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Hymn 63. L. M.

It is finished, John xxix. 30.
IS finish'd—so the Saviour cried,


'Tis finish'd-yes, the race is run, The battle fought, the victory won. 2. 'Tis finish'd all that heav'n decreed, And all the ancient prophets said, Is now fulfil'd, as was design'd, In thee, the Saviour of mankind. 3. 'Tis finish'd-Aaron now no more Must stain his robes with purple gore: The sacred veil is rent in twain, And Jewish rites no more remain. 4.'Tis finish'd-this thy dying groan, Shall sins of every kind atone: Millions shall be redeem'd from death, By this thy last expiring breath. 5. 'Tis finish'd-heav'n is reconcil'd, And all the powers of darkness spoil'd: Peace, love, and happiness again Return and dwell with sinful men.

his head died:

6. 'Tis finish'd let the joyful sound
Be heard through all the nations round:
'Tis finish'd let the echo fly

Thro' heaven and hell, thro' earth and sky.



Hymn 64. L. M.

Redemption by Christ alone. 1. Peter 1, 18. 19.
NSLAV'D by sin, and bound in chains,
Beneath its dreadful tyrant sway,
And doom'd to everlasting pains,
We wretched guilty captives lay.

2. Nor gold nor gems could buy our peace; Nor the whole world's collected store

Suffice to purchase our release ; A thousand worlds were all to poor. 3. Jesus the Lord, the mighty God,! An all-sufficient ransom paid: Invalu'd price! his precious blood For vile rebellious traitors shed. 4. Jesus the sacrifice became,

To rescue guilty souls from hell; The spotless, bleeding, dying Lamb, Beneath avenging justice fell.

5. Amazing goodness! love divine!
O may our grateful hearts adore
The matchless grace-nor yield to sin,
Nor wear its cruel fetters more!


Hymn 65. c. M.
Redemption by Price and Power.
ESUS, with all thy saints above,

Would sound aloud thy saving love,
And sing thy bleeding heart.

2. Bless'd be the Lamb, my dearest Lord, Who bought me with his blood,

And quench'd his Father's flaming Sword In his own vital flood.

3. The Lamb that freed my captive soul
From Satan's heavy chains,
And sent the Lion down to howl
Where hell and horror reigns.

4. All glory to the dying Lamb,
And never-ceasing praise,
While angels live to know his name,
Or saints to feel his grace.

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Bloody sweat, cross, death and tomb, Be my daily meditation

Here, as long I live from home : When thou seest a sinful, thought Rise within, to make me nought;

Shew me that my own pollution
Caus'd thy bloody execution.

2. Should my nature's inclination
Hanker after lustful sin,
Let the thoughts of thine oblation
Quench that spreading hell within.
Nay, will satan force his way
To my heart, Lord! grant I may
With thy cross, and crown of briar
Chase from hence that grand destroyer.

3. Will the world with her temptation
Draw me to her cursed road,
Let this be my contemplation,
That thou'st borne my sinful load.
Should the sweat and precious blood
Of my dear expiring God

Not produce a deep compassion
To a thorough resignation?
4. Lord, in any sore oppression,

Let thy wounds be my relief, When I seek thine intercession,

Add new strength to my belief.
'Tis thy bloody hands and feet,
Where my greatest comforts meet.

This imprinted demonstration
Of thy love be my salvation.

5. All my hope and consolation Christ is in thy bitter death.


In the hour of expiration,

Lord, receive my dying breath.
By thine agony and sweat,
Grant me, Lord, a safe retreat.

By thy glorious resurrection,
Raise me to thy blest perfection.

6. Christ, thy holy wounds and passion, Bloody sweat, cross, death, and tomb, Be my daily meditation,


Whilst I'm living from my 'Specially when I go hence, Let this be my confidence, That thy deep humiliation Was to purchase my salvation.

Hymn 67.


Lamb of God, our Saviour!
Kill'd on the tree of sorrow!
Thy meek and low behaviour

Paid what thou didst not borrow.
Thou bor'st our sin and malice,
Took'st up the wrathful chalice.
Have mercy upon us, O Jesu! Jesu!

2. O Lamb of God, our Saviour, &c. Have mercy upon us, &c.


3. O Lamb of God, our Saviour, &c. O Grant us thy peace, O Jesu ! O Jesu !


Hymn 68.


Boundless grief,
Beyond relief!

Where are my passions hurried?
God the Father's darling Son
For my sins is buried.

2. O greatest dread!
God-Man is dead.

O See where he expired,
And for sinners doom'd to death,
Endless life acquired.

3. O make a pause,
And search the cause
Of this unheard of murther!
Sinner! thine apostacy,
Could advance no further.

4. The Lamb of God
Hath shed his blood
For my, and thy salvation,
Thus to rescue sinful men
From deserv'd damnation.

5. O glorious Head;
Wast thou e'er made
Thus to be torn and wounded?
At whose sight the guilty world
Ought to be confounded.

6. O lovely face!

Thou source of grace, And author of all beauty!

Who can see thee, and not melt Into tears of duty?

7. How blest he is,
Who weigheth this
With christian application,

That the Lord of life and light
Dies for our salvation.

8. O Jesu! blest

My hope and rest,

Grant me this heavenly favour,

That thy blood, cross, death and tomb Prove my diyng savour,

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