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Upward we press the air is clear,

And the sphere-music heard :
The Lord hath yet more light and truth

To break forth from His word.

6 O Father, Son, and Spirit, send

Us increase from above;
Enlarge, expand all Christian souls

To comprehend Thy love:
And make us to go on to know,

With nobler powers conferred ;
The Lord hath yet more light and truth

To break forth from His word.





John iil. 16, 17. C. M. WATTS. happy souls, approach your God

new melodious songs ; Come, tender to Almighty grace

The tribute of your tongues.
2 So strange, so boundless was the love

That pitied dying men,
The Father sent His equal Son

To give them life again. 3 Here, sinners, you may heal your wounds,

And wipe your sorrows dry ; Trust in the mighty Saviour's name,

And you shall never die.
4 See, dearest Lord, our willing souls

Accept Thine offered grace ;
We bless the great Redeemer's love,

And give the Father praise.



Matt. ix. 13. 8.7.4. HART. 1

Weak and wounded, sick and sore ;
Jesus ready stands to save you,
Full of pity joined with power.

He is able ;
He is willing : doubt no more.
2 Let not conscience make you linger,

Nor of fitness fondly dream :
All the fitness He requireth
Is to feel your need of Him.

This He gives you ;
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam.
3 Come, ye weary, heavy laden,

Bruised and inangled by the fall;
If you tarry till you're better,
You will never come at all.

Not the righteous, Sinners, Jesus came to call. 4 Agonizing in the garden,

Lo! your Saviour prostrate lies. On the bloody tree behold Him; Hear Him cry before He dies,

It is finished !
Finished, the great sacrifice !
5 Lo! th' Incarnate God, ascended,

Pleads the merit of His blood.
Venture on Him, venture wholly :
Let no other trust intrude.

None but Jesus
Can do helpless sinners good.
6 Saints and angels joined in concert

Sing the praises of the Lamb;
While the blissful seats of heaven
Sweetly echo with His name.

Sinners here may sing the same.


W .

Luke xiv. 17. 7's. CONDER. ELCOME, welcome ! sinner, hear!


Doubt not, nor distrust the call :

Mercy is proclaimed to all.
2 Welcome to the offered peace :

Welcome, prisoner, to release.
Burst thy bonds; be saved ; be free!

Rise and come ; He calleth thee. 3 Welcome, weeping penitent !

Grace has made thy heart relent.
Welcome, long-estranged child !

God in Christ is reconciled. 4 All ye weary and distress'd,

Welcome to relief and rest !
All is ready : hear the call:

There is ample room for all. 413

John vii. 37. C.M. STEHLE 1 NHE Saviour calls ; let every ear THE

Attend the heavenly sound.
Ye doubting souls, dismiss your fear;

Hope smiles reviving round.
2 For every thirsty, longing heart,

Here streams of bounty flow :
And life, and health, and bliss impart,

To banish mortal woe.
3 Ye sinners, come; 'tis mercy's voice :

The gracious call obey. Mercy invites to heavenly joys,

And can you yet delay ?
4 Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearts;

To Thee let sinners fly,
And take the bliss Thy love imparts,

And drink, and never die.


Romans vil. 24, 25. C.M. WATTS. sow sad our state by nature is!


, it

And Satan binds our captive minds

Fast in his slavish chains, 2 But there's a voice of sovereign grace

Sounds from the sacred word: Ho! ye despairing sinners, come,

And trust upon the Lord.
3 My soul obeys th' Almighty call,

And runs to this relief;
I would believe Thy promise, Lord,

O help my unbelief!
4 To the dear fountain of Thy blood,

Incarnate God, I fly;
Here let me wash my spotted soul

From crimes of deepest dye.
5 A guilty, weak, and helpless worm,

On Thy kind arms I fall ;
Be Thou my strength and righteousness,
My Jesus, and my All.


Isaiah lv. 1, 2.

C. M.


* ,

And every heart rejoice;
The trumpet of the gospel sounds

With an inviting voice.
2 Eternal Wisdom has prepared

A soul-reviving feast,
And bids your longing appetites

The rich provision taste.
3 Ho! ye that pant for living streams,

And pine away and die,
Here you may quench your raging thirst

With springs that never dry.

4 Rivers of love and mercy here

In a rich ocean join ;
Salvation in abundance flows,

Like floods of milk and wine.
6 Great God, the treasures of Thy love

Are everlasting mines,
Deep as our helpless miseries are,

And boundless as our sins.
6 The happy gates of gospel grace

Stand open night and day;
Lord, we are come to seek supplies,

And drive our wants away.

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The gospel's voice attend,

Which Jesus sends to you: Ye perishing and guilty, come,

In Jesus' arms there yet is room. 2 No longer now delay,

Nor vain excuses frame;
He bids you come to-day,

Though poor, and blind, and lame: All things are ready, sinner, come,

For every trembling soul there's room. 3 Believe the heavenly word

His messengers proclaim;
He is a gracious Lord,

And faithful is His name:
Backsliding souls, return and come,
Cast off despair, there yet is room.
Compell’d by bleeding love,

Ye wandering sheep draw near,
Christ calls you from above,

His charming accents hear.

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