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55 The Sponge

Dictation.—The sponge is first a small yellow egg. It

moves about in the water. Soon it fastens itself to a hard surface. Its food is the minute animals found in the water. The small holes on the side of the sponge are mouths. Little tubes lead from the mouths through the sponge.

Name ten objects seen in the picture. Write a story about getting sponges,

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ered it. Then it was washed and dried in the sun.

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Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

-John Howard Payne.

He is happiest who finds peace in his home.-Goethe.

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An is a small body of land surrounded by water.

A high cape is called a

are higher than hills.

A high plain is called a


is almost surrounded by water.

Capes and promontories are sometimes called

The interior of Mexico is a


The Indian once roamed at will over our vast


of Panama is the link joining North and South


Use the form of a

Fill in the sentences with words from the list. word meaning more than one where the sense requires it.

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Tell the use of five objects in the first column. Tell of what material five objects in the fourth column are made.

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Select five words and put them into sentences ending with a period. Select five words and put them into sentences ending with a question mark.

Geography.-The area of the United States is 3,025,600 square miles. It would make 11 States as large as Texas, or 62 States as large as New York, or 2,420 States as large as Rhode Island.

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Dictation.-There is three times as much water as land on the surface of the earth. The largest bodies of water are called oceans. There are five oceans. They are named Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Antarctic, and Indian.

of the ocean is salt.

The water

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Ill habits gather by unseen degrees,

As brooks make rivers, rivers run to seas.

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To the Teacher.-See that the pupils pronounce Arctic correctly: ark'tic,

not ar tic; ant ark'tic, not ant arʼtic.


Speech is silver, silence is gold.-German Proverb.

An unlucky word, once escaped from us, cannot be brought back with a coach and six.-Chinese Proverb.

When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, å hundred.-Thomas Jefferson.

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Write a story about the picture, using the words from the following lesson:

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