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Hail, Abraham's God and ours !

We join the heavenly lays,
And celebrate with all our powers

His endless praise.

211 Heb. i. 10–12.

C. M. WATTS. REAT God, how infinite art Thou !


Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to Thee. 2 Thy throne eternal ages stood,

Ére seas or stars were made; Thou art the ever-living God,

Were all the nations dead. 3 Nature and time quite naked lio

To Thine immense survey, From the formation of the sky

To the great burning day. 4 Eternity, with all its years,

Stands present in Thy view;
To Thee there's nothing old appears ;

Great God, there's nothing new. 5 Our lives through various scenes are drawn,

And vex'd with trifling cares,
While Thine eternal thought moves on

Thine undisturb'd affairs.
6 Great God, how infinite art Thou !

What worthless worms are we ! Let the whole race of creatures bow,

And pay their praise to Thee.

212 Psalm xo. 2.

. .
C. M.

WATTS. 1 ISE, rise, my soul, and leave

the ground, And rouse up every tuneful sound,

To praise th' Eternal God.

2 Long ere the lofty skies were spread,

Jehovah fill'd His throne;
Ere man was form’d or angels made,

The Maker liv'd alone.
3 His boundless years can ne'er decrease,

But still maintain their prime; Eternity's His dwelling-place,

And ever is His time.
4 While like a tide our minutes flow,

The present and the past,
He fills His own immortal now,

And sees our ages waste.

213 1 Tim. v. 16.

L. M.


, u We can't behold Thy bright abode ; O'tis beyond a creature mind

To glance a thought half way to God. 2 Infinite leagues beyond the sky

The great Eternal reigns alone,
Where neither wings nor souls can fly,

Nor angels climb the topless throne. 3 The Lord of glory builds His seat

Of gems insufferably bright,
And lays beneath His sacred feet

Substantial beams of gloomy night.
4 Yet, glorious Lord, Thy gracious eyes

Look through and cheer us from above;
Beyond our praise Thy grandeur flies,
Yet we adore, and yet we love.

214 Psalm cit. 27. L. M. DODDRIDGE


1 REAT Former of this various frame,

Our souls adore Thine awful name,
And bow and tremble while they praise
The Ancient of eternal days.

2 Before Thine infinite survey,

Creation rose as yesterday;
And as to-morrow shall Thine eye

See earth and stars in ruin lie.
3 Beyond the highest angel's sight,

Thou dwellest in eternal light,
Which shines with undiminish'd ray,

While suns and systems waste away. 4 Our days a transient period run,

And change with every circling sun ;
And while to lengthen'd years we trust,

Before the moth we sink to dust. 5 But let the creatures fall around;

Let death consign us to the ground;
Let the last general flame arise,

And melt the arches of the skies ; 6 Calm as the summer's ocean, we

Can all the wreck of nature see;
While grace secures us an abode
Unshaken as the throne of God.

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215 Isaiah Ivil 15. How bright,

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OW wondrous great, how glorious

Must our Creator be,
Who dwells amidst the dazzling light

Of vast in !
2 Our soaring spirits upwards rise

Toward the celestial throne;
Fain would we see the blessed Three,

And the Almighty One.
3 Our reason stretches all its wings,

And climbs above the skies ;
But still how far beneath Thy feet

Our grovelling reason lies.


4 Lord, here we bend our humble souls,

And awfully adore,
For the weak pinions of our minds

Can stretch a thought no more. $ Thy glories infinitely rise

Above our labouring tongue; In vain the highest seraph tries

To form an equal song. 6 In humble notes our faith adores

The great mysterious King, While angels strain their nobler powers,

And sweep the immortal string.


James 1. 17. C. M. WATTS. 1 row shall I praise th' Eternal God, Who can ascend His high abode,

Or venture near His throne ? 2 The great Invisible ! He dwells

Conceal'd in dazzling light; But His all-searching eye reveals

The secrets of the night.
3 Those watchful eyes that never sleep

Survey the world around;
His wisdom is a boundless deep,

Where all our thoughts are drown'd. 4 He knows no shadow of a change,

Nor alters His decrees ;
Firm as a rock liis truth remains,

To guard His promises.
6 Now to my soul, immortal King,

Speak some forgiving word ;
Then 'twill be double joy to sing

The glories of my Lord.

217 Psalm xcvii. 1. J.

L. M, WATTS. 1 EHOVAH reigns, His throne is high,

His robes are light and majesty; His glory shines with beams so bright,

No mortal can sustain the sight.
2 His terrors keep the world in awe;

His justice guards His holy law;
His love reveals a smiling face ;

His truth and promise seal the grace. 3 Through all His works His wisdom shines,

And batlles Satan's deep designs ;
His power is sovereign to fulfil

The noblest counsels of His will.
4 And will this glorious Lord descend

To be my Father and my Friend?
Then let my songs with angels join ;
Heaven is secure, if God be mine.


Psalm xcix. 1, 2. 148th M. Warts. 1

His throne is built on high :
The garments He assumes

Are light and majesty:
His glories shine with beams so bright,

No mortal eye can bear the sight. 2 The thunders of His hand

Keep the wide world in awe;
His wrath and justice stand

To guard His holy law :
And where His love resolves to bless,

His truth confirms and seals the grace. 3 Through all His ancient works

Surprising wisdom shines,
Confounds the powers of hell,

And breaks their dark designs.
Strong is His arm, and shall fulfil
His great decrees, His sovereign will.

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