with Despair they leave the Fatal Field, For Pity raise their shrill low Voice, and yield. But fierce behind the Cranes persue their way; Dart from above, and tare the flying Prey. Thro' Fields of Death the mangled Warriors

chace, And in one Battel end the faithless Race.

The Pygmy-Nation, thus so long renown'd, Oʻerspread with Lawrets, and with Trophies

crown'd, Resigns her Fame for Heaven and partial Fate To Earth's great Empires fix one certain Date;

Aflign the Period to each Nation's Fame.
Thus rofe, and thus expir’d th' Asyrian Name;
Thus funk (alike their Glory, and their Doom
Thy Pride, o Persia, and thy Grandeur, Rome.
Now mix'd with Shades of mighty Heroes

The empty Troops o'erspread th' Elysian Plain :
And if th'Important Story be allow'd,
Confirm'd by Fame, each Night the Fairy-Crowd,
Unbody'd Forms, by won'dring Shepherds seen,
Skims thro' the Gloom, and wanton o'er the

Green. With Schemes of War no more their Bosoms

Forget their Labours, and the Feather'd Foe.
But sportive now in wanton Dances round,
With narrow Tracks they mark the flow'ry

A greener Turf the verdant Ring supplies,
And in the Fairy-Name the Pygmy dies.





Written by Mr. ADDISON.


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F Trivial Things I sing surprizing Scenes,
Crowds void of Thought, and Nations in

A Race Diminutive; whole Frames were

Free from the Sacrilege of antient Guilt;
Who from a better new PROMETHEUS came;
Nor boast the Plunder of Cæleftial Flame.

THERE, where facetious Andrew rises high, And draws the Peopled Street beneath his Eye; With witty, Jefts the gaping Crowd derides, Disterts their Muscles, and fatigues their Şides. All Sons of Mirth, the Gay, the Curious come; Enter the Booth, and fill the spacious Room. Not undiftinguish'd are the Honours there; But different Seats their different Prices bear. At length, when now the Curtain mounts on

high, The narrow Scenes are opened to the Eye;



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Where Wire-Partitions twinkle to the Sight,
That cut the Vision, and divide the Light.
Ingenious Artifice! of sure Deceit,
Since Naked ProspeEts would betray the Cheat.
And now the squenking Tribe proceeding roams
O'er painted Mansions, and illustrious Domes.
Within this humble Cell, this narrow Wall,
Assemblies, Battels, Conquefts, Triumphs, All
That Human Minds can act, or Pride furvey,
On their low Stage, the Little Nation play,

But one above the rest distinguish'd stalks
A Hero, who in hoarser Accents talks.
Large is the Buckle that his Veft controuls;
His Mimick Eye with living Motion rowls.
His Belly turgid of enormous Size;
Behind his Back a Bulk of Mountains lies.
Huge, manly, tall, he frights the Pygmy-Court,
Who fly and wonder at his Giant-Port.
Audacious Hero He; who much relies
On his unequal Arm, and haughty Size.
Of thefe Superior Gifts and Talents proud,
He mocks and rallies all the Leffer Crowd:
Scatters his Satire round, and oft provokes
The Croud to Laughter by facetious Jokes.
Een when some ferious Action is display'd,
And folemn Poinps in long Proceffion'made,
He uncontroulable, of Humour rude,
Muft with unleasonable Mirth intrude :
Scornful he grins upon their Tragic Rage,
And disconcerts the Fahle of the Stage.
Sometimes the gracelets Wight with saucy Air,
Makes rude Approaches to the painted Fair.
The Nymph retires, he fcorns to be with tood,
And forces Kiffes on th' unwilling Wood.

Nor so his Fellows of inferior Parts, They pleas'd the Theatre with various Arts,


Lascivious Sport, in circling Turns advance;
And tire their little Limbs in active Dance.

SOMETIMES the Wooden People you behold, - 'I
Attir’d in rich Array of figur'd' Gold:
Rows of diffembled 'Jewels blaze around,
And Robes of Tyrian Purple ftain the Ground.
For when their Tribes in Pageantry display
The Mimick Grandeur of fone Solemn Day,
The painted Nymphs proceed a comely Train,
In Order juft, and brighten all the Plain.
Nobles of Stature small attra&t the Eyes,
And last the Commons of an humbler Size.
The pleas'd Spectator, as these Scenes he views,
The Pygmy-Nation in his Mind renews :
He fancies now the Cranes Invafions cease

3 Their warlike Souls are foften'd by a Peace, And now secure in guiltless Sports they play, Laugh down the sun, and dance away the Day. I Thus, when the Stars obtain their Midnight

Sphere, A Race like there of Human Form appear; The Fairy Train, that dancing in the Dark, Return in Circles, and their Footsteps mark The merry Goblins, constant to the Round, In meafure trip, and beat the halow'd Ground The Morn Betrays the Print, the fruitful Earth From hence teams pregnant with a juicy Birth, Luxuriant Grawths of bolder Grafs are feen, 3 That rise in Circles of a deeper Green. YET O! Tome Clouds obscure their peacefál

Days, Wars, borrid Wars, difaftrous Tumults raise: 0% The Joys of Peace are broke hy rough Their Troops breach Slaughter, and prepare for

Arms. So infincere 4s mortat Blipstjo Juré la foule Care blends our Foys, and makes them all impure!


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