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Hear me, Lord, in my petition,

O sustain me lest I faint!
Teach me patience and submission,

Keep thy servant from complaint;
And in ev'ry trying hour,

Lord, uphold me by thy pow'r. 214


LOR Peaunate thee I lift a troubled heart,

A tearful ; But if thy hand have sent the sting, the smart,

If thou art nigh,
Nigh though unseen, upon my knees I pray,
Dry not those tears: take not that sting away!
Clothe me with sackcloth, mingle thou my food

With ashes still;
I'll bless the hand that is educing good

From seeming ill:
Should I thus walk in darkness, 'if my sight
Could bear undazzled more of heaven's own

Not till the molten gold be purified,

Slack thou the flame :
Give me but grace thy pleasure to abide,

To see thy aim;
To know that thou art with me in the fire :
I need no more; I nothing else desire.
10 thee, O Lord, in deep distress,

press : Ill can my burden'd spirit plead, But thou its untold wish canst read.

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I walk ʼmid snares on ev'ry side,
No voice to cheer, no hand to guide;
A lowly, dark, and rugged road,
But not unknown to thee, my God.
When earthly helpers fail or flee,
How sweet to turn, O Lord, to thee,
And find, in thy exhaustless love,
My rest below, my hope above!
O hear, and set my spirit free
From foes and chains too strong for me:
My drooping hopes refresh and raise,

And fill my heart with grateful praise. 216

WEET Patience, come!

With long distress my spirit faints, And my heart breaks with its complaints; And eager pain, to find relief, Solicits even change of grief; And unbelief disturbs And shakes my hopes, as with a gust Spring blossoms flutter from the stalk, And withering lie upon the walk;

Sweet Patience, come!

Sweet Patience, come! Not from a low and earthly source, Waiting, till things shall have their course; Not as accepting present pain In hope of some hereafter gain; Not in a dull and sullen calm, But as a breath of heavenly balm, Bidding my weary heart submit To bear whatever God sees fit,

Sweet Patience, come!

my trust,


Sweet Patience, come!
Tell me my Father hath not shed
One grief too many on my head :
Tell me his love remembers still
His children, suffering at his will.
How excellent a thought to me
His loving-kindness then shall be !
Then in the shadow of his wings
I'll hide me from all troublous things;

Sweet Patience, come ! 217

Thou hast made my heart rejoice :

: , I, who lately pined in sadness, Now can raise my thankful voice :

With thy people I combine

To proclaim their Saviour mine.
O how short is thy displeasure !

As a moment it appears ;
But thy love is without measure,
Still the same through endless years :

Weeping may the night employ,

But the morning beams with joy!
In my heav'nly Father's favour,

Life and peace and joy are found;
O for faith which does not waver,
That I may thy praise resound.

Praise should never cease to flow,

'Tis the tribute that we owe. 218 THAT cheering words are these ?

Their sweetness who can tell ! In time and to eternal days,

" 'Tis with the righteous well.”

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In ev'ry state secure,

Kept as Jehovah's eye, 'Tis well with them while life endures,

And well when call'd to die.
Well when they see his face,

Or sink amidst the flood;
Well in affliction's thorny maze,

Or on the mount with God. 'Tis well when joys arise,

'Tis well when sorrows flow, 'Tis well when darkness veils the skies,

And strong temptations grow. 'Tis well when Jesus calls,

“ From earth and sin arise, To join the hosts of ransom'd souls,

Made to salvation wise."


Where is no mention made of thee? Where thy dear name is never heard, Nor honour given to thy word ? Can I delight to dwell with those Who daily thy blest will oppose ? Or can my views with theirs combine, Who bow to other laws than thine ? Saviour, a loving spirit give, In peace with all men let me live; But for my friends those only claim, Who love and reverence thy name.

Such friendships I would wish to make
As death itself can never break;
And join on earth in holy love
With those whom I may meet above.
O happy meeting, joyful hour,
When cleans'd from sin's polluting pow'r,
Friendship in realms of peace shall glow,

With beauty never seen below. 220


No token shines of heavenly birth;
For God is love; and thy degree
Is low and earthly of the earth.
Lovest thou not? alas ! to thee
Dark is the light that beams above,
And tuneless all heaven's melody;
Thou know'st not God, for God is love.
Lord, grant me love, in truth and deed,
And not in word and easy tongue;
That love which feels a brother's need;
That love which, injured, suffereth long.
Thou Lord of love, my


prepare Ever thy new command to keep; Another's joy with joy to share,

And still to weep with them that weep. 221


But dwell not with stern anger on his

fault; The grace of God alone holds thee, holds all; Were that withdrawn, thou too would'st swerve

and halt.

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