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Two of the apostles, at the command of Jesus, prepare the lamb for the passover, which he celebrates with the twelve at Jerusalem. The Lord's supper instituted. Judas goes to the chief priests. Jesus and the eleven retire to the garden of Gethsemane. Judas arrives and betrays his master with a kiss. Our Lord's examination before Caiaphas. Peter's denial of Christ



THE meeting of the Sanhedrim on FRIDAY morning. They deliver Jesus up to the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate. Judas hangs himself. Pilate, after examining Christ, sends him to Herod, who returns him to Pilate again. Pilate pronounces him innocent, and seeks to release him. The Jews prefer Barabbas, a murderer, and clamorously demand the crucifixion of Christ. Pilate condemns him



CHRIST crucified between two thieves. Joseph of Arimathea goes to Pilate, begs the body of Jesus, and lays it in his own sepulchre. The Jews, remembering that Jesus said he should rise again in three days, desire of Pilate a guard. They secure the tomb, and surround it with soldiers



THE resurrection of Christ. The soldiers bribed to say that his disciples stole away the body. Jesus appears to the women who come to the sepulchre. His second appearance to other women. His conversation with two of his disciples as they were walking to Emmaus. He afterwards appears to the apostles and others



OUR Lord's appearance to the eleven. His rebuke to Thomas for his unbelief. The miraculous draught of fishes. Jesus appoints a meeting for his Galilean and other disciples, on a mountain in Galilee. His commission to the apostles to preach the gospel to all nations. His ascension to glory



MATTHIAS chosen by lot to the office of an apostle, in the room of Judas. The descent of the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost. Three thousand converted by means

of Peter's sermon. Peter and John cure a lame man, who sat at the gate of the temple. They are put in prison by the Jews. Their defence before the Sanhedrim. They are discharged. The judgment inflicted on Ananias and Sapphira, together with other miracles wrought at this time, promote the enlargement of the church. The twelve apostles, being imprisoned by the Jewish rulers, are delivered by an angel. They are again apprehended, but, by the advice of Gamaliel, are released



THE choice of seven deacons to manage the temporal affairs of the church. The death of Stephen. A violent persecution ensues. The preaching of Philip the deacon. Peter's rebuke to Simon the magician. The treasurer of the queen of Ethiopia baptized by Philip



THE Conversion of Saul, who, from a furious persecutor, becomes an eminent apostle. He goes to Arabia, and re

turns again to Damascus, preaching the gospel; after which, he goes up to Jerusalem, where he is received by the apostles, but persecuted by the enemies of Christ. He sails for his own city, Tarsus in Cilicia. Peter's progress through Judea. At Lydda, he cures a man of the palsy, and at Joppa, restores Dorcas to life. An angel, appears to Cornelius, a Roman captain, ordering him to send for Peter to instruct him. Peter's mind prepared by a vision from heaven. Cornelius and other gentiles receive the gospel, and are baptized

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SAUL and Barnabas preach at Antioch; at which place the believers were first called Christians. James the apostle slain by Herod Agrippa. Peter, being apprehended and put in prison, is released by an angel. The death of Herod. Saul and Barnabas set apart for preaching the gospel to the gentiles. They begin their ministry in the island of Cyprus, where Sergius Paulus, the governor, is converted to the faith, and Elymas struck with blindness. Saul from this timeis called by the name of Paul. He and Barnabas pursue the object of their mission, scattering the seed of the word in different parts, though with much opposition from the unbelieving Jews. A lame man cured by Paul at Lystra. The inhabitants of that city offer divine homage to Paul and Barnabas, which they reject with abhorrence

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A DISAGREEMENT arising between Paul and Barnabas, they part. Paul takes Silas as his companion; Timothy is afterwards added to them, and they three go through Phrygia and the regions of Galatia. Directed by a vision, Paul goes into Macedonia. He preaches with great success at Philippi. The conversion of Lydia. The devil cast out

of a sorceress; on account of which, Paul and Silas are
imprisoned by order of the magistrates. The conversion of
the jailor and his house, with the manner of their leaving
the prison. Their preaching in other cities, attended with
various success.
Paul's address to the Athenians

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PAUL'S voyage to Rome. He is shipwrecked on the island of Melita. The treatment which he and his companions receive from the natives. Paul heals the father of Publius, the chief man of the island, who lay sick of a fever. He arrives at Rome, where, though a prisoner, he dwells two whole years in his own hired house, preaching the gospel to all, both Jews and Gentiles, who are disposed to hear it 160


SOME farther account of the apostles from Ecclesiastical History. Philip-Matthew-James-Matthias-Andrew




ACCOUNT of the apostles continued. Jude-Bartholomew-Thomas-Simon-and John. Concluding observa





JUDEA becomes subject to the governors of Syria, under whom the high-priests exercise the chief authority. Johanan, or Jonathan, the son of Joiada, succeeds his father in the high-priesthood. Jeshua, his younger brother, obtains a grant from Bagoses, governor of Syria, to supersede him in that office. He is slain by Johanan in the inner court of the temple. The conquests of Alexander the Great. His march to Jerusalem. He is met by Jaddua the high

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