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5 There streams of endless pleasure flow; And full discoveries of Thy grace, Which we but tasted here below,

Spread heavenly joys through all the place.





LORD, I am Thine; but Thou wilt prove
My faith, my patience, and my love:
When men of strife against me join,
They are the sword, the hand is Thine.

2 What sinners value I resign;

Lord, 'tis enough that Thou art mine:
I shall behold Thy blissful face,
And stand complete in righteousness.

3 This life's a dream, an empty show;
But the bright world to which I go
Hath joys substantial and sincere:
When shall I wake and find me there?

4 O glorious hour! O blest abode !
I shall be near and like my God;
And flesh and sin no more control
The sacred pleasures of the soul.

5 My flesh shall slumber in the ground
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound;
Then burst the chains with sweet surprise,
And in my Saviour's image rise.




10 GOD, my strength and fortitude,

Of force I must love Thee;

Thou art my castle and defence
In my necessity.

2 The Lord Jehovah is my God,
My rock, my strength, my wealth;
My strong deliverer, and my trust,
My spirit's only health.

3 In my distress I sought my God,
I sought Jehovah's face;

My cry before Him came; He heard
Out of His holy place.

4 The Lord descended from above,
And bow'd the heavens most high,
And underneath His feet He cast
The darkness of the sky.

5 On cherub and on cherubim
Full royally He rode,

And on the wings of mighty winds
Came flying all abroad.

6 The voice of God did thunder high,
The lightnings answered keen;
The channels of the deep were bared,
The world's foundations seen.

7 And so deliver'd He my soul!
Who is a rock but He?

He liveth-Blessed be my Rock!
My God exalted be!




148th M.


H He bow'd the sable sky,

E came, the King of kings;

And on the tempest's wings

Walk'd down serene from high; The earth beneath His footsteps shook, The mountains quak'd at His rebuke.

2 Above the storm He stood,
And awed it to repose;
He drew us from the flood,
And scatter'd all our foes;
He set us in a spacious place,
And there upholds us by His grace.

3 Whom shall we love like Thee,
Our God, our Guide, our King?
The tower to which we flee,

The rock to which we cling.

O for a thousand tongues, to shew
The mercies which to Thee we owe !



S. M.




BEHOLD, the morning sun

Begins his glorious way;

His beams through all the nations run,
And life and light convey.

But where the gospel comes,

It spreads diviner light;

It calls dead sinners from their tombs,

And gives the blind their sight.

3 My gracious God, how plain
Are thy directions given!
O may I never read in vain,
But find the path to heaven!

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I hear Thy word with love,
And I would fain obey:

Send Thy good Spirit from above,
To guide me, lest I stray.

Warn me of every sin,

Forgive my secret faults,

And cleanse this guilty soul of mine,

Whose crimes exceed my thoughts.


While with my heart and tongue I spread Thy praise abroad, Accept the worship and the song, My Saviour and my God.



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THE heavens are telling high and wide

The glory of the Lord,

The firmament and deeps of air
His handywork record.

2 Day speaks to day-a gushing fount
Of praise that cannot fail:

Day unto day, and night to night,
Tells out the wondrous tale.

3 No sound, no converse; all unheard
The solemn voice they send :

Their line goes out o'er all the earth,
Their words to the world's end.

4 In them the Lord made for the sun
A tent and home on high,

Who like a bridegroom quits his bower
To tread the morning sky;

5 Like champion glad to run his course,
Comes forth from heaven's far side,
And o'er heaven's bound his circuit takes:
Nought from his heat may hide.

6 God's law is perfect and entire,
To win the wandering mind;
God's witness is for ever sure,
To teach the simple kind.

7 God's rules are even, clear, and straight, Rejoicing all the heart;

And God's command is pure; and light
O'er eye and soul will dart.

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