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2 Legions of angels strong and fatr

În countless armies shine, And swell His praise with golden harpy,

Attuned to songs divine. 3 “Hail, Prince !” they cry, "for ever hail !

Whose unexampled love Mov'd Thee to quit these glorious realms

And royalties above."
4 While He did condescend on earth

To suffer scorn and pain,
They cast their honours at His feet,

And waited in His train.
5 Through all His travels here below,

They did His steps attend ;
Oft wondering how and where at last

The mystic scene would end. 6 They saw His heart, transfixed with wounds,

With love and grief run o'er:
They saw Him break the bars of death,

Which none e'er brake before.
7 They brought His chariot from above,

To bear Him to His throne; Then swept their golden harps, and sang,

“The glorious work is done !"

283 Matt. vill

. 20. 6.10.

MONSELL IRDS have their quiet nests,


man his

peaceful bed; All creatures have their rest, But Jesus had not where to lay His head. 2 And yet He came to give The weary and the heavy laden rest;

To bid the sinner live, And soothe my griefs to slumber on

His breast.

3 I who once made Him grieve;
I who once bade His gentle spirit mourn;

Whose hand essay'd to weave
For His meek brow the cruel crown of

thorn : 4 O why should I have peace ? Why? but for that unchang'd, undying love,

Which would not, could not cease,
Until it made me heir of joys above.
5 Yes, but for pard'ning grace,
I feel I never should in glory see

The brightness of that face,
That once was pale and agonis'd for me.
6 Let the birds seek their nest,
Foxes their holes, and man his peaceful bed;

Come, Saviour, in my breast Deign to repose Thine oft-rejected head. 7 On earth Thou lovest best To dwell in humble souls that mourn

for sin ; O come and take Thy rest, This broken, bleeding, contrite heart within,

284 Matt. xiv. 22, 23. L. M. RUSSELL.

O'Fhet loom or twilight gathers fast ;


ER dark wave of

And on the waters drearily

Descends the fitful evening blast. 2 The weary bird hath left the air,

And sunk into his shelter'd nest;
The wandering beast has sought his lair,

And laid him down to welcome rest. 3 Still near the lake, with weary tread,

Lingers a form of human kind;
And on His lone unshelter'd head
Blows the chill night-damp of the wind.

4 Why seeks He not a home of rest ?

Why seeks He not a pillow'd bed ?
Beasts have their dens, the bird its nest;

He hath not where to lay His head. 5 Such was the lot He freely chose,

To bless, to save the human race;
And through His poverty there flows
A rich, full stream of heavenly grace.


Matt. v. 1, 2. L. M. BOWRING. 1 HOWO COW sweetly flow'd the gospel's sound

From lips of gentleness and grace ; When listening thousands gathered round,

And joy and reverence ill'd the place! 2 From heaven He came, of heaven He spoko,

To heaven He led His followers' way;
Dark clouds of gloomy night He broke,

Unveiling an immortal day. 3 “Come, wanderers, to my Father's home,

Come all ye weary ones, and rest !”
Yes! gracious Saviour, we will coins,

Obey Thee, love Thee, and be bless'd. 4 Decay, these tenements of dust!

Pillars of earthly pride, decay!
A nobler mansion waits the just,
Aud Jesus has prepared the way.
Mark xi. 15–19. 1 Cor. iii, 17. 4 10's.

JER. TAYLOR. * 1 ESCEND to Thy Jerusalem, O Lord !

one accord; Come, ride in triumph on; behold we lay Our guilty lusts and proud wills in Thy



2 Thy road is ready, Lord; Thy paths, made

straight, In longing expectation seem to wait The consecration of Thy beauteous feet; And hark ! hosannas loud Thy footsteps

greet. 3 Welcome, O welcome to our hearts, Lord !

here Thou hast a temple too, and full as dear As that in Zion, and as full of sin; How long shail thieves and robbers dwell

therein ? 4 Enter and chase them forth, and cleanse

the floor;
Destroy their strength, that they may never
Profane with traffic vile that holy place
Which Thou hast chosen, there to set Thy

face. 5 And then, if our stiff tongues shall silent be

In praises of Thy finish'd victory,
The temple stones shall cry, and loud

Hosanna! and Thy glorious footsteps greet.


HIS MIRACLES. 287 Matt. xi. 5. L. M.

WATTS. 1 EHOLD the blind their sight receive;

The dumb speak wonders, and the lame

Leap like the hart, and bless His name. 2 Thus doth th' Eternal Spirit own

And seal the mission of the Son;
The Father vindicates His cause,
While He hangs bleeding on the cross.

* L Like the blind beside the way;

3 He dies,-the heavens in mourning stood;

He rises, and appears a God :
Behold the Lord ascending high,

No more to bleed, no more to die. 4 Hence and for ever from my heart

I bid iny doubts and fears depart;
And to those hands my soul resign
Which bear credentials so divine.
Luke xviii. 35–42.

ORD, we
Make our darken'd souls to see

The glory of Thy perfect day;
O Lord, rebuke our sullen night,

And give Thyself unto our sight. 2 Lord, we do not ask to gaze

On our dim and earthly sun, But the light that still shall blaze

When every star its course hath run: The light that gilds Thy blest abode, The glory of the Lamb of God.


Psalm lxv. 7.

8 7's.



To the troubled waters, “Peace,”
And the tempest died away ;
Down they sank, the foamy seas;
And a calm and heaving sleep
Spread o'er all the glassy deep;
All the azure lake serene

Like another heaven was seen.
2 Lord, Thy gracious word repeat

To the billows of the proud ;
Quell the tyrants' martial heat,
Quell the fierce and changing crowd:

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