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4. In vain the tempter frights my soul,
And breaks my peace in vain ;
One glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy face,
Revives my joys again.


Hymn 327. c. M.


HY should a living man complain
Of deep distress within,
Since ev'ry sigh, and ev'ry pain
Is but the fruit of sin?

2. No, Lord, I'll patiently submit,
Nor ever dare rebel;
Yet sure I may, here at thy feet,
My painful feelings tell.

Hymn 328. c. M.

God speaking peace to his people. Psalm lxxxv. 8. 1.

UNITE, my roving thoughts, unite

In sweet:
And thou, my soul, sit gently down
At thy great Sov'reign's feet.
2. Jehovah's awful voice is heard,
And gladly I attend;
For lo! the everlasting God
Proclaims himself thy friend.
3. Harmonious accents to my soul
The sounds of peace convey:
The tempest at his word subsides,
And winds and seas obey.

4. By all its joys, I charge my heart,
To grieve his love no more;
But, charm'd by melody divine,
To give its follies o'er.

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Hymn 329. c. M.

E trembling souls, dismiss your fears; your theme;


Mercy, which like a river flows
In one continued stream.

2. Fear not the pow'rs of earth, and hell,
God will these pow'rs restrain;
His mighty arm their rage repel,
And make their efforts vain.

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3. Fear not the want of outward good,
He will for his provide;

Grant them supplies of daily food,
And give them heav'n beside.

4. Fear not that he will e'er forsake,
Or leave his work undone ;
He's faithful to his promises,
And faithful to his Son.

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5. Fear not the terrors of the grave,
Or death's tremendous sting;
He will from endless wrath preserve,
To endless glory bring.

6. You in his wisdom, pow'r and grace,.
May confidently trust;
His wisdom guides, his pow'r protects,
grace rewards the just.

Hymn 330. L. M.

Our own weakness, and Christ, our strength. 2 Cor. xii. 7, 9, 10.

LET me but hear my Saviour say:

"Strength shall be equal to the day:" Then I rejoice in deep distress, Leaning on all-sufficient grace.

2. I glory in infirmity,

That Christ's own pow'r may rest on me;
When I am weak, then am I strong,
Grace is my shield, and Christ my song,

3. I can do all things, or can bear
All suff'rings, if my Lord be there ;
Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains,
Whilst his left-hand my head sustains.
4. But if the Lord be once withdrawn,
And I attempt the work alone,
When new temptations spring and rise,
I find how great my weakness is.


Hymn 331. c. M.

GIVE me the wings of faith to rise

Within the


The saints above, how great their joys,
How bright their glories be!

2. Once they were mourning here below,
And wet their couch with tears;
They wrestled hard, as I do now,
With sins, and doubts, and fears.

3. I ask them whence their vict'ry came ?
They with united breath,

Ascribe their conquest to the Lamb,
Their triumph to his death.

4. They mark'd the footsteps which he trod,
(His zeal inspir'd their breast)

And foll'wing their incarnate God,
Possess'd the promis'd rest. `

5. Our glorious Leader claims our praise,
For his own pattern giv'n,
While the long crowd of witnesses

Show the same path to heav'n.

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Hymn 332. c. M.


The safety and protection of the church. Isa. xxvi.

'1, 2, 3, 4.

OW honourable is the place,


Zion the glory of the earth,
And beauty of the land.

2. Bulwarks of mighty grace defend
The city where we dwell;
The walls, of strong salvation made,
Defy th' assaults of hell.

3. Lift up the everlasting gates,
The doors wide open fling;
Enter ye Christians who obey
The statutes of our King.

4. Here shall you taste unmingled joys,
And live in perfect peace;

You who have known Jehovah's name,
And ventur'd on his grace.

5. Trust in the Lord, forever trust, And banish all your fears :

Strength in the Lord Jehovah dwells,

Eternal as his years.

Hymn 333.

C. M.

A vision of the kingdom of Christ among men. Rev. xxi. 1, 2, 3, 4.



O, what a glorious sight appears
To our believing eyes,

The earth and seas are pass'd away,
And the old rolling skies.

2. From the third heav'n, where God resides, That holy, happy place,

The New-Jerusalem comes down,
Adorn'd with shining grace.

3. Attending angels shout for joy,
And the bright armies sing:
"Mortals behold the sacred seat,
"Of your descending King.

4. "The God of glory down
"Removes his bless'd
"Men the dear objects
"And he the loving
5. "His own kind hand sh
"From ev'ry weepi
"And pains, and groa
"And death itself shall the.





6. Bless'd are

From the
With ey
A Goo


6. How long, dear Saviour, O how long!
Shall this bright hour delay?
Fly swifter on, ye wings of time,
And bring the welcome day.

Hymn 334. L. M.

The beatitudes. Matt. v. 2-12.

LESS'D are the humble souls who see

emptiness and poverty;

Treasures of grace to them are giv'n;
And crowns of joy laid up in heav'n.
2. Bless'd are the men of broken heart,
Who mourn for sin with inward smart;
The blood of Christ divinely flows,
A healing balm for all their woes.

2. Bless'd are the meek who stand afar
From rage and passion, noise and war;
God will secure their happy state,
And plead their cause against the great.
4. Bless'd are the souls who thirst for grace,
Hunger and long for righteousness;
They shall be well supplied and fed
With living streams and living bread.

7. Blo

5. Bless'd are the men whose bowels move,
And melt with sympathy and love;
From Christ, the Lord, shall they obtain
Like sympathy and love again.


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