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Trust in the Lord-when flesh is failing, And slowly ebbs thy faltering breath; His grace, o'er all thy sins prevailing, Sufficeth thee in life and death.



OD is my strong salvation,
What foe have I to fear?
In darkness and temptation,
My light, my help is near:
Though hosts encamp around me,
Firm to the fight I stand:
What terror can confound me,
With God at my right hand?
Place on the Lord reliance;

My soul, with courage wait:
His truth be thine affiance,

When faint and desolate.

His might thy heart shall strengthen,
His love thy joy increase:

Mercy thy days shall lengthen ;
The Lord will give thee peace.


EJOICE, believer, in the Lord,
Who makes your cause his own;
The hope that's built upon his word
Can ne'er be overthrown.

Though many foes beset your road,
And feeble is your arm,

Your life is hid with Christ in God,
Beyond the reach of harm.

Weak as you are you shall not faint;
Or fainting, shall not die.
Jesus, the strength of every saint,
Will aid you from on high.

Though unperceived by mortal sense,
Faith sees him always near,
A guide, a glory, a defence:
Then what have you to fear?
As surely as he overcame,
And triumph'd once for you;
So surely you that love his name,
Shall through him triumph too.



P to the hills I lift mine eyes,

The eternal hills beyond the skies; Thence all her help my soul derives; There mine Almighty refuge lives.

He lives; the everlasting God,

That built the world, that spread the flood;
The heavens with all their hosts he made,
And the dark regions of the dead.

He guides our feet, he guards our way;
His morning smiles bless all the day;
He spreads the evening veil, and keeps
The silent hours while Israel sleeps.

Israel, a name divinely blest,
May rise secure, securely rest;
Thy holy Guardian's wakeful eyes
Admit no slumber nor surprise.

Should earth and hell with malice burn,
Still thou shalt go, and still return
Safe in the Lord; his heavenly care
Defends thy life from every snare.



OVEREIGN Ruler of the skies,
Ever gracious, ever wise,

All my times are in thy hand;
All events at thy command.

His decree, who form'd the earth,
Fix'd my first and second birth:
All my times shall ever be
Order'd by his wise decree.
Times of sickness, times of health;
Times of penury and wealth;
Times of trial and of grief;
Times of triumph and relief.

O thou gracious, wise, and just,
In thy hands my life I trust.
Have I somewhat dearer still?
I resign it to thy will.

May I always own thy hand;
Still to the surrender stand.
Thee, at all times, will I bless;
Thee, in whom I all possess.


APPY they that find a rest


Happy they whose praises flow
Even in this vale of woe.

They shall mount from strength to strength,
Till they reach thy throne at length;
At thy feet adoring fall,

Who hast led them safe through all.

Lord, be mine this prize to win;
Guide me through this world of sin;
Keep me by thy saving grace;
Give me at thy side a place.

Sun and Shield alike thou art;
Guide and guard my erring heart;
Grace and glory flow from thee,

Shower, O shower them, Lord, on me!


E cannot always trace the way,

But we can always surely say,

That thou art love.

dost move,

When fear its gloomy cloud will fling
O'er earth, our souls to heaven above
As to their sanctuary spring,

For thou art love.

When myst'ry shrouds our darken'd path, We'll check our dread, our doubts reprove; In this our soul sweet comfort hath,

That thou art love.

Yes! thou art love;-a truth like this
Can every gloomy thought remove,
And turn all tears, all woes to bliss;
Our God is love.



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THEN earthly joys glide swift away,
When hopes and comforts flee,

When foes beset and friends betray,
I turn, my God, to thee.

Thy nature, Lord, no change can know,
Thy promise still is sure;
And ills can ne'er so hopeless grow,
But thou canst find a cure.

Deliverance comes most bright and blest
At danger's darkest hour;
And man's extremity is best
To prove Almighty power.

High as thou art, thou still art near
When suppliants succour crave;
And as thine ear is swift to hear,
Thine arm is strong to save.


HE hosts of God encamp around The dwellings of the just; Deliv'rance he affords to all

Who on his succour trust.

O make but trial of his love;
Experience will decide

How bless'd they are, and only they,
Who in his truth confide.

Fear him, ye saints, and you will then
Have nothing else to fear;

Make you his service your delight,

Your wants shall be his care.

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