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Love humanity. You can only ascertain your own mission from the aim set by God before humanity at large. God has given you your country as cradle, and humanity as mother; you cannot rightly love your brethren of the cradle if you love 5 not the common mother. Beyond the Alps, beyond the sea, are other peoples now fighting or preparing to fight the holy fight of independence, of nationality, of liberty; other peoples striving by different routes to reach the same goal-improvement, association, and the foundation of an authority which 10 shall put an end to moral anarchy and re-link earth to heaven; an authority which mankind may love and obey without remorse or shame. Unite with them; they will unite with you. Do not invoke their aid where your single arm will suffice to conquer; but say to them that the hour will shortly 15 sound for a terrible struggle between right and blind force,

and that in that hour you will ever be found with those who have raised the same banner as yourselves.

And love, young men, love and venerate the ideal. The ideal is the word of God. High above every country, high 20 above humanity, is the country of the spirit, the city of the soul, in which all are brethren who believe in the inviolability of thought and in the dignity of our immortal soul; and the baptism of this fraternity is martyrdom. From that high.sphere spring the principles which alone can redeem the 25 peoples. Arise for the sake of these, and not from the impatience of suffering or dread of evil. Anger, pride, ambition, and the desire of material prosperity are arms common alike to the peoples and their oppressors, and even should you conquer with these to-day, you would fall again to30 morrow; but principles belong to the peoples alone, and their oppressors can find no arms to oppose them. Adore enthusiasm, the dreams of the virgin soul, and the visions of early youth, for they are a perfume of paradise which the soul retains in issuing from the hands of its Creator. Re35 spect above all things your conscience; have upon your lips the truth implanted by God in your hearts, and, while

laboring in harmony, even with those who differ from you, in all that tends to the emancipation of our soil, yet ever bear your own banner erect and boldly promulgate your own faith.

Such words, young men, would the martyrs of Cosenza have spoken, had they been living amongst you; and here, 5 where it may be that, invoked by our love, their holy spirits hover near us, I call upon you to gather them up in your hearts and to make of them a treasure amid the storms that yet threaten you; storms which, with the name of our martyrs on your lips and their faith in your hearts, you will overcome. 10 God be with you, and bless Italy!


All four speeches illustrate the chief desideratum in after-dinner speaking, brevity. They show, too, that brevity does not preclude so mingling grave and gay that an audience is led to think of fundamental questions in education; does not preclude strong emotional effect, phrasing for the first time ideas which become the beliefs of the next generation, or even facing a grave political crisis so skilfully that the speech in large part prepares the solution of it.




A Five Minute Address.

At a Luncheon of the Class of '94, Radcliffe College, Cambridge,
June 28, 1900.

I HAVE been asked to discuss "Radcliffe as a Matrimonial Training School." Now, as you doubtless know, matrimony is the one subject of which every college girl is popularly supposed to be shy, because either she wants to get married 5 and is afraid that she won't, or she doesn't want to get married and is afraid that she will! To lessen the fears of the girl who is afraid that she won't, we are urged to compile elaborate statistics to prove the college woman distinctly marriageable, but in the meantime she looks at the meagre 10 list of married names in our college catalogue and her fears are strengthened. The girl who is afraid that she will, looks at the same list and her fears are not diminished. She thinks of all the might-have-beens which weren't because the college girl wouldn't! And they tell her that Radcliffe is a 15 matrimonial training school.

But for us the question is, Is Radcliffe a successful training school? Does she not only make a woman distinctly eligible to this highest of all positions, but does she enable her to fill it, honestly, ideally to fill it?

I wish, I cannot tell you how earnestly, that I could say yes unqualifiedly, because to me this, and not co-education or Ph.D.'s, or woman's exact intellectual relation to man, is the vital issue in college economics. In the five minutes at my disposal I cannot hope to tell you why this is for me, and I

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