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2. Go into ev'ry nation, go,

Speak to their trembling hearts, and cry, Glad tidings unto all we show;

Jerusalem, thy God is nigh.

3. Hark! in the wilderness a cry:

A voice that loudly calls, Prepare!
Prepare your hearts, for God is nigh,
And means to make his entrance there!
4. The Lord your God shall quickly come:
Sinners repent, the call obey:
Open your hearts to make him room,
Ye desert souls, prepare his way.

5. The Lord shall clear his way thro' all;
Whate'er obstructs, obstructs in vain:
The vale shall rise, the mountain fall,
Crooked be straight, and rugged plain.
6. The glory of the Lord display'd

Shall all mankind together view: And what his mouth in truth hath said, His own almighty hand shall do.




Hymn 378. L. M.

Baptism. Matth. xxviii, 19. Acts ii. 38.


WAS the commission of our Lord:
"Go teach the nations and baptize."
The nations have receiv'd the word,
Since He ascended to the skies.

2. He sits upon th' eternal hills,
With grace and pardon in his hands,
And sends his cov'nant with the seals,
To bless the distant heathen lands.

3." Repent and be baptiz'd," he saith,
For the remission of your sins;"
And thus our sense assists our faith,
And shews us what his gospel means.
4. Our souls he washes in his blood,

As water makes our bodies clean;
And the good spirit from our God
Descends like purifying rain,
5. Thus we engage ourselves to thee,
And seal our cov'nant with the Lord;
O may the great Eternal Three
In heav'n our solemn vows record.

Hymn 379. c. M.

ELESTIAL Dove, descend from high,


And on the water brood:

Come, with thy quick'ning pow'r apply
The water and the blood.

2. I love the Lord that stoops so low
To give his word a seal;

But the rich grace his hands bestow
Exceeds the figure still.

3. Almighty God, on thee we call,
And our request renew:
Accept in Christ, and bless withal,
The work we have to do.

Hymn 380. s. M.

1. M Pour'd out a double flood;

Y Saviour's pierced side

By water we are purifiy'd,

And pardon'd by the blood.

2. Call'd from above, I rise,
And wash away my sin;

The stream to which my spirit flies,
Can make the foulest clean.

3. It runs divinely clear,
A fountain deep and wide;
'Twas open'd by the soldier's spear
In my Redeemer's side.

Hymn 381. L. M.

1. COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Make good our apostolic boast,

And own thy glorious ministry. 2. Father, in these reveal thy Son;

In these for whom we seek thy face.
The hidden mystery make known,
The inward pure baptizing grace.
3. Jesus, with us thou always art:
Effectuate the sacred sign:
The gift unspeakable impart,
And bless the ordinance divine.
4. Eternal Spirit, descend from high,
Baptizer of our spirits thou!

The sacramental seal apply,
And witness with the water now.


Hymn 382. L. M.

The Lord's Supper instituted. 1. Cor. xi. 23,&c.

WAS on that dark, that doleful night,


When pow'rs of earth and hell arose

Against the Son of God's delight,

And friends betray'd him to his foes.

2. Before the mournful scene began
He took the bread, and bless'd, and brake;

What love through all his actions ran!
What wondrous words of grace he spake.
3." This is my body broke for sin,
"Receive and eat the living food;"
Then took the cup and bless'd the wine;
"'Tis the new cov❜nant in my blood."

6. "Do this (he cry'd) till time shall end,
"In mem❜ry of your dying friend:
"Meet at my table, and record
"The love of your departed Lord."

Hymn 383. s. M.

Communion with Christ, and with saints, 1. Cor.

[blocks in formation]


To meet around his board;

Hère pardon'd rebels sit, and hold
Communion with their Lord.

2. For food he gives his flesh;
He bids us drink his blood:
Amazing favour! matchless grace
Of our eternal God..

3. This holy bread and wine.

Maintain our fainting breath,
By union with our living Lord
And int'rest in his death.

4. Our heav'nly Father calls

Christ and his members one;
We the young children of his love,
And He the first-born Son.

5. We are but sev'ral parts

Of the same broken bread;
One body with its sev'ral limbs,
But Jesus is the head.

6. Let all our pow'rs be join'd,
His glorious name to raise :
Pleasure and love fill ev'ry mind,
And ev'ry voice be praise,


Hymn 384. P. M.

'N that sad memorable night,
When Jesus was for us betray'd,

He left his death-recording rite:

He took and bless'd and brake the bread. And gave his own their last bequest, And thus his love's intent express'd. 2. "Take, eat, this is my body giv'n, "To purchase life and peace for you,. "Pardon and holiness and heav'n :

"Do this, my dying love to shew, "Accept your precious legacy, "And thus my friends remember me." 3. He took into his hands the cup,

To crown the sacramental feast And full of kind concern look'd up,

And gave to them what he had blest; "And drink ye all of this," he said, "In solemn mem'ry of the dead." 4. "This is my blood, which seals the new "Eternal cov❜nant of my grace; "My blood so freely shed for you, "For you, and all the sinful race: "My blood, that speaks your sins forgiv❜n, And justifies your claim to heav'n.



Hymn 385. P. M.

OW can heav'nly spirits rise,
By earthly matter fed,

Drink herewith divine supplies,
And eat immortal bread?

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