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And angels wonder'd when they heard the

story, That He who conquer'd death wept o'er

the grave, As bending o'er the tomb where Lazarus

slept, In agony of spirit “Jesus wept.” 3 Lo, Jesus' power, the sleep of death hath

broken, And wiped the tear from sorrow's drooping

eye; Look up, ye mourners, hear what He hath

spoken, “He that believes on me shall never die." Through faith and love your spirits shall

be kept : Hope brighter grew on earth when “Jesus




John xil. 14, 15. L. M. MILMAN. 1

In lowly pomp ride on to die! O Christ, Thy triumphs now begin

O’er captive death and conquered sin. 2 Ride on ! ride on in majesty!

The winged squadrons of the sky
Look down with sad and wondering eyes

see the approaching sacrifice. 3 Ride on! ride on in majesty!

Thy last and fiercest strife is nigh;
The Father on His sapphire throne

Expects His own anointed Son. 4 Ride on! ride on in majesty!

In lowly pomp ride on to die!
Bow Thy meek head to mortal pain :
Then take, O God, Thy power and reign

298 A

Mark xiv. 36.

L. M. 1 VOICE upon the midnight air,

Where Kedron's inoonlit waters stray, Weeps forth in agony of prayer,

“O Father ! take this cup away."
2 Ah! Thou who sorrowest unto death,

We conquer in Thy mortal fray;
And Earth for all her children saith,

O God! take not this cup away. 3 O Lord of sorrow ! meekly die :

Thou'lt heal or hallow all our woe;
Thy name refresh the mourner's sigh,

Thy peace revive the faint and low. 4 Great Chief of faithful souls, arise ;

None else can lead the martyr band,
Who teach the brave how peril flies,

When Faith, unarmed, uplifts the hand. 5 O King of Earth! the cross ascend;

O'er climes and ages 'tis Thy throne;
Where'er Thy feeling eye may bend,

The desert blooms, and is Thine own. 6 Thy parting blessing, Lord, we pray:

Make but one fold below, above;
And when we go the last lone way,
O give the welcome of Thy love.

299 Phil. lii. 10. 0 78. MONTGOMERY. i no to dark Gethsemane, GYo that feel the tempter's power,

Your Redeemer's conflict see :
Watch with Him one bitter hour.
Turn not from His griefs away :
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.

2 Follow to the judgment-hall ;

View the Lord of life arraign'd.
Oh the wormwood and the gall!
Oh the pangs His soul sustain'd!
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss :

Learn of Him to bear the cross.
3 Calvary's mournful mountain climb i

There, adoring at His feet,
Mark that miracle of time,
God's own sacrifice complete.
“ It is finish'd;" hear Him cry:

Learn of Jesus Christ to die. 4 Early hasten to the tomb,

Where they laid His breathless clay.
All is solitude and gloom :
Who hath taken Him away?
Christ is ris'n ;-He seeks the skies.
Saviour, teach us so to rise.

300 Heb. iv. 14–16.

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87's. GRANT YAVIOUR, when in dust to Thee

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When repentant to the skies,
Scarce we lift our weeping eyes ;
O by all Thy pains and woe,
Suffered once for man below,
Bending from Thy throne on high,

Hear our solemn litany.
2 By Thy helpless infant years,

By Thy life of want and tears,
By Thy day of sore distress
In the savage wilderness,
By the dread mysterious hour
of th' insulting tempter's power;
Turn, O turn a favouring eye,
Hear our solemn litany,

3 By the sacred grief that wept

O'er the grave where Lazarus slept ;
By the boding tears that flowed
Over Salem's loved abode;
By the anguish'd sigh that told
Treachery lurk'd within Thy fold;
From Thy seat above the sky,

Hear our solemn litany.
4 By Thine hour of dire despair,

By Thine agony of prayer,
By the cross, the nail, the thorn,
Piercing spear and torturing scorn,
By the gloom that veiled the skies
O'er the dreadful sacrifice,
Listen to our humble cry!

Hear our solemn litany.
6 By Thy deep expiring groan,

By the sad sepulchral stone,
By the vault whose dark abode
Held in vain the rising God;
O! from earth to heaven restor'd,
Mighty re-ascended Lord,
Listen, listen, to the cry
Of our solemn litany.

301 HE

Mark xiv. 32. F. HEMANS. 1 E knelt, the Saviour knelt and pray'd,

When but His Father's eye
Look'd through the lonely garden's shade,

On that dread agony :
Messiah cried with suppliant breath,

Bow'd down with sorrow unto death. 2 He proved them all,—the doubt, the strife,

The faint perplexing dread;
The mists that hang o'er parting life

All gather'd round His head :
And the Deliverer knelt to pray,
Yet pass'd it not, that cup, away.

3 It pass'd not, though the stormy wave

Had sunk beneath His tread;
It pass'd not, though to Him the grave

Had yielded up its dead :
But there was sent Him from on high

A gift of strength for man to die. 4 And was the Sinless thus beset

With anguish and dismay ?
How may we meet our conflict yet,

In the dark narrow way?
Through Him, through Him that path

who trod, The Child of Grief, the Son of God.


Phil. ii. 8.

6.6.10. 1

To drain the cup of woe,
And wear the form of frail mortality;

Thy blessed labours done,

Thy crown of victory won,
Hast pass'd from earth, pass'd to Thy

home on high.
2 It was no path of flowers,

Through this dark world of ours, Beloved of the Father, Thou didst tread;

And shall we in dismay,

Shrink from the narrow way, When clouds and darkness are around it

spread ? 3 O Thou who art our life,

Be with us through the strife :
Thine own meek head by rudest storis was

Raise Thou our eyes above,

To see a Father's love
Beam, like a bow of promise, through

the cloud.

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