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5 I'll praise Him while He lends me breath; And when my voice is lost in death,

Praise shall employ my nobler powers: My days of praise shall ne'er be past, While life, and thought, and being last,

Or immortality endures. 199 PSALM CXLVII. C. M. F. HEMANS. 1

every height Songs to His glory raise : Ye angel-hosts, ye stars of night,

Join in immortal praise.

20 heaven of heavens, let praise far

swelling From all thine orbs be sent : Join in the strains, ye waters, dwelling

Above the firmament.

3 For His the word which gave you birth,

And majesty and might;
Praise to the Highest from the earth,

And let the deeps unite.
4 O fire and vapour, hail and snow,

Ye servants of His will;
O stormy winds, that only blow

His mandates to fulfil; 5 Mountains and rocks, to heaven that rise ;

Fair cedars of the wood;
Creatures of life that wing the skies,

Or track the plains for food :
6 Judges of nations ; kings, whose hand

Waves the proud sceptre high;
O youths and virgins of the land,

O age and infancy:

7 Praise ye His name, to whom alone

All homage should be given ; Whose glory from th' eternal throne,

Spreads wide o'er earth and heaven,


C. M.


PRAISE ye the Lord, immortal choir,


In heavenly heights
With harp, and voice, and souls of fire,

Burning with perfect love.
2 Shine to His glory, worlds of light,

Ye million suns of space :
Ye moons and glistening stars of night,

Running your mystic race.
3 Ye gorgeous clouds that deck the sky

With crystal, crimson, gold;
And rainbow arches rais'd on high,

The Light of light unfold.
4 Shout to Jehovah, surging main,

In deep eternal roar;
Let wave to wave resound the strain,

And shore reply to shore. 5 Storm, lightning, thunder, hail, and snow,

Wild winds that keep His word,
With the old mountains far below,

Unite to bless the Lord.
6 His name, ye forests, wave along;

Whisper it every flower:
Birds, beasts, and insects, swell the song,

That tells His love and power.
7 And round the wide world let it roll,

Whilst man shall lead it on:
Join, every ransom'd human soul,

In glorious unison.

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8 Come, aged man, come, little child,

Youth, maiden, peasant, king, To God in Jesus reconciled,

Your hallelujahs bring. 9 The Omnipresent Deity,

Maker of earth and heaven, The great Redeeming Majesty,

To Him the praise be given.



L. M.



From distant worlds where creatures

Let heaven begin the solemn word,

And sound it dreadful down to hell. 2 The Lord ! how absolute He reigns !

Let every angel bend the knee;
Sing of His love in heavenly strains,

And speak how fierce His terrors be. 3 High on a throne His glories dwell,

An awful throne of shining bliss :
Fly through the world, O sun, and tell

How dark thy beams compard to His. 4 Wide as His vast dominion lies,

Make the Creator's name be known;
Loud as His thunder shout His praise,

And sound it lofty as His throne. 5 Jehovah ! 'tis a glorious word:

O may it dwell on every tongue !
But saints who best have known the Lord

Are bound to raise the noblest song. 6 Speak of the wonders of that love

Which Gabriel plays on every chord :
From all below, and all above,
Loud hallelujahs to the Lord.



PSALM CXLVII. 6's & 7's. 1 NGELS, assist to sing

The honours of your God;
Touch every tuneful string,

And sound His name abroad;
Pour the trembling notes along ;

Swell the universal song.
2 And ye of meaner birth,

Your joyful voices raise ;
Inhabitants of earth,

Your great Redeemer praise ;
Let your loud hosannas rise ;

Shake the earth and pierce the skies. 3 Let day and dusky night

In solemn order join,
His praises to recite,

And speak His power divine;
Every hill and every vale,

Echo with the sacred tale. 4 Let every creature sing,

The honours of our God;
Touch every tuneful string,

And sound His praise abroad :
Pour the trembling notes along ;
Swell the universal song.



7.6. 1 AISE the Lord who reigns above,

And keeps His courts below; Praise Him for His boundless love,

And all His greatness shew: Praise Him for His noble deeds;

Praise Him for His matchless power : Him, from whom all good proceeds,

Let earth and heaven adore.

2 Publish, spread to all around

The great Immanuel's Name : Let the gospel-trumpet sound;

Him Prince of Peace proclaim. Praise Him, every tuneful string ;

All the reach of heavenly art, All the power of music bring,

The music of the heart. 3 Him, in whom they move and live,

Let every creature sing; Glory to our Saviour give,

And homage to our King.
Hallow'd be His name beneath,

As in heaven, on earth ador'd.
Praise the Lord in every breath :

Let all things praise the Lord.



PSALM CL. C. M. WATTS. 1 N God's own house pronounce His praise,

His grace He there reveals ;
To heaven your joy and wonder raise,

For there His glory dwells.
2 Let all your sacred passions move,

While you rehearse His deeds ;
But the great work of saving love

Your highest praise exceeds.
3 All that have motion, life, and breath,

Proclaim your Maker bless'd;
Yet, when my voice expires in death,

My soul shall praise Him best.



7's. MERRICK. 1

O praise the name divine !
Praise it at the hallow'd shrine;
Let the firmament on high
To its Maker's praise reply.


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