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N 532en 1806

THE Evangelical Lutheran Ministry of this state having entered a resolution some years ago, That a new edition of the English Lutheran Hymn-book should be procured, and having left the selection of the Hymns to the members of their body residing in the city of New-York: this collection is now offered to the public and public edification of such of our brethren, in religious connection with us as find the English language a necessary vehicle of assisting and promoting spiritual devotion. The collection has been made by the Reverend RALPH WILLIS TON, Minister of the English Lutheran Church of this city, and I have examined and read every one of the Hymns now offered, before their being struck off, and can assure my fellow-worshippers, that none is found among them dissonant to our doctrine, or incompatible with the spirit of genuine godliness. JOHN C. KUNZE,

Senior of the Lutheran Clergy in the State of New-York.

New-York, Feb. 20, 1806,


Dear Brethren,

THROUGH the solicitation of the Board of Trustees and Vestry of the English Evangelical Lutheran Zion Church, you are here presented with a choice selection of Evangelical Hymns, suited to private, family, social and public worship. These Hymns are selected from various authors of the first reputation and celebrity. It is not pretended that a Hymn will be found here, adapted to every religious subject, yet it is hoped there will be no I'mportant deficiency. No doctrine, it is believed, will be found in this selection, which is not accordant with the doctrines taught in our church. A new edition, or a new compilation, became indispensably necessary, there not being a single copy to be had of the former collection: and the obvious deficiency of the former collection, determined us to make a new compilation. Such as the present selection is, it is dedicated to you, as a testimony of affection; exhorting you to "Sing with the spirit, and with the understanding also." May it please Almighty God, to make it a mean of assisting the praise, and promot ing the edification of his Church.


New-York, March, 1896.

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Evangelical Hymns, &c.





Hymn 1. L. M.

God incomprehensible and sovereign.
AN creatures, to perfection, find
Th' eternal, unereated mind?
Or can the largest stretch of thought
Measure and search his nature out?

2. 'Tis high as heav'n, 'tis deep as hell;
And what can mortals know, or tell?
His glory spreads beyond the sky,
And all the shining worlds on high.
3. God is a King of pow'r unknown,
Firm are the orders of his throne;
If he resolve, who dare oppose,
Or ask him why, or what he does?

4. He wounds the heart, and he makes whole;
He calms the tempest of the soul;
When he shuts up in long despair,
Who can remove the heavy bar?

5. He frowns, and darkness veils the moon,
The fainting sun grows dim at noon;
The pillars of heaven's starry roof
Tremble and start at his reproof.

6. He gave the vaulted heav'n its form,
The crooked serpent and the worm;
He breaks the billows with his breath,,
And smites the sons of pride to death


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