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Word made flesh! his word life-giving,

Gives his flesh our meat to be,
Bids us drink his blood, believing,

Through his death, we life shall see:
Blessed they who thus receiving

Are from death and sin set free.
Low in adoration bending,

Now our hearts our God revere;
Faith, her aid to sight is lending,

Though unseen the Lord is near;
Ancient types and shadows ending,

Christ our paschal Lamb is here.
Praise for ever, thanks and blessing,

Thine, O gracious Father, be:
Praise be thine, O Christ, who bringest

Life and immortality.
Praise be thine, thou quick’ning Spirit,

Praise through all eternity.
To he tend him day by day,

10 be the gracious Saviour's choice, To see his life, to hear his voice,

To kiss him and betray !-
O fearful thought! yet not in vain

The page recording tells
How deeply fix'd the guilty stain,

In Adam's offspring dwells.
It tells how rankling deep within

Breaks forth the deadly taint;
How foul the character of sin,

How sure its punishment !

May all the traitor's awful fate

With pitying thoughts deplore; And scan their own uncertain state,

And tremble and adore ! 63

A nerve,

And press with vigour on;
A heavenly race demands thy zeal,

And an immortal crown.
A cloud of witnesses around

Holds thee in full survey; Forget the steps already trod,

And onward urge thy way. 'Tis God's all-animating voice,

That calls thee from on high :
'Tis his own hand presents the prize

To thine aspiring eye;
That prize with peerless glories bright,

Which shall new lustre boast,
When victors' wreaths and monarchs' gems

Shall blend in common dust.
Blest Saviour, introduced by Thee,

Have I my race begun;
And, crown'd with victory, at Thy feet

I'll lay my honours down. 64 REAST the wave, Christian, when it is

strongest; Watch for day, Christian, when the night's

longest; Onward and onward still be thine endeavour, The rest that remaineth will be for ever.

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Fight the fight, Christian, Jesus is o'er thee;
Run the race, Christian, heaven is before thee;
He who hath promis'd faltereth never;
The love of eternity flows on for ever.
Lift the eye, Christian, just as it closeth ;
Raise the heart, Christian, ere it reposeth;
Thee from the love of Christ nothing shall

sever, Mount when thy work is done,-praise him

for ever.

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NIGHT the good fight; lay hold

Upon eternal life;
Keep but thy shield, be bold,

Stand through the hottest strife;
Invincible while in the field,
Thou canst not fail, unless thou yield.
No force of earth or hell,

Though fiends with men unite,
Truth's champion can compel,

However press'd, to flight;
Invincible upon the field,
He cannot fall, unless he yield.
Apollyon's arm may shower

Darts thick as hail, and hide
Heaven's face, as in the hour

When Christ on Calvary died; No

powers of darkness in the field Can tread thee down, unless thou yield.

Trust in thy Saviour's might;

Yea, till thy latest breath,
Fight, and like him in fight,

By dying conquer death;
And all-victorious in the field,
Then with thy sword, thy spirit yield.
Great words are these, and strong;

Yet, Lord, I look to thee,
To whom alone belong

Valour and victory;
With thee, my Captain, in the field,
I must prevail, I cannot yield.

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TRANGE and mysterious is my life;

What opposites I feel within !
A stable peace, a constant strife;
The rule of grace,


of sin :
Too often I am captive led,

Yet daily triumph in my Head.
I prize the privilege of prayer,

But oh! what backwardness to pray !
Though on the Lord I cast my care,
I feel its burden every day;

I seek his will in all I do,

Yet find my own is working too. I call the promises my own,

And prize them more than mines of gold; Yet though their sweetness I have known, They leave me unimpress’d and cold :

One hour upon the truth I feed,
The next, I know not what I read.

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I love the day of holy rest,

When Jesus meets his gather'd saints ; Sweet day, of all the week the best; For its return my spirit pants;

Yet often, through my unbelief,

It proves a day of guilt and grief. While on my Saviour I rely,

I know my foes shall lose their aim; And therefore dare their power defy, Assured of conquest through his name;

But soon my confidence is slain,

And all my fears return again. Thus different powers within me strive,

And grace and sin by turns prevail;
I grieve, rejoice, decline, revive,
And victory hangs in doubtful scale :

But Jesus has his promise pass’d,
That grace shall overcome at last.



THOUGH nature's strength decay,

And earth and hell withstand,
To Canaan's bounds I urge my way,

At his command.
The wat'ry deep I pass,

With Jesus in my view;
And through the howling wilderness

My way pursue.
The goodly land I see,

With peace and plenty blest;
A land of sacred liberty,

And endless rest.

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