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1. First Report of the Society for the Support of tho Gospel, New York.

2. Some Account of an Actress.
3. Continnation of the History of Caroline.
4. Hymns for several Occasions.

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of the Trustees of the Society for Supporting the

Gospel among the Poor, in the City of New York,

“AND unto the Poor the Gospel is preached," was a decisive evidence adduced by the divine Redeemer to assure John Baptist, that he was indeed the Messiah, who brought uigh the kingdom of Heaven unto men.

To satisfy the afflicted soul," the Evangelical Prophet declares to be one effectual mean of procuring the blessing of the most High.

Poverty, sickness, and distress, with their scorpion scourge, will drive their victims to those abodes which Humanity provides for the children of Aflliction. Thither the foot of Pride refuses to direct its steps ; there the full hoart of Prosperity finds no scenes, corresponding with a sense of selfish gratification.

Obscure and neglected, the sufferers would have pined in despondence, had not the religion of Jesus, by softening the heart, subduing the pride, and exciting the sympathy of man, taught her disciple" to

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weep with those who weep,” and, like their divine Master, " to preach the glad tidings of salvation to

the poor."

Under the banner, and in obedience to the precepts of this benign religion, "The Society for supporting the Gospel among the Poor in the City of New York," was instituted, at the close of the year 1812.

On the 23d of December last, nine trustees* were elected to manage the conceras of the Society, who, out of their own number, chose, on the following day, a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

They appointed for their Preacher, the Rev, Ezra Stiles Ely, who had for some years before voluntarily devoted a great portion of his time to preaching in the Almshouse and Hosp Bye-laws were framed and adopted, and a Committee of Superinteudance appointed to promote the object of the Society, during the recess of the Board, to whom they were required to report at each Quarterly Meeting.

The Rev. Mr. Ele continued his services from the 1st of January until the 1st of July last, when he resigned his appointment in consequence of a call in Providence to change the place of bis residence.

• The following Gentlemen were the Trustees elected : HENRY RUTGERS, President, LEONARD BLEECKER, JOEL Post, Treasurer,


and John R. MURRAY,


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