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3 Then shall the heathen, filld with awe,

Learn the blest knowledge of Thy law,
And antichrists on every shore

Fall from their thrones to rise no more. 4 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet

In pure devotion at Thy feet;
And earth shall yield Thee, as Thy due,

Her fulness and her glory too.
5 O that from Britain now might shine

This heavenly light, this truth divine !
Till the whole universe shall be
But one great temple, Lord, for Thee.


E :

Acts v. 31. L. M. DODDRIDGE XALTED Prince of Life, we own


"Tis fixed by God's almighty hand,

And angels bow at Thy command. 2 Exalted Saviour, we confess

The sovereign triumphs of Thy grace;
Where beams of gentle radiance shine,

And temper majesty divine.
3 Wide Thy resistless sceptre sway,

Till all Thine enemies obey ;
Wide may Thy cross its virtue prove,

And conquer millions by its love. 4 Mighty to vanquish and forgive,

Thine Israel shall repent and live;
And loud proclaim Thy healing breath,
Which works their life, who wrought Thy

Heb. i. 6. 8.7.

KELLY. 1 CARK! ten thousand voices cry,


Swiftly flies the welcome sound,
Spreading rapturous joy around.

2 Jesus comes, His conflict over,

Comes to claim His great reward; Angels round the Victor hover,

Crowding to behold their Lord. 3 O what honours now await Him !

Friends and foes shall hear His voice : Tremble, tremble, ye that hate Him;

Ye who love His name, rejoice. 4 Yonder throne for Him erected,

Now becomes the Victor's seat: Lo, the Man on earth rejected,

Angels worship at His feet. 5 Day and night they bow before Him,

Worship Him, their glorious Lord; All the powers of heaven adore Him,

All obey His sovereign word.

383 LO

Rev. xi. 15. 8.7.4. KELLY, 1 OOK, ye saints, the sight is glorious;

See the Man of Sorrows now, From the fight returned victorious; Every knee to Him shall bow.

Crown Him, crown Him:
Crowns become the Victor's brow.
2 Crown the Saviour, angels, crown Him

Rich the trophies Jesus brings.
In the seat of power enthrone Him,

hile th vault of heaven rings.

Crown Him, crown Him : Crown the Saviour, King of kings. 3 Sinners in derision crowned Him,

Mocking thus the Saviour's claim.
Saints and angels crowd around Him,
Own His title, praise His name.

Crown Him, crown Him:
Spread abroad the Victor's fame,

4 Hark, those bursts of acclamation !

Hark, those loud triumphant chords 1
Jesus takes the highest station :
O what joy the sight affords !

Crown Him, crown Him,
King of kings, and Lord of lords.
Psalm cxlix. 2, 3. 148th M.

1 EJOICE, the Lord is King:



Mortals, give thanks and sing,

And triumph evermore.
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice; He bids His saints rejoice. 2 The mighty Saviour reigns,

The God of truth and love.
When He had purged our stains,

He took His seat above.
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice ; He bids His saints rejoice. 3 His kingdom must prevail :

He rules o'er earth and heaven.
The keys of death and hell

Are to our Saviour given.
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice; He bids His saints rejoice. 4 He sits at God's right hand

Till all His foes submit,
And bow to His command,

And fall beneath His feet.
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice ; He bids His saints rejoice. 5 Rejoice in glorious hope ;

Jesus the Judge shall come,
And take His servants up

To their eternal home.
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice:
Rejoice; He bids His saints rejoice.

385 R

Psalm lxxii. 2-5. 7.6. MONTGOMERY. 1 ECEIVE Messiah gladly,

And lift the downcast eyes : Ye people, speak not sadly ;

He makes the fallen rise, In all your habitations

Complaint and crying cease; The long Desire of Nations

Brings everlasting peace. 2 He comes, with succour speedy,

To those who suffer wrong:
To help the poor and needy,

And bid the weak be strong:
To give them songs for sighing,

Their darkness turn to light,
Whose souls, in bondage lying,

Were precious in His sight. 3 By such shall He be feared,

While sun and moon endure,
Beloved, obeyed, revered ; -

For He shall judge the poor,
Through changing generations,

With justice, mercy, truth,
While stars maintain their stations,

Or moons renew their youth.


386 i Thess. iv. 16, 17. L. M. HEBER. THE


Lord shall come! the earth shall

The mountains to their centre shake:
And, withering from the vault of night,
The stars shall pale their feeble light.

2 The Lord shall come ! but not the same

As once in lowliness He came;
A silent Lamb before His foes,

A weary man, and full of woes.
3 The Lord shall come ! a dreadful forin,

With rainbow wreath and robes of storin; On cherub wings, and wings of wind,

Appointed Judge of all mankind. 4 Can this be He, who wont to stray

A pilgrim on the world's highway, Oppressed by power, and mocked by pride,

The Nazarene,-the Crucified ? 6 While sinners in despair shall call,

"Rocks, hide us; mountains, on us fall!" The saints, ascending from the tomb, Shall joyful sing, “The Lord is come !"



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Rev. i. 7. 8.7.4. OLIVER 1

Once for favoured sinners slain : Thousand thousand saints attending, Swell the triumph of His train :

Jesus comes, and comes to reign.
2 Every eye shall then behold Him,

Robed in dreadful majesty :
Those who set at nought and sold Him,
Pierced and nailed. Him to the tree,

Deeply wailing,
Shall the true Messiah see.
3 When the solemn trump has sounded,

Heaven and earth shall flee away.
All who hate Him must, confounded,
Hear the summons of that day;

Come to judgment !
Come to judgment ! come away!

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