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4 Yea, Amen ! let all adore Thée,

High on Thine eternal throne :
Saviour, take the power and glory ;
Make Thy righteous sentence known.

O come quickly,
Claim the kingdom for Thine own.


Rev. 1. 5-7. L. M. WATTS. 1

The wonders of His dying love, Be humble honours paid below,

And strains of nobler praise above. 2 'Twas He that cleansed our foulest sins,

And washed us in His richest blood; "Tis He that makes us priests and kings,

And brings us rebels near to God. 3 To Jesus, our atoning Priest,

To Jesus, our superior King,
Be everlasting power confessed,

And every tongue His glory sing. 4 Behold, on flying clouds

He comes, And every eye shall see Him move; Though with our sins we pierced Him once,

Then He displays His pardoning love. 5 The unbelieving world shall wail,

While we rejoice to see the day :
Come, Lord; nor let Thy promise fall,
Nor let Thy chariot long delay.

389 Matt. XXV. 33. 8.8.6. RIPPON'S SEL.


1 THEN Thou, my righteous Judge,

shalt come, To fetch Thy ransomed people home,

Shall I among them stand ? Shall such a worthless worm as I, Who sometimes am afraid to die,

Be found at Thy right hand ?

2 Blest Saviour, grant it by Thy grace:
Be Thou my only hiding-place,

In this th' accepted day.
Thy pardoning voice, oh, let me hear
To still my unbelieving fear;

Nor let me fall, I pray. 3 Among Thy saints let me be found, Whene'er the archangel's trump shall

sound, And see Thy smiling face: Then with what rapture shall I sing, While heaven's resounding mansions ring

With shouts of sovereign grace! 390 Rev. XX, 11, 12. LUTHER. 1 YREAT God, what do I see and hear? Behold the Judge of man appear,

On clouds of glory seated.
The trumpet sounds; the graves restore
The dead which they contained before :

Prepare, my soul, to meet Him. 2 The dead in Christ shall first arise,

At the last trumpet's sounding;
Caught up to meet Him in the skies,

With joy their Lord surrounding :
No gloomy fears their souls dismay;
His presence sheds eternal day

On those prepared to meet Him.
3 Great God, what do I see and hear?

The end of things created :
Behold the Judge of man appear,

On clouds of glory seated :
Low at His cross, I view the day
When heaven and earth shall pass away,

And thus prepare to meet Him.


Rev. vi. 17. L. M. SCOTT, 1

, When heaven and earth shall pass away, What power shall be the sinner's stay?

Whom shall he trust that dreadful day? 2 When, shrivelling like a parched scroll,

The flaming heavens together roll ;
When louder yet, and yet more dread,

Swells the bigh trump that wakes the dead; 3 Oh, on that day, that wrathful day,

When man to judgment wakes from clay, Be Thou, O Christ, the sinner's stay, Though heaven and earth shall pass away.

392 Psalm Ixxxv. 10–13. C. M. MILTON*. THR Forester came, and not be slow;

footsteps cannot : Before Him righteousness shall go,

His royal harbinger.
2 Truth from the earth like to a flower,

Shall bud and blossom then;
And justice from her heavenly bower,

Look down on mortal men. 3 Rise, Lord, judge Thou the earth in might,

This longing earth redress;
For Thou art He who shall by right

The nations all possess.
4 The nations all whom Thou hast made

Shall come, and all shall frame
To bow them' low before Thee, Lord,

And glorify Thy name.
5 For great Thou art, and wonders great

By Thy strong hand are done : Thou in Thine everlasting seat

Remainest God alone.

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Shall the banner'd cross display,
Earth in ashes melt away.
2 The trembling, the agony,

When His coming shall be nigh,

Who shall all things judge and try; 3 When the trumpet's thrilling tone,

Through the tombs of ages gone,

Summons all before the throne.
4 Death and Time shall stand aghast,

And creation, at the blast,

Rise to answer for the past.
5 Then the volume shall be spread,

And the writing shall be read,

Which shall judge the quick and dead. 6 What shall wretched I then plead ?

Who for me shall intercede,

When the righteous scarce is freed ? 7 King of dreadful Majesty,

Saving souls in mercy free,

Fount of Pity, save Thou me! 8 Nought of Thee my prayers can claim,

Save in Thy free mercy's name;

Save me from the deathless flame. 9 Leave me not my Saviour; me

For whose soul Thy course was run,

Lest I be that day undone.
10 Full of tears that day shall prove

When, from ashes rising, move
To the judgment guilty men.

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11 Spare, Thou God of mercy, then:

Lord all pitying, Jesus bless'd,
Grant them Thine eternal rest. Amen.


Heb. ix. 14.

112th M.



CREATOR: Spirit, by whose aid


The world's foundations first were laid, Come, visit every humble mind; Come, pour Thy joys on human kind : From sin and sorrow set us free,

And make us temples worthy Thee. 2 Thou Strength of His Almighty hand, Whose power does heaven and earth com

Thrice Holy Fount, Thrice Holy Fire,
Our hearts with heavenly love inspire.
Come, and Thy sacred unction bring,

To sanctify us while we sing.
3 Plenteous of grace, descend from high,

Rich in Thy seven-fold energy.
Give us Thyself, that we may see
The Father and the Son by Thee :
Make us eternal truths receive,

And practise all that we believe. 4 Immortal honour, endless fame,

Attend the Almighty Father's name!
Let God the Son be glorified,
Who for lost man's redemption died !
And equal adoration be,
Eternal Comforter, to Thee!

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