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Bid me stretch out my wither'd hands,

And lift them up in pray’r.
6. Silent (alas! thou know'st how long)

My voice I cannot raise ;
But, o! when thou shalt loose my tongue !

The dumb shall sing thy praise.


Hymn 217. s. M.
H! whither shall I go,


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To whom should I my trouble show,

And pour out my complaint ?
My Saviour bids me come,

Ah! why do I delay?.
He calls the weary sinner home ;,

And yet from him I stay. 2: What is it keeps me back,

From which I cannot part ?:
Which will not let my Saviour take:

Possession of my heart ?
Some wicked thing unknown

Must surely lurk within ;
Some idol, which I will not owny.

Some secret, bosom sin. 2. Jesus, the hind'rance show,

Which I have fear'd to see ;
O may. I now consent to know.

What keeps me out of thee !.
Searcher of hearts, in mine.

Thy trying pow'r display ;
Into its darkest corner shine,

And take the veil away!. 4. I now believe, in thee

Compassion reigns alone :-
According to my faith, to me

O let it, Lord, be done!

In me is all the bar,

Which thou would'st fain remove a
Remove it, and I shall declare,

That God is only love.

Hymn 218. P. Hi 1 TESUS, if still the same thou arta:

J If all thy promises are sure,
Set up thy kingdom in my heart,

And make me rich, for I am poor ::
To me be-all thy treasures giv'n,

The kingdom of an inward heav'n. 2: Thou hast pronounc'd the mourners bleste.

And lo! for thee I ever mourn :
I cannot, no, I will not rest,

Till thou my only rest return :
Till thou the Prince of Peace, appear,

And I receive the Comforter.
2. Where is the blessedness bestow'd

On all that hunger after thee? I hunger now, I thirst for God !

See, the poor fainting sinner see: And satisfy with endless peace,

And fill me with thy right'ousness. 4. Ah, Lord, if thou art in that sigh,

Then hear thyself within me pray ; Hear in my heart thy Spirit's cry,

Mark, what may lab’ring soul would say: Answer the deep unutter'd groan,

And shew, that thou, and I, are one.
5. Shine on thy work, disperse the gloom ;

Light in thy light I then shall see ;
Say to my soul, “ Thy light is come,

Glory divine is ris'n on thee :
“Thy warfare's past, thy mourning's o'ery
“Look up, for thou shalt weep no more."

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Hymn 219. c. M. 1. OD is in this and ev'ry place ;

But 0 ! how dark and void, To me, 'tis one great wilderness,

This earth, without my God.. 2. Empty of him who all things fills,

"Till he his light impart :'Till he his glorious self reveals,

The veil is on my heart. 3. O thou who seest and know'st my grief,

Thyself unseen, unknown, Pity my helpless unbelief,

And break my heart of stone. 4. Regard me with a gracious eyen

The long-sought blessing give : And bid me, at the point to die,

Behold thy face, and live. 5. A darker soul did never yet

Thy promis'd help implore : '
that I now my Lord might meetz -

And never loose him more!
6. Now, Jesus, now the Father's love-
Shed in


heart abroad : The middle wall of sin remove, ;

And let me in to God..



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Hymn 220. c. M. 1.

WHOU hidden God, for whom I groan

Till thou thyself declare ;
God, inaccessible, unknown,

Regard a sinner's pray'r.
2. A sinner welt'ring in his blood,

Unpurg'd and unforgivin;
Far distant from the living Godz.

As far as hell from heav'ni.

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3. An unregen'rate child of man,

To thee for faith I call;
Pity thy fallen creature's pain,

And raise me from my fall !
4. The darkness which, thro' thee, I feel,

Thou only canst remove ; Thine own eternal pow'r reveal,

The Deity of Love !
5. I am in unbelief shut up,

But grace can let me go ;
In hope, believing against hope,

I wait the truth to know.
6. Thou wilt in me reveal thy name,

Thou wilt thy light afford ;
Bound and oppress’d, yet thine I am,

The pris'ner of the Lord.
7. I would not to thy foe submit;

I hate the tyrant's chain :
Send forth thy pris'ner from the pit,

Nor let me cry in vain. 8. Shew me the blood, that bought my peace,

The cov'nant blood apply !
And all my griefs at once shall cease,

And all my sins shall die.

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Hymn 221. L. M. "HOU man of griefs, remember me,

Who never canst thyself forget ; Thy last mysterious agony,

Thy fainting pangs, and bloody sweat ! 2. When wrestling in the strength of pray'r,

Thy spirit sunk beneath its load; Thy feeble flesh abhor'd to bear

The wrath of an Almighty God. 3. Father, if I may call thee so,

Regard my fearful heart's desire;

Remove this load of guilt and woe,

Nor let me in my sins expire ! 4. I tremble, lest the wrath divine,

Which bruises now my wretched soul, Should bruise this wretched soul of mine,

Long as eternal ages roll. 5. To thee my last distress I bring !

The heighten'd fear of death I find ; The tyrant, brandishing his sting,

Appears, and hell is close behind. 6. I deprecate that death alone,

That endless banishment from thee : O save, and give me to thy Son,

Who trembled, wept, and bled for me!


Hymn 222. L. M.
1. HEW pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive,

Let a repenting rebel live ;
Are not thy mercies large and free?

May not a sinner trust in thee !
2. My crimes are great, but don't surpass

The pow'r and glory of thy grace :
Great God, thy nature hath no bound-

So let thy pard’ning love be found. 3. Oh wash my soul from ev'ry sin,

And make my guilty conscience clean!
Here on my heart the burden lies,

And past offences pain mine eyes. 4. My lips with shame


sins confess Against thy law, against thy grace ; Lord, should thy judgment grow severe,

I am condemn’d, but thou art clear. . 5. Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord,

Whose hope, still hov'ring round thy word, Would light on some sweet promise there, Some sure support against despair.

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