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Then the earth shall find repose
From its restless strife and woes;
And an imaged heaven appear

On our world of darkness here. 290 Mark Iv. 23. C. M. F. HEMANS. ]

, When stormy winds grew loud, And waves came rolling high and dark,

And the tall mast was bowed. 2 And men stood breathless in their dread,

And baffled in their skill;
But One was there, who rose and said

To the wild sea—"Be still !" 3 And the wind ceas'd, -it ceas'd !-that word

Pass'd through the gloomy sky;
The troubled billows knew their Lord,

And fell beneath His eye.
4 And slumber settled on the deep,

And silence on the blast;
They sank, as flowers that fold to sleep

When sultry day is past.
5 O Thou that in its wildest hour

Didst rule the tempest's mood,
Send Thy meek spirit forth in power,

Soft on our souls to brood.
6 Thou that didst bow the billow's pride

Thy mandate to fulfil,
O speak to passion's raging tide,

Speak, and say, “Peace, be still."


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Matt. xiv. 23–33. 8.8.6. C. WESLEY. FT when the waves of passion rise,

And o'er the ocean sweep;

Toss'd with the long tempestuous night,
We feel no ray of heavenly light,

To cheer the lonely deep.
2 But lo! in our extremity
The Saviour walking on the sea !

Een now He passes by!
He silences our clamorous fear,
And mildly says, “Be of good cheer,

Be not afraid, 'tis I.”
3 O Lord, if it be Thou indeed,
So near us in our time of need,

So good, so strong to save;
Speak the kind word of power to me,
Bid me believe and come to Thee,

Swift -walking on the wave.
4 He bids me come; His voice I know,
And boldly on the waters go,

And brave the tempest's shock:
O'er rude temptations now I bound;
The billows yield a solid ground,

The wave is firm as rock. 5 Come in, come in, Thou Prince of Peace, And all the storms of sin shall cease

And fall, no more to rise :
O if Thy Spirit still remain,
Our rest on distant shores we gain,

Our haven in the skies. 292

Mark vi. 50. C. M. LYTE 1 W

THO walks the waves in wondrous guise,

By nature's laws unstayed ?
« Tis 1,” a well-known voice replies ;

“'Tis 1 ; be not afraid.”
2 Thus when the storm of life is high,

Come, Saviour, to my aid; Come, when no other help is nigh,

And say—“Be not afraid.”

3 Speak, and my griefs no more are heard ;

Speak, and my fears are laid; Speak, and my soul shall bless the word,

'Tis I ; be not afraid." 4 When on the bed of death I lie,

And stretch my hands for aid, Stand Thou before my glazing cye,

And say—“Be not afraid."
5 Before Thy judgment-seat above,

When nature sinks dismay'd,
O cheer me with the word of love-

“Tis I; be not afraid.”


293 Luke xix. 41–43. D.S. M.


C. Y. ) HY doth my Saviour weep

At sight of Zion's bowers?
Shows it not fair from yonder steep,

Her gorgeous crown of towers ?
Mark well His holy pains :

"Tis not in pride or scorn,
That Israel's King with sorrow stains

His own triumphal morn. 2 “If thou hadst known, even thou,

At least in this thy day,
“The message of thy peace! but now

“ 'Tis pass'd for aye away:
Now foes shall trench thee round,

And lay thee even with earth,
And dash thy children to the ground,

Thy glory and thy mirth." 3 And doth the Saviour weep

Over His people's sin,
Because we will not let Him keep

The souls He died to win ?

Ye hearts that love the Lord,

If at this sight ye burn,
See that in thought, in deed, in word,

Ye hate what made Him mourn.

294 leb. iv. 15.


TITH joy we meditate the grace


His heart is made of tenderness,

It overflows with love.
2 Touch'd with a sympathy within,

He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,

For He has felt the same.
3 But spotless, innocent, and pure

The great Redeemer stood, While Satan's fiery darts He bore,

And did resist to blood. 4 He in the days of feeble flesh

Pour'd out His cries and tears, And in His measure feels afresh

What every member bears.
5 He'll never quench the smoking flax,

But raise it to a flame;
The bruised reed He never breaks,

Nor scorns the meanest name.
6 Then let our humble faith address

His mercy and His power ; We sball obtain delivering grace

In the distressing hour.



Heb. il. 17. C. M. C. C. Y.
N all things like Thy brethren Thou

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But how unlike to us, O Lord !

Replies the voice within.

2 O holy God! yet frail weak man!

"Tis not for us to know How spotless soul and body felt

Temptation, pain, and woe. 3 Our faith is weak ;-0 Light of light!

Clear Thou our clouded view; That Son of Man, and Son of God,

We give Thee honour due.
4 O Son of Man ! Thyself hast prov'd

Our trials and our tears;
Life's thankless toil and scant repose,

Death's agonies and fears.
8 O Son of God! in glory rais'd,

Thou sittest on Thy throne;
Thence by Thy pleadings and Thy grace,

Still succouring Thine own. 6 Brother and Saviour, Friend and Judge !

To Thee, O Christ, be given,
To bind upon Thy crown the names

Elect in earth and heaven.


John xi. 35.

CHRISTIAN LYRE. 1 RAW near, ye weary, bow'd, and

broken-hearted; Ye onward travellers to a peaceful bourne: Ye from whose path the light hath all

departed : And ye who 'rc left in solitude to mourn: Though o'er your spirits hath the storm

cloud swept, Sacred are sorrow's tears-since “ Jesus

wept." 2 The bright and spotless Heir of endless

glory, Wept for the woes of thosc He came to save;

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