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A band of love, a three-fold cord,
Which never can be broke.
3. Make us into one spirit drink;
Baptize into thy name;

And let us always kindly think,
And sweetly speak the same.

4. Touch'd by the loadstone of thy love,
Let all our hearts agree;
And ever t'wards each other move,
And ever move t'wards thee.
5. To thee inseparably join'd,
Let all our spirits cleave
O may we all the loving mind
That was in thee receive!

6. This is the bond of perfectness,
Thy spotless charity:

Olet us still, we pray, possess
The mind that was in thee.


Hymn 299. L. M.

Holiness and Grace. Tit. ii. 10-13.
O let our lips and lives express
The holy gospel we profess;
So let our works and virtues shine,
To prove the doctrine all divine.


2. Thus shall we best proclaim abroad
The honours of our Saviour-God;
When the salvation reigns within,
And grace subdues the pow'r of sin.

3. Our flesh and sense must be deny'd,
Passion and envy, lust and pride;

Whilst justice, temp'rance, truth, and love,
Our inward piety approve.


4. Religion bears our spirits up,
Whilst we expect that blessed hope,
The bright appearance of the Lord,
And faith stands leaning on his word.
Hymn 300. c. M.


Garments of salvation, Isa. Ixi. 10.
WAKE my heart, arise my tongue,

In God, the life of all my joys,
Aloud will I rejoice.

2. 'Tis he adorn'd my naked soul, And made salvation mine; Upon a poor polluted worm

He makes his graces shine.
And lest the shadow of a spot

Should on my soul be found,
He took the robe the Saviour wrought,
And cast it all around.

4. How far this heav'nly robe exceeds
What earthly princes wear!
These ornaments how bright they shine!
How white the garments are!
5. The Spirit wrought by faith, and love,
And hope, and ev'ry grace;
But Jesus spent his life, to work
The robe of righteousness.

6. Strangely, my soul, art thou array'd
By the great sacred Three!
In sweetest harmony of praise
Let all thy pow'rs agree.

Hymn 301. c. M.

Being in the fear of God all the day long, Prov.
xxiii. 17.

1. TH
HRICE happy souls, who born of hen,
Whilst yet they sojourn here,

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Humbly begin their days with God,
And spend them in his fear!

2. So may our eyes with holy zeal
Prevent the dawning day;

And turn the sacred pages o'er,
And praise thy name and pray.

3. Midst hourly cares may love present Its incense to thy throne;

And, while the world our hands employ,
Our hearts be thine alone!
4. As sanctify'd to noblest ends,
Be each refreshment sought,
And by each var'ous providence

Some wise instruction brought.
5. When to labor'ous duties call'd,
Or by temptations try'd,
We'll seek the shelter of thy wings,
And in thy strength confide.
6. As diff'rent scenes of life arise,.
Our grateful hearts would be
With thee, amidst the social band,
In solitude with thee.

7. At night we lean our weary heads
On thy paternal breast;

And, safely folded in thine arms,
Resign our pow'rs to rest.

8. In solid pure delights, like these,
Let all my days be past;
Nor shall I then impatient wish,
Nor shall I fear the last.

Hymn 302. L. M.


EHOLD the sons, the heirs of God,
So dearly bought with Jesu's blood!
Are they not born to heav'nly joys,
And shall they stoop to earthly toys?

2. Can laughter fill th' immortal mind?
Were spirits of celestial kind
Made for a jest, for sport and play,
To wear out time, and waste the day?
3. Doth vain discourse, or empty mirth
Well suit the honours of their birth?
Shall they be fond of gay attire,
Which children love, and fools admire? ·

4. What if we wear the richest vest?
Peacocks and flies are better drest;
This flesh, with all its gaudy forms,
Must drop to dust, and feed the worms.

5. Lord, raise our thoughts and passions high'r;
Touch our vain souls with sacred fire;
Then, with a heav'n-directed eye,
We'll pass these glitt'ring trifles by.

Hymn 303. c. M.


FOR a heart to praise my God,
A heart from sin set free!
A heart that always feels thy blood,
So freely spilt for me.

2. A heart resign'd, submissive, meek,
My great Redeemer's throne;
Where only Christ is heard to speak,
Where Jesus reigns alone.

3. O for a lowly contrite heart,
Believing, true and clean!
Which neither life nor death can part
From him that dwells within.

4. A heart in ev'ry thought renew'd, And full of love divine;

Perfect, and right, and pure, and good,
A copy, Lord, of thine.

Hymn 304. L. M.

1.TTOLY, and true, and righteous Lord,

to prove thy

Be mindful of thy gracious word,
And stamp me with thy Spirit's seal.
2. Open my faith's interior eye:

Display thy glory from above;
And all I am shall sink and die,
Lost in astonishment and love.
3. Confound, o'erpow'r me by thy grace:
I would be by myself abhor'd;
All might, all majesty, all praise,
All glory be to Christ my Lord!
4. Now let me gain perfection's height;
Now let me into nothing fall,
As less than nothing in my sight,
And feel that Christ is all in all!


Hymn 305. c. M.

OME, thou omniscient Son of man,
Display thy sifting pow'r;
Come with thy Spirit's winn'wing fan,
And throughly purge thy floor.

2. The chaff of sin, th' accursed thing, Far from our souls be driv'n :

The wheat into thy garner bring,
And lay us up for heav'n.

3. Look through us with thine eyes of flame, The clouds and darkness chase:

And tell us what by sin we are,
And what we are by grace.

4. Whate'er offends thy glorious eyes,
Far from our hearts remove :
As dust before the whirlwind flies,
Disperse it by thy love.

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