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4 He spoild the powers of darkness thus,

And brake our iron chains ; Jesus hath freed our captive souls

From everlasting pains.
6 O for this love let rocks and hills

Their lasting silence break,
And all harmonious human tongues

The Saviour's praises speak.
6 Yes, we will praise Thee, dearest Lord,

Our souls are all on flame: Hosanna round the spacious earth

To Thine adored name!
7 Angels, assist our mighty joys,

Strike all your harps of gold;
But when you raise your highest notes,

His love can ne'er be told.

Phil. ii. 7, 8.

C. M. WATTS. 1 INFINITE pity touch'd the heart

Eternal Son; Descending from the heavenly court,

He left His Father's throne.
2 Aside the Prince of Glory threw

His most divine array,
And wrapp'd His Godhead in a veil

of our inferior clay.
3 His living power and dying love

Redeem'd unhappy men,
And rais'd the ruins of our race

To life and God again.
4 To Thee, dear Lord, our flesh and soul

We joyfully resign;
Blest Jesus, take us for Thine own,

For we are doubly Thine,

5 Thine honour shall for ever be

The business of our days; . For ever shall our thankful tongues

Speak Thy deserved praise. 367

Isaiah lili. 6-12. S. M. WATTS. 1 IKE sheep we went astray,

, Each wandering in a different way,

But all the downward road. 2 How dreadful was the hour

When God our wanderings laid,
And did at once His vengeance pour

Upon the Shepherd's head ! 3 How glorious was the grace

When Christ sustain'd the stroke !
His life and blood the Shepherd pays

A ransom for the flock.
4 His honour and His breath

Were taken both away,
Join'd with the wicked in His death,

And made as vile as they.
But God shall raise His head

O'er all the sons of men,
And make Him see a numerous seed

To recompense His pain.
6 I'll give Him, saith the Lord,

A portion with the strong ;
He shall possess a large reward,

And hold His honours long. 368

Rom. x. 6-10. L. M. DODDRIDGE *

Where sinful men expiring lie ?
Triumph, my soul, the sound to hear,
And shout it joyous to the sky.

2 I ask not, who the heaven shall scale,

That Christ the Saviour thence may come; Or who earth's inmost depths assail,

To bring Him from the dreary tomb. 3 From heaven, on wings of love, He flew,

And Conqueror from the tomb He sprung; My heart believes the witness true,

And dictates to my faithful tongue. 4 I sing salvation brought so near;

No more on earth expiring lie;
I teach the world my joys to hear,
And shout them to the echoing sky.


Rev. v. 6-10. C. M. WATTS. 1

BEAmidst this father's throne;

EHOLD glories of
Prepare new honours for His name,

And songs before unknown. 2 Let elders worship at His feet,

The church adore around,
With vials full of odours sweet,

And harps of sweeter sound.
3 Now to the Lamb that once was slain,

Be endless blessings paid ;
Salvation, glory, joy, remain

For ever on Thy head. 4 Thou hast redeem'd our souls with blood,

Hast set the prisoners free;
Hast made us kings and priests to God,

And we shall reign with Thee.
6 The worlds of nature and of grace

Are put beneath Thy power;
Then shorten these delaying days,

And bring the promis'd hour.

Rev. V. 6–10.

L. M.


370 A

1 LL mortal vanities, begone,

Nor tempt my eyes, nor tire my ears; Behold, amidst th' eternal throne,

A vision of the Lamb appears.
2 All the assembling saints around

Fall worshipping before the Lamb,
And in new songs of gospel sound

Address their honours to His name. 3 The joy, the shout, the harmony,

Flies o'er the everlasting hills;
Worthy art Thou alone, they cry,

To read the book, to loose the seals, 4 Our voices join the heavenly strain,

And with transporting pleasure sing,
Worthy the Lamb that once was slain,

To be our Teacher and our King. 5 Worthy for ever is the Lord

That died for treasons not His own,
By every tongue to be adored,
And dwell upon His Father's throne,

2 Tim. ll. 12. O. M. URWICK'S COI.

371 THE

1 MHE head that once was crowned with

Is crowned with glory now:
A royal diadem adorns

The mighty Victor's brow.
2 The highest place that heaven affords,

Is His by sovereign right:
The King of kings, and Lord of lords,

He reigns in glory bright.

3 The joy of all who dwell above,

The joy of all below,
To whom He manifests His love,

And grants His name to know.
4 To them the cross, with all its shame,

With all its grace, is given;
Their name an everlasting name,

Their joy the joy of heaven.
5 They suffer with their Lord below;

They reign with Him above;
Their profit and their joy to know

The mystery of His love.
6 The cross He bore is life and health,

Though shame and death to Him;
His people's hope, His people's wealth,

Their everlasting theme,

372 Rev. v. 12, 13.



C. M. WATTS. let us join our cheerful songs


Ten thousand thousand are their tongues,

But all their joys are one.
2 Worthy the Lamb that died, they cry,

To be exalted thus:
Worthy the Lamb, our lips reply,

For He was slain for us. 3 Jesus is worthy to receive

Honour and power divine;
And blessings more than we can give,

Be, Lord, for ever Thine.
4 Let all that dwell above the sky,

And air, and earth, and seas, Conspire to lift Thy glories high,

And speak Thine endless praise.

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