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4. When dire temptations gather round,

And threaten or allure,
By storm or calm, in Thée be found

A refuge strong and sure.
5 When age advances, may we grow

In faith, and hope, and love; And walk in holiness below,

To holiness above.
6 When earthly joys and cares depart,

Desire and envy cease,
Be Thou the portion of our heart,

In Thee may we have peace. 7 When flames these

ements destroy, And worlds in judgment stand, May we lift up our heads with joy,

And meet at Thy right hand. 522 Gen. xxxii. 26. 112th M. C. WESLEY.

* LORD my God, to me reveal ?

Tell me, I now beseech Thee, tell ;
To know it well resolved I am:
Wrestling, I will not let Thee go,

Till I Thy Name, Thy Nature know. 2 Tis love! 'tis love! Thou diedst for me:

I hear Thy Whisper in my heart !
The morning breaks, the shadows fice,
Pure, universal Love, Thou art :
To me, to all, Thy mercies move,

Thy Nature and Thy Name is Love. 3 I know Thee, Saviour, who Thou art,

Jesus, the feeble sinner's friend :
Nor wilt Thou with the night depart,
But stay and love me to the end ;
Thy mercies never shall remove;
Thy Nature and Thy Name is Love.



Heb. xiii. 14. 112th M. C. WESLEY. EADER of faithful souls, and guide


Come, and with us, even us abide,
Who would on Thee alone rely:
On Thee alone our spirits stay,

While held in life's uneven way.
2 Strangers and pilgrims here below,

This earth, we know, is not our place ;
But hasten through this

vale of woe, And, restless to behold Thy face, Swift to our heavenly country move,

Our everlasting home above. 3 We've no abiding city here,

But seek a city out of sight:
Thither our steady course we steer,
Aspiring to the plains of light;
Jerusalem, the saints' abode,

Whose founder is the living God. 4 Through Thee, who all our sins hast borne,

Freely and graciously forgiven,
With songs to Zion we return,
Contending for our native heaven:
That palace of our glorious King,

We find it nearer while we sing.
5 Raised by the breath of love divine,

We tread the way the saints have trod;
The church of the first-born to join,
We travel to the mount of God;
With joy upon our heads arise,
And meet our Captain in the skies,

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I am weak, but Thou art mighty,
Hold me with Thy powerful hand;

Bread of heaven,
Feed me, till I want no more,
2 Open now the crystal fountain,

Whence the healing streams do flow;
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through:

Strong Deliverer,
Be Thou still my strength and shield.
3 When I tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious fears subside;
Bear me through the swelling current,
Land me safe on Canaan's side ;

Songs of praises,
I will ever give to Thee.

525 * D :

1 Cor. Il. 9, 10. L. M.

WATTS. ESCEND from heaven, immortal Dove, And mount and bear us far above

The reach of these inferior things; 2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky,

Up where eternal ages roll ;
Where solid pleasures never die,
And fruits immortal feast the soul.

3 O for a sight, a pleasing sight,

Of our Almighty Father's throne !
There sits our Saviour crowned with light,

Clothed in a body like our own.
4. Adoring saints around Him stand,

And thrones and powers before Him fall ; The God shines gracious through the Man, And sheds sweet glories on them all.


$ O what amazing foys they feel

While to their golden harps they sing,
And sit on every heavenly hill,

And spread the triumphs of their King 6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear,

That I shall mount to dwell above,
And stand and bow amongst them there,

And view Thy face, and sing, and love ?
Isalah vi. 5. C. M.


see The place of Thine abode; I'd leave Thine earthly courts, and files

Up to Thy seat, my God, 2 Here I behold Thy distant face,

And 'tis a pleasing sight; But to abide in Tbine embrace

Is infinite delight.
3 I'd part with all the joys of sense

To gaze upon Thy throne;
Pleasure springs fresh for ever thence,

Unspeakable, unknown.
4 There I would vie with all the host

In duty and in bliss; While “ less than nothing" I could boast,

And “vanity" confess.
5 The more Thy glories strike mine eyes,

The humbler I shall lie;
Thus while I sink, my joys shall rise

Unmeasurably high. 527

Col. ill. 1, 2. MADAN. 1 R ISE, my soul, and stretch thy wings;

Thy better portion trace: Rise from transitory things,

Towards heaven, thy native place.

Sun, and moon, and stars decay;
Time shall soon this earth remove :
Rise, my soul, and haste away

To seats prepared above. 2 Rivers to the ocean run,

Nor stay in all their course :
Fire ascending seeks the sun :

Both speed them to their source,
So a soul that's born of God
Pants to view His glorious face;
Upward tends to His abode,

To rest in His embrace,
3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn;

Press onward to the prize. Soon your Saviour will return

Triumphant in the skies : Yet a season, and we know, Happy entrance will be given; All our sorrows left below,

And earth exchanged for heaven.


Psalm xxxix. 12. 8.8.6. J. WESLEY. OW happy is the pilgrim's lot;



From worldly hope and fear! Confined to neither court nor cell, His soul disdains on earth to dwell,

He only sojourns here.
2 Nothing on earth I call my own;
A stranger to the world unknown,

I all their goods despise :
I trample on their whole delight,
And seek a country out of sight,

A country in the skies.
3 There is my house and portion fair,
My treasure and my heart are there,
And my abiding home:

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