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5. All hail, triumphant Lord,
Who sav'st us with thy blood!
Wide be thy name ador'd,
Thou rising, reigning God!
With thee we rise,
With thee we reign,
And empires gain
Beyond the skies.

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Hymn 74. c. M.

HE Lord of Sabbath let us praise,
In concert with the blest,

Who joyful in harmonious lays,
Employ an endless rest.

2. Thus Lord, while we remember thee,
We blest and pious grow;
By hymns of praise we learn to be
Triumphant here below.

3. On this glad day a brighter scene
Of glory was display'd

By God, th' eternal Word, than when
This universe was made.

4. He rises, who mankind hath bought
With grief and pain extreme;

'Twas great to speak the world from nought, 'Twas greater to redeem.

Hymn 75. c. M.

1.B Beheld our rising God;

LESS'D morning, whose young dawning rays

That saw him triumph o'er the dust,

And leave his last abode.

2. In the cold prison of a tomb
The dead Redeemer lay,

Till the revolving Skies had brought
The third, th' appointed day.

3. Hell and the grave unite

To hold our God in vain ;
The sleeping conqueror arose,

And burst their feeble chain.

4. To thy great name, Almighty Lord,
These sacred hours we pay,
And loud hosannas shall proclaim
The triumph of the day.


Hymn 76. L. M.

INTO great JEHOVAH's equal son;

WOW for a tune of lofty praise

Awake, my voice, in heav'nly lays

Tell the loud wonders he hath done.
2. Sing, how he left the worlds of light,
And the bright robes he wore above;
How swift and joyful was his flight,
On wings of everlasting love,
3. Deep in the shades of gloomy death
Th' almighty captive pris'ner lay;
The almighty captive left the earth,
And rose to everlasting day.

4. Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light,
Up to his throne of shining grace;
See what immortal glories sit

Round the sweet beauties of his face.
5. Amongst a thousand harps and songs,
JESUS, the GOD, exalted reigns;
His sacred name fills all their tongues,
And echoes thro' the heav'nly plains!

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Hymn 77. L. M.

HE third auspicious morn is come,
And calls your Saviour from the tomb,

The bands of death are torn away,
The yawning tomb gives back its prey.
2. Could neither seal nor stone secure,
Nor men, nor devils make it sure?
The seal is broke, the stone cast by,
And all the powers of darkness fly.
3. The body breaths, and lifts its head,
The keepers sink, and fall as dead,
The dead restor❜d to life appear,
The living quake, and die for fear.
4. The LORD of life is risen indeed,
To death deliver'd in your stead;
His rise proclaims your sins forgiven,
And shews the living way to heaven.
5. Haste then, ye souls that first believe,
Who dare the gospel word receive,
Your faith with joyful hearts confess
Be bold, be JESUS' witnesses.

6. Go tell the followers of your LORD,
Their JESUS is to life restor❜d;


He lives, that they his life may find;
He lives, to quicken all mankind.


Hymn 78. P. M.

HEE, the great Prophet sent from God Mighty in deed and word we own; Thou hast on some the grace bestow'd, Thy rising in their hearts made known; They publish thee, to life restor❜d, Attesting, they have seen the Lord. 2. Alas for us, whose eyes are held ! Why cannot we our Saviour see! With us thou art, yet still conceal'd; O might we hear one word from thee? Speak, and our unbelief remove, ur baseness to mistrust thy love.

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3. Fools as we are, and slow of heart,
So backward to believe the word!
The prophet's only aim thou art:

They sang the sufferings of their LORD,
Thy life for ours a ransom given,
Thy rising to insure our Heaven.
4. Ought not our LORD the death to die,
And then the glorious life to live?
To stoop, and then go up on high?
The pain, and then the joy receive?
His blood the purchase price lay down,
Endure the cross, and claim the crown?
5. Ought not the members all to pass

The way their head had pass'd before?
Thro' sufferings perfected he was,
The garment dipt in blood he wore,
That we with him might die, and rise
And bear his nature to the skies!


Hymn 79. P. M.

OME then, thou Prophet of the LORD,
Thou great Interpreter divine,

Explain thine own transmitted word;
To teach, and to inspire is thine.
Thou only canst thyself reveal,
Open the book, and loose the seal.

2. Whate'er the antient prophets spoke Concerning thee, O CHRIST, make known, Sole subject of the sacred Book,

Thou fillest all, and thou alone;
Yet there our LORD we cannot see,
Unless thy spirit lends the key.
3. Now Jesu, now the veil remove,
The folly of our darken'd heart,
Unfold the wonders of thy love,
The knowledge of thyself impart :

Our ear, our inmost soul we bow:
Speak, Lord, thy servants hearken now.

4. Not as tho' thou wouldst farther go,
Our friend and counsellor, and guide,
But stay, the path of life to shew,

Still with our souls vouchsafe t' abide,
Constrain❜d by thy own mercy stay,
Nor leave us at our close of day.
5. Come in, with thy disciples sit,
Nor suffer us to ask in vain.
Nourish us, Lord, with living meat,

Our souls with heavenly bread sustain ;
Break to us now the mystic bread,
And bid us on thy body feed.

6. Honour the means ordain'd by thee,
The great unbloody sacrifice,
The deep tremendous mystery,
Thyself in our enlighten'd eyes
Now in the broken bread make known,
And shew us thou art all our own.


Hymn 80. P. M.

REAK forth into praise, our surety and head, His members to raise, hath rose from the dead: The pow'r of his spirit hath quicken'd our Lord, That we by his merit may all be restor❜d.

2. Our captain and king with shouts we proclaim,
And joyfully sing the wonderful name;
The name all victorious we publish and feel,
Triumphantly glorious o'er sin, earth, and hell.

3. The power of his rise we know and declare,
And rapt to the skies, his happiness share ;
In heavenly places, with Jesus we sit,
ad Jesus's praises with angels repeat..

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