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The Fourth Edition, with the following Additions.

ΤΙ Ζ. The Seventh Epiftle of the first Book of Horace

Imitated, and Address'd to a Noble Lord. A Letter from a Lay-Patron to a Gentleman

defigning for Holy Orders. These faid to be

done by the same Author. The Battel of the Pygmies and Cranes. The Puppet-Show. These by Mr. ADDISON. A Friendly Conference between a Preacher

and a Family of his Flock, upon the 30th of January. By Mr. S. B


DUBLIN: Printed by S. Fairbrother, Book-Seller, and are

to be sold at his Shop in Skinner-Row, over againft the Tholfel, 2721.







O Publish the Writings of Persons without their Consent, is a Practice, gengrally speaking, so unfair, and has so many times proved an unsufferable Injury to

the Credit and Reputation of the Authors, as well as a shameful Impofition on the Publick, either by a Scandalous Insertion of Spurious Pieces, or an imperfect and faulty Edition of such as are Genuine; that though I have been Master of such of the following Pieces as have never yet been Printed, for several Months, I could never, though much importuned, prevail on my, lelf to Publish them, fearing




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even a Possibility of doing an Injury in either of those two Respects to the Person, who is generally known to be the Author of some; and, with greater Reason than I am at present at Liberty to give, supposed to be the Author of all the other Pieces, which make up this Collecti

But as my own Unwillingness to do any thing, which might prove an Injury to the supposed Author's Reputation, to whom no man pays a 'juster Esteem, or bares a greater Respect than my felf, has hitherto kept_me from giving the World fo agreeable an Entertainment, as it will receive from the following Papers; so the Sense I had, that he would really now suffer a much greater, in both Instances from other Hands, was the Occafion of my determining to do it at present ; fince some of the following Pieces have lately appeared in Print, from very imperfect and uncorre& Copies. Nor was the Abuse like to stop here ; for these, with all the Defects and Imperfections they came out, under, met with so much Applause, and so universal a good Reception from all men of Wit and Tafte, as to prompt the Bookfellers, who had heard that other of these Tracts were in Manuscript in some Gentlemens Hands, to seek by any means to Procure them, which

should they compass, they would, without Question, publish in a Manner, as little to the Author's Credit and Reputation, as they have already done those few, which unfortunately have fallen into their Poffeffion. This being a known Fact, I hope will be sufficient to make this Publication, tho without the Author's Con. sent or Knowledge, very confiftent with that Respect I fincerely

bear hím; Who, if it should

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